Aphorisms on Beer (and some Canadian brews)

Aphorisms on Beer (and some Canadian brews)

In creating the “Living in Canada” series, the wifey pointed out I over-elaborated on the topic of beer (heh!) so, I decided to extract those dialogues and post them here instead. 😉

On the subject of beers, I realize one’s own personal taste dictates what is palatable– so, like wines, some like reds and some like whites.

In the movie “Canadian Bacon” John Candy’s character got himself in quite a bit of trouble saying Canadian beer sucks. Was his protest valid? Well, let’s see..

Let me preface by saying I primarily like full-bodied (not hop-heavy) ales. I don’t enjoy most light beer, pilsners or lagers, I do love creamy or dark beer. I consider food pairings over alcohol content, drinking for taste not just to get a buzz.

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