Canada’s election and amusing parties that be

Well yeah I am living in Canada but I can’t vote because I am not a citizen and all that.

If an American reads “conservative” they may immediately think OMG is that like radical christian zealots who picket women’s rights, feign ignorance of race or sexual preferences, natural selection, and of course religious tolerance, but I won’t go there this post hehehe…

What I did find interesting is the variety of political parties up here in Canada. It’s not that the liberals didn’t have a chance over the conservatives, certainly not- it was because this new democratic party up here had a lot of votes.. nope, it isn’t as simple as “liberal party” , “middle of the road party”, and “conservative party” of course, we have way more colorful ones.. I don’t know what any of them are really, but I will go by their name alone because I found it interesting upon first glance..

Animal Alliance/Environment Voters
I guess this is the tree-hugger party. They love animals (not just for dinner) and being green, saving the world and what-not.

Bloc Québécois
These are people who live in Quebec, and want to see Quebec become its own French country, however they want to have their cake and eat it too, they want to be separate from Canada, except they want to be able to claim welfare and benefits from Canada and basically, well, not be their own separate country. I say cut them off, make Quebec its own country, let them speak French, let them be separate, and don’t give them a dime of Canadian money. Then when they come crawling and crying back “please oh please Canada, let us be part of you again!” then tell them, sure, on two conditions: #1 no more of this French silliness. If you want to be French, go live in France. You don’t see the State of Louisiana in the states wanting to be it’s own country now do you? They do perfectly fine as a State of the Union. The official language in Canada is English, everyone speaks English, and as you get closer to Quebec more people speak French too. That’s quite a strain on the economy I think to make everything bi-lingual just for the benefit of basically one province that is kicking and screaming about it. #2 no more of this “Quebec does things differently” nonsense, that’s a strain on the Federal government too. All of the other provinces except Quebec basically function the same way and have the same rules and laws about things. That should be a misnomer eh? I’ll leave it at that.

Some parties insist on being a bunch of initials, an acronym of some sort. I don’t know what CAP stands for, at all.

CHP Canada
This can’t possibly be the California Highway Patrol party of Canada. I don’t know what CHP is either.

Yes, seriously, there is a communist party in Canada. Apparently some think socialism is a good enough idea vs. capitalism to maintain the party.

This is the incumbent party. Some Canadians may want to call it the “push over” party since they bend to and fro without much bother to think about what they are doing. However, they did seem to win the last two elections so maybe conservation was the idea people favored most?

This looks like some sort of internet acronym, but I don’t know what FPNP is either.

Green Party
Ah yes, the green party. I guess it’s like the animal-lovers and environment party, but more, uh, green.

For people that like to be independent, I guess this is the party you pick 🙂

The liberal party, maybe it’s like liberal arts, they are undecided about things? I don’t know what is so liberating about the party, but apparently they lost this round.

Oh, not to be confused with the liberals, this is the libertarian party. I don’t know much about this one either, except it always looks like “librarian” to me.

Really? yes really. Marx and Lenin, they still have a party here in Canada even though both are quite long gone, the ideals haven’t died with them.

NDP-New Democratic Party
Here are some initials that were actually spelled out. The New Democratic Party, I guess it’s new. Maybe next year it will be just Democratic. There doesn’t seem to be a Old Democratic Party (shrugs) gosh I hope they don’t go the way of the US and have both Democrats and Republicans, that would suck. Both parties in the US should be mothballed and new parties without so much power and corporate backing or special interest interference, but that’s just my opinion.

No Affiliation
Well, you can’t much more obvious than this one. If you don’t have a party, then you pick the “No Affiliation” party, which, really, is a party, or a non-party, but, I will shut up about that bit of semantic tom-foolery now.

PC Party
Apparently this is either a Politically Correct party, or a political party for people who use Microsoft Windows, or maybe something else. There doesn’t seem to be a Mac party so I guess the later isn’t true.

Pirate Party
Argh, me hearties, there be a pirate party! Why celebrate just one Talk Like a Pirate day when you can VOTE like one too! Avast! I don’t know what this is about but it demands further looking into for sure. I poked around and found they have nice t-shirts for sale on their website, and they are mostly about copyright laws and protecting people’s privacy rights, both noble efforts. The pirate party is likely the most tech-savvy party in Canada. Their logo sure looks alot like that ship at The Pirate Bay torrent search engine, but maybe that’s just a coincidence heh.

Radical Marijuana
Imagine if you will some surfers, smoking bongs and saying “Hey, man, let’s make a political party, and call it the Marijuana party!” the other guy turns to him and says “Radical, dude!” and after a long pause, his friend retorts “Hey, I got an idea – the RADICAL marijuana party! hahaha!” yells and screams and much pats on the back are given, and thus a party is born. Maybe that’s how it went, I don’t know. It’s actually just the Marijuana party, their logo is like the Canadian flag, except it’s green instead of red, and in the center is a pot leaf (as shown) instead of a maple leaf. Creative lot, those folks 🙂 I gather they want to keep marijuana legal (or make it legal, I am not sure if it is or isn’t legal here, since public opinion varies wildly as it does in California hehe)

I can imagine a party that gets up in the morning and can’t wait to start charging, they are a rhinoceros, go go go, and perhaps a bit horny too, who knows. Maybe they just like Rhinos and since the Pirate and Marijuana parties were already taken, they settled for the name of their favorite massive land mammal instead.

United Party
Well, that’s a comforting name, they stand united! It is much better than a un-united party, I am sure. That is a bit of a self-defeating prophesy though, if you are a united party, yet at the same time not thinking in unison with the other parties, well, you aren’t really united with the other parties, I guess, so you are, in effect, not really united. Maybe they figured this one out though and, uh, somehow really are indeed united. Unless this is a party started by employees of the airline. Have you seen the kind of wild parties that airline employees have? Wow, see, that could be fun. I don’t know if this party is that fun, but anyway, just a thought, if the party threw nice parties, that may get more votes from those that like to party.

Wtf is wbp? idk. lol. omg! afaik another acronym fwiw.. ttyl!


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