Brewing Guinness style stout! *updated*

Some time ago I posted a YouTube whilst making a Guinness style home-brew.
UPDATE: I have ingredients and detailed instructions below.
Here it is:

Yep, it turned out great and I have received a number of replies on that, most recently a person asked for the ingredients list .. so.. here I will list it out ..
First off, I did get the list of ingredients straight from Griz (the brewmaster at San Francisco Brewcraft) after telling him I wanted to make the clone, and he literally pulled this out of his head while the store clerk ran around grabbing ingredients with me.
So, I wrote it all down at the time, but alas, couldn’t find the paper today and don’t see the recipe listed on their site (perhaps for obvious reasons) but anyway, I’ve gone to the effort of looking at the video frame by frame and gathered the following ingredients for those interested in trying it (or a variation thereof) for themselves 😉
These ingredients are for a 5 gallon batch, and on advice I used their partial mash method (available for free download from the SF Brewcraft website).
You will need to print out two pages..
One, this is the link to their basic tried & true process “how to brew beer” here:
How to Brew Beer (from San Francisco Brewcraft)
Second, the partial mash method used in the video, which I recommend once you do a few batches in the basic way, and get more comfortable, ready to start making more complex beers. The rewards of which are well worth the effort.
Great, now here’s a list of ingredients, open to some interpretation/variation of course:
Water conditioner:
1 tsp. gypsum
1 1/2 pounds english 2-row  (Crisp Pale Malt, 2-Row, 3.2 L)
1/4 pound roasted barley (US, Briess Roasted Barley i think)
1/2 pound .. black roast (US, Briess Chocolate Roast 350 L, i think)
1/4 pound .. 120 L (england, crisp crystal)
Clearing agent:
This is like what you use for lagers so they become nice clear beers (I didn’t have these on hand, so just boiled it longer..)
4 pounds scottish pale malt extract (liquid)
U.K. Fuggle pellets (3.5 – 4.9 a.a.) – 2 oz is needed,
they come in 1oz. packages which made it easier to measure ..
Irish Ale Yeast # WLP004 (from White Labs, it is a liquid yeast and comes in a test tube looking bottle)
Here is a link: Irish Ale Yeast
Brew time:
95 mins (I am pretty sure it says 95 not 45 so don’t complain if I got it wrong LOL)
Brewing Temp:
155 degrees F
Using the hops 101 : In the last 60 minutes of brewing, you add your bittering/flavoring of brew time. So, you start the clock saying there are 60 minutes left …
At 60 mins (the start of bittering/flavoring), you drop in the first 1oz of your freeze-dried Fuggle pellets.
At 30 minutes, add another 1/2 oz of Fuggles, and a clearing agent (or not, as described above).
At the last 10 minutes, add another 1/2oz of fuggles for aroma.
More Notes:
I found that this beer ages well, it starts off nice enough though will develop some character if you leave it sit for a few months even.. That said, your fermentations may be longer than usual.
If you need additional help they are always available over the website or phone, very helpful… as I am sure your local brew supply place should also be 😉 well, or you can ask me LOL!
Comments are open, let me know how it goes and what you think! Share your zymurgy if you brew this with variations or what-not, or if you just enjoy sharing home-brew recipes that is cool too..

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