a Haiku for Winter

Where once rows
of the standing trees
blocked the sun
Light appears
Through clusters of shade
The day’s light

Thinning leaves
Green turns to Gold
Fall begins

The stream slows
Water is colder
Ice is near

Solid earth
Hard beneath my feet
Rock and mud

Feel the chill
Temperature drops down
the sky swirls

Adding warmth
Layers of clothing
Holds me tight

Boots for shoes
scarves and gloves and coats
Tuques on heads

Hot cocoa
Warm Coffee in hand
Steaming tea

Her winds crisp
The sky turns to white
Flurries blow

Brooms sweep snow
Shovels on sidewalks
Scrapers on glass

Smoky air
Warmth from a fireplace
Glowing hearths

Bugs are gone
Hibernating bears
Naked trees

She is near
Signs of the season
Winter comes

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