There is gold in the hills

There is gold in the hills
As the sun shines
on the grassy valley
There is gold in the hills
Shining upon
the rivers of our life

There is silver in the sky
As the rain falls into our eyes
There is silver in the sky
Swirling ribbons flowing
through our life

Oh Brown and green
Through everything
Nature growin her own wild way
Oh brown and green
Everywhere I see
Things come and gone
baby glad you’re here with me

That dusty road
Runs behind the house
goin places we ain’t never been
But I’m alright
Sittin by your side
Ain’t no where else
I’d wanna be

In the stillness of the dawn

In the stillness of the dawn
The world sleeps softly
There’s a whisper in my ear
Her voice melts my heart
My love breathes
words of sweetness
from her lips
“I love you”

Bathed in pillows and blankets
Her warmth upon my skin
Laying close together
This magick moment
She touches my energy
We embrace more closely
Snuggle down inside
each others arms

And soothing me once more
Her voice stirs my mind
and body like a flame of
purest light
glowing within my heart
oh again it pulses
impacting the wonder
of pure bliss,
She says “I love you”

Oh happiness I feel here
Life beyond any measure
Such a joy this moment
It will last forever in memory

I nuzzle her, this precious one
What fantastic pleasure
How the Universe has blessed us
Our lives entwined together

And so in gentle kind reply
I am moved by the graceful
beauty, she has chosen me,
I speak the truest words
as it all wells up from
the core of me,
I can only surrender
my heart completely
and say to Her
“I love you”

The first rays of Sunlight
bursts through the
dark of night, the warmth radiate through the window.
We cuddle deeper in our love
And hold this timeless feeling

I look to her and feel so
thankful fate has made this so
perfect, oh the best of me I
find by her side, we kiss and
touch each other,
We roll together in a dance
Becoming ever closer
Her sleepy eyes, Her pretty face
the majesty of our aura
Surrounds us as we settle in
to linger there and say
“I Love You”

Rest now, my love
Dream dreams of us
If one wakes before the other
Dear just know I am here
inside Your heart
we are never far apart
As You reach for me I’ll
hold Your hand and return
to you in Spirit love
though my body may be somewhere else my mind
and soul here with you
All the way
“I love you”

I stand (erotic)

I stand
in the marketplace
A new voice
Calls my name
She says “greetings, kind sir”
She says “master”
And immediately
Something inside me
Wants me to stand
By her side

She is white silk
Like the moonlight
She is starry eyed
All is new
And I reach for her
To touch her face
Something draws me
To embrace

She is so gentle
She is beautiful
Like a daughter
Loved by her father
And I stand
As her hips sway to each word
I stand
She’s dancing on her toes
I look into her eyes
And as they meet mine
I stand in awe
Of this girl

She walks with me
She talks to me
Her voice like honeybees
Buzzing around my mind
She shows me the city
Oh just to brush her skin
We stride together
I’m marching with her

She takes me here and there
She walks me everywhere
Shows places she can go
Speaks of where she doesn’t go

And I stand
What’s this now?
I’m holding her hand
She kisses me, so softly
I stand
Oh yes I stand tall

She climbs into her kennel
And bids me wishes well
I close the cage upon her
A tear in my eye
I stand looking on her
And I stand
Wanting her
To stand with me
By my side

Yesterday (erotic)


Wind Blowing
Wafting Cold
Impacting Skin
Freezing Faces
Shivering Bones

Snow piles grow
Numbing feet through
Icing hands over
Hiding sidewalks beneath
Covering across driveways
Feeding streams water
Men with shovels
Grandma makes cocoa
Children build snowmen

Lovely soft woman stirs
Fills all my senses
Speaks with love true
Her voice sleepy tones
Lays in bed warm
Snug in covers wrapped
Closes her eyes shut
Drifts to sleep soundly
Snores along so restful
Dreams of us kissing

I slide in behind her
Gently lift her night gown
sliding the soft fabric up
Raising above her curvy hips
Run my hands around her
Stroke her breasts so eagerly
pinch nipples in my fingers
My cock is hard now
Her pussy wet for me
A smile on her face
I slowly enter her warmth
And kiss her mouth again

I hump her like a rabbit
She bites her lip and moans
Until her chest is heaving out
Her hips grind and buck along
And I come exploding inside her
We hold each other so tender
Till asleep in each other’s arms

I awaken to her touch
Her hand grasps my shaft
Licking me with her tongue
Puts me in her mouth
Smiling lips around my cock

