Castle BBS anniversary

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p class=”blogContent”>today the castle bbs would have been 20 years old. OMG! way back in the day before the Internet, web, and all that, there were BBS’s .. bulletin board systems that people manually dialed up into one at a time over a 300 baud modem with no graphics and no color, just plain ASCII text. Over the years, color was added (whoppee) hence the age of ANSI colored ASCII art.. then one day Mozilla came and changed everything.. oh well, anyway.. today it would be 20.. seeing as I had this BBS in highschool, I guess that really shows how friggin old I am getting! anyhoo now some of the remenants of the castle BBS are printed on paper (it was running on a commodore 64 at the time!) and archived as text, in fact I still have some of the library archives posted on today’s sites.. thats a trip. . . ok I better shut up now before everyone falls asleep

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