A little boo-boo about my builds and troubleshooting tips

Hiya folks! I was honored to find out my builds have actually made it around the metaverse and people are using them as well they are coming to my blog for info on installing opensimulator on the mac os x and windows pc (yay! i loves to help!)

Someone pointed out that they couldn’t import the objects from the zip file so I wanted to take a moment to troubleshoot what reasons there may be for that, since it works for me 😉

#1 – Make sure you are using the Imprudence viewer. These objects were all exported using Imprudence. Imprudence has Import functions which will enable you to bring them in-world wherever in the Second Life metaverse or OpenSimulator based metaverse you may be.

#2 – With the objects you will generally find one flat file (which is xml) and several oddly named files that look like a UUID hash (that is what the file name is actually, these are texture files).

#3 – All of the files need to be in the same directory, so that the Import function will find the textures as you upload the object.

Here are some of the object ZIP files and what they contain:

– creative commons license
– snapshot (png), 5 textures (uuid named)
– OnePillarPagoda.xml (the actual object to import)

You can see this object on my Otaku sim in OSgrid.

Misfit Train and Caboose.zip
– snapshot (png)
– Misfit Train and Caboose (the object)

This object was given away on New World Grid as a freebee xmas present to residents. You may find it on OSgrid as well. To import the object, you may need to rename the file so that it ends in .XML (e.g., windows) — When I saved it, I didn’t add the .xml extension.

– Radio script (bucky’s radio script, drop this into the satellite object)
– radio-readme.txt (a notecard instructions how to add stations)
– stations-short (drop this into the object, its the list of stations notecard)
– Satellite (the actual object, you may need to rename this Satellite.xml)

You may use the satellite without it being a parcel radio, of course. You can also see this object in my Gelid Chalet sim on OSgrid.

– 2 textures (uuid names)
– Snapshot_003.png (a picture of the object)
– GypsyCart (the actual object)

Again, you may need to rename the GypsyCart to GypsyCart.xml for it to import correctly (my bad!) and yes this isn’t a completed object, but will give you a good start for making a nice little gypsy cart for you sim.

You can see this object on my Islandia sim in OSgrid.

Track Light.zip
– tracklights_001.png (a picture of the object)
– TrackLights (the actual object)

Yes, guess what? I didn’t add XML to the file name. You may have to rename it to Tracklights.xml — this could be something within Mac OS X that doesn’t save the name correctly, I don’t know.. though likely, it’s just me 😉

You can see these Tracklights on my Islandia sim on OSgrid about 500m up where the SkyCaptial and Codex have been relocated above the SkyHub and Sandbox up there. I also have them and some other objects for free if you go to the Archipelago Flatlands sim just look for a pile of objects I’ve left there for people to freely copy.

I’ll be adding more objects, terrain .raw files, and fixing these build ZIP files soon, but until then I hope you enjoy them all!

Legal note:

All creations are posted here for your use under a creative commons share alike attribution non-commercial license. This means you can copy them, mod them, use them as you see fit, share them, just not sell them. If you want to sell them or include them in a package you have for sale, you must email me at: starlord DOT scribe AT gmail DOT com (replace the capitalized words with punctuation symbols), second, you must give the items and their textures full perms. third, you must include the creative commons license info and my contact info along with said objects and textures (that’s all I ask, and thanks!)

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