She takes me in
Tasting both our juices
Sliding expertly her head
Giving me great pleasure
Her mound wet again

I touch her
She spreads wider
I stroke her
She writhes there
She sucks harder
Her moans grow
I rub her
Her clitoris throbs
She presses hard
We reach climax

She swallows
Gasping breaths
Cums again
Riding me


Wash (erotic)

My love enters the bath
Her hair flows down
Like a waterfall of curls
And she slides into
Soapy bubbles of the tub

She reclines and closes eyes
As the bubble swirls enfold her
And rests there in the heat
Of steamy scented warmth

The water splashes over her
As hands rub along her curves
She thinks of us as fingers play
Massaging lovely breasts

Her chest rising with her breath
Her legs are sliding up and down
Her arms escaping to the depth
Of sudsy pleasures below

Underwater she finds a spot
Where fingertips can stir
A special place between thighs
A button found inside sweet lips

And she closes eyes again
Slowly stroking herself, sighs
How lovely this smiling beauty

I stand at the edge of her bath
She turns to look upon me
She reaches wet and slippery
Her hands touch my pajamas

Beneath the soft fabric
Something is growing
She pulls down my waistband
As pants fall to the floor

My member bounces merrily
Rebounding and stretching
She grasps me in her hand
Pulling me closer to the side
And takes me into her mouth
While her fingers play below

I reach down to stroke her
Teasing nipples and breasts

She kisses licks and sucks me
And I help to fondle her
Driving passions further
She quickens her pace upon me

And as she reaches climax
Arching and moaning
I cum upon her tongue
And she swallows every drop

She leans back and smiles
Settling back into her bath
I touch her face and
kiss her sweetly

After awhile
she rises from the tub
Her body is dripping
Her pubes glisten bubbles

She spreads her legs open
Rising one out on the ledge
And pulls me into her wetness
Finding my shaft and stroking it

I am erect for her again
And she rides me there
Pressing into my thrusts
We stand together
pounding, slapping skin
She humps ferociously
Like a hungry beast mounting
She yelps and gasps my name
And we cum together again

I dry her off gently
Rubbing her with towels
I smooth lotion on her
And rest her on the bed

She nuzzles me and cuddles close
Tells me how she loves me so
Says how much she appreciates
Everything I do

Then rolls upon her stomach
Her legs spread open again
Across billowy blankets
I lay myself upon her
And she rubs herself beneath
upon the sheets she writhes
I enter her from behind
She winces smiling at the
Sudden pleasure of my girth
I am inside her wet warmth
She bucks into me
as I go deeper
she presses harder, faster,
Squeezes me gripping my cock
And rides me, catching rhythm
Her eyes close and she moans
Her voice is chaos and primal
She grunts loud and smiles
Almost laughing
her pussy floods around me
She cums all over my shaft
And screams my name breathlessly and sweating
She grabs my hands in hers
And rocks with me to sleep

My dreams awash with images
of us making love, so again and through the night, we do, in an endless symphony of sleep and sex, sensual and soft,
hard and rough, they blur and we awaken late in the day,
where I prepare the tub for her
The water flows again,
adding bubbles
scented minerals
candles flickering
my love enters the bath…

Unspoken (erotic)

A salty fisherman stands looking over the ocean, he sees waves of people rising and falling with the tides of life.

Grasping his pipe, he takes a breath of the air around him, stoking the embers of his tobacco and exhaling with a little pop of his lips, the smoke curls and rises across his mouth.

He turns to survey the ocean once more, as if looking for his love, the sea gyrates and surges the ebb and flow of existence, energy swirling as consciousness the pulse of the waters, and all that exists upon it, all that is beneath, and all that soars above the foamy currents.

His ship rocks from side to side, rolling front to back as the buoyancy gives and takes to his weight, settling and tipping in a dance of balance, riding between the forces of gravity and precipice of pressures which keep his vessel aloft.

The wind stirs and blows across his straggled hair, carrying the twisted branches along its path for a moment, pulling and stroking at his forehead.

His muscular arms fold across his chest, he saunters to the edge of the bow to peer once more over the expanse.

Raising a large strong hand to his gnarled beard, rubbing his chin, smiling, lost in thought, his mind embraces daydreams for a moment he thinks of a beautiful woman from recent past…

He was watching her from the corner of his eye, as she was seated on a bench.

Her legs stretched out before her like a pathway leading from the ground toward hidden treasures.

