a night of sleeping in the MINI

Current mood: accomplished

Renee off on a business trip, here i am for 9 days of bachelor-type freedom. what to do? well, last night i slept in my MINI. Why? well when you’re single you can do goofy stuff like that, and besides I never have, so I just wanted to.. to see how comfortable they really are, I mean other than driving.. and because it was on this unwritten list of things I want to do in my MINI šŸ˜‰

Here’s how it went down.. I got into some sweats because its friggin cold outside, and got out the sleeping bag, a few pillows off the bed, and set in for the night. I kind of moved about, tried sleeping in the front passenger seat, reclined.. tried sleeping in the back with the 2 seats down, this affords the most space because you can stretch out and also use the boot area for pillows for example.. but the best way (for my body type and size, at least) was sitting in the back seat, (that is, seats up in the normal position) and curled up. Facing the back seems to work best. Now there is the whole seatbelt thing in the middle and that’s not too comfy to have under you, but if you angle it just right, no problem.. I cut some serious Zz’s and had some interesting dreams.. slept pretty well actually.

I awoke that morning with the windows all steamed up from the inside, which is an odd thing to try and get rid of, because the defrosters are all trying to get the fog off the outside.. it seems.. I ended up just getting out the window cleaner and cleaning both inside and outside of the glass..

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