Background and Introduction:
StarLord.net began in 1985 as a bulletin board service (BBS) on the Commodore 64 computer. It evolved over the years through many iterations, the most popular of these known as The Castle BBS in Pacifica, California, where Christopher once resided.

I’ve used the name “StarLord” in reference to computer forums, music/band recordings, sportscar rallys, even broadcasting. There’s been a few attempts to change my name to other things, alas, I’ve always come back to using the name “StarLord” even though there is some confusion created by other fans, people, or things using the word StarLord, and of course these others have no relation to me or my epic tale what-so-ever.

For music, I play diverse genres using computers and keyboards, blending ancient global traditions with futuristic trance and techno. The music is all instrumental, albeit mostly dance, soundtrack, or house mixes, the more recent experimental tracks are Synth Ambient Non-mainstream Electronica (SANE), with some rock, jazz, new age, and classical on the lighter side, with some metal, industrial, environmental/ambient tracks on the darker side.

Regarding what influences us musically, acoustic ‘world folk’ traditions, vintage to modern electronica, techno, 60s/70s rock, classical masters and new styles as well. Yes this is in line with what the music sounds like, go figure 😉

People say it sounds like anything from retro electronica (e.g., Phillip Glass, Kitaro, Vangelis, Synergy), Europop (e.g., Depeche Mode) and Jpop (e.g., Maxx), 70’s/80’s/90’s retro club scene (yoy!) to modern acoustic and metal rock! (yeah, again, too numerous to mention) — Is there a point to all that meandering? Why yes, there is.. My music is more so “genre-free” and is not a square peg which may fit specifically into a certain type of hole or classification, much to the dismay of the “professional” music industry at large.

I also dabble in digital and traditional art, including virtual world building, 3D renders, 2D drawings, textures, photos, some code, even some exported objects or builds for use in Linden Labs’ Second Life or other OpenSimulator grids (e.g., OSgrid, Metropolis, New World Grid, et al.) but it’s all about the StarLord.

I used to blog and post some songs on other sites, but all of it is more or less here now. You may find snippets of me elsewhere on the net, sure, but those are quite dated or may even be copies of my work, or someone else’s work entirely (I’ve been known to have some admirers or copycats using my name, either by chance or on purpose is up to you to decide).

Most my photos are on flickr, though you will find some stuff on Picassa or Deviant Art as well.

This site evolves and changes fairly regularly, so hope you enjoy what I’ve done to the place so far!

I also review restaurants and stuff, here take a look on Yelp:

Any questions or comments, please feel free to ping me via the contact page on this site, it will be emailed directly to me, and thanks for visiting!