Bear shot near restaurant in Sundre, Alberta

A local (and as yet unidentified) hunter killed one of several bears in Sundre after officials determined it had lost its fear of humans and posed a risk, authorities said yesterday.

Environmental organizations expressed dismay, but government officials said they had no choice. “That big brown bear must have a family of some kind,” stated Allen, a man who says he spotted the bear while visiting the popular fast-food restaurant with his brother, Wright.

“Yeah, we are sure that big guy is related — perhaps he was the other bear’s Papa, Uncle, or Teen brother,” his brother speculated.

The town’s RCMP officer added, “It was getting bolder and bolder, even letting people observe him. I knew it was just a matter of time before things would get worse.”

Asked how difficult it was to take the bear down, the hunter pointed out, “..somehow that crazy bear managed to put on a bright orange sweater, well that made him easy to spot.. When I saw a kid and her mother approach the bear for a picture, I knew that something had to be done before anyone got hurt.”

Click on the image for a larger version.

[Editor’s note: This photo has been circulating the net for some time now, but the story was added by me 😉 hehe ]

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