With the passing of each moment her breast slowly expanded and contracted. Though she seemed relaxed, her nipples pressed hard against the inside of her blouse, her chest ever straining to escape the buttons that kept the garment from exploding open in tormenting release.

She knew he was watching her, and pretended not to notice his gaze, though it was obvious enough to herself his eyes were tracing her curves as if his hands were upon her body, firmly scooping around her shape and bringing shivers to her skin.

Deep within her cunt she couldn’t help but get wet from the thought of desire, how his manhood would feel inside her, pounding away at her heat.

She closed her eyes for a moment, her lips parting a sigh and tongue poised to flick at anything which might suddenly be thrust into her hungry mouth.

Her clit twitched at the visions she was having about him already, yet remained aloof as if not interested in the least, though she knew she wanted him to lay her down and bang the bejesus out of her right now.

She stood up to greet him. He was ready to swoop her into his arms, or grip her at the sides and thrust her over his shoulder, carrying her to a nearby alcove to strip and fuck her, hard.

To see her was to want her. He looked upon her outfit, the way it would cling on her tight ass.

For an instant he thought to grab the bottom of her skirt into his hands, yanking it up from behind and pulling it above her hips, bending her slightly at the waist, thrusting her against the nearby wall, tearing her panty away and ramming his throbbing hot cock into her, until they both came in a screaming frenzy of quickened passion.

She was seething sexuality, and her scent was intoxicating him. She glanced at his crotch and followed the lines of his hips, across his abs and chest, over the details of his hair and face.

She wondered what his skin would feel like under the touch of her silky hands, as she pressed down into the darkness of his pants and squeeze his shaft in her palm and stroked him there, sliding her fingers around his balls and cock, pulling the trousers down then kneeling to take the throbbing rod into her salivating mouth.

She smiled sweetly and innocently at him. She had reservations about being openly sexual with him, for her appetite was strong yet wanted to keep it hidden. Perhaps he would keep her secret. She didn’t know, but wanted him, she needed it. She knew it would be safe if they agreed to discrete sex and keep it that way. She liked her freedom, hell yes let him take that dripping pussy. She would enjoy watching herself do him.

He thought of dropping to one knee directly in front of her, raising her skirt from the front this time, and throwing one of her shapely legs over his shoulder, he would bury his face into her mound, and smother her pussy with his smacking kisses and licks of his probing tongue.

At that moment, she was imagining the same motion, him sucking on her button while she gyrated and grind her sex into his face, grasping his head lustfully, her hands stuffed with his hair, she would ride his expert eating and ensure he touched every sensitive spot, her smooth thigh pressed into the side of his head in a naughty embrace. She let out a small moan and hoped he didn’t hear it.

Oh how she wanted him to slide that delicious thick dick into her wanton juicy hole. She squirmed in her skirt, standing before him, and half thought to just pull it off and lay down letting him do whatever he wanted to her, regardless of what she may have done or said previously, the thought of this felt right, and a firey part of her kept letting her know she wanted his penis.

She would be silent except for the yelps of ecstasy from her throat, as she finally gave him what he wanted, indeed she wanted him to take her, if only just this once, perhaps again some other time too. She just couldn’t get the thought out of her mind. She liked the idea.

He looked into her deep eyes and saw she was lost in thought, a smile curled around her face and lips puckered slightly, as if ready to taste a kiss or perhaps devour something he fed into her lips. If he didn’t get her in the next few minutes, he would ponder taking her another time.

He watched her hair draped over her shoulders, cascading along her back. It was all he could do to keep from yanking it forcibly as he bent her down upon his pulsing member and direct her to pleasure his every whim.

Her eyes met his and it rocked him to the core, he shuddered a bit, then handed the object he had built for her.

She thanked him and pecked him on the cheek with a warm wet little kiss. His senses filled with the aromas of her as her boobs brushed up against him, gently pressing into his chest for a moment.

How he could have grabbed her then and hugged her tight, reaching down to cup a breast or squeeze her ass in his hand, giving her a strong passionate kiss.

She thought of how it would be to surrender into his arms and give herself to him, she always claimed to be submissive to the right men. It was a sign of her strength though she felt so weak near to him, she thought she would faint and become butter in his willing hands, exploring her open body and slipping his fingers inside her. She took every ounce of resistance left and pulled back after kissing his cheek, and smirked.

They were here, where he built it, and she got what she came for, her fantasies would come in handy as