Atrum Infero TUSK photo book / machinima project!

Satoria always wanted to get into machinima, and make some movies about some of the roleplays we have done as a roleplay group and clan family.

To that effort, I wanted to create a sort of teaser video, as well a historical capture of the land we called home for some time, Amberly Kinsella’s Tusk (which is no more… see previous post!)

Just before the sim was closed down, we had started making a Machinima of Tusk, showcasing the land’s features.. I experimented with some very low-quality video (screenr) test captures, which are horrible but are the only animated clips I have of Tusk.. As well, we’ve been gathering photos from people who uploaded them to Flickr, Snapzilla, or to me personally.

The soundtrack is an ethereal sort of ambient mp3 music track (composed and performed by myself) — I thought this captured the essence of Tusk better than Industrial/Goth/Metal tracks would, so please complain to me if you think otherwise 😉

Well, now that Tusk is gone, I am not able to capture more video sequences to make an actual machinima movie.. ugh! We can only do a sort of glorified slideshow… so.. I have two choices…

#1 – Scrap the project!
#2 – Get some help and finish it!

Selfish and stubborn that I am, I chose option #2.

Q: Ooh! You need help? Is there a way I can help?
A: Yes! Please do! Here are details..

We have some screenshots and videos that I took in Tusk, but these are very limited, and could use lots of images from others, to finish the Machinima. Lots of places we didn’t have time to capture in pictures at all, like the caves.. underwater areas… airship.. pools.. fishing… inner tube floating… waterfall.. firepits.. fetish circle.. even more places within the castle! As you can see, my set of screenshots isn’t so extensive LOL ..

So, whatever images, screenshots, photos, videos, objects, textures, whatever you may have about Tusk (whether you are in them or not, at any resolution, quality, or size) please please send them to my email address (as listed in my StarLord Scribe profile in SL)

If you don’t have the ability to email these to me, but can pass me photos, textures, etc. via SL, whether you can give them full perms or not, I can meet with you in world for the transfer.

Really, I will do my best to work with and use whatever pictures/etc. we can in the Machinima, and thanks in advance for your support for this project. 🙂

Q: Who has helped out so far?
A: A few Tusk visitors and bloggers

Thanks in advance to these folks:

Prandi Capalini
RoxHardcore Cyberstar
Satoria Exonar
Torley Linden
Veri Monday
Andron Rae
StarLord Scribe
Penanya Core
Jango Werefox

Any of these folks (or friends thereof, who were in Tusk, whenever!) we really need more images, so dig through those inventories and see what you can find. I want to post the machinima so folks can look back on it with grand memories of the Tusk that once was, she may be lost to the madness of time, but will haunt our conscious forever 😉

Warm regards,
The Dark Keeper (StarLord Scribe)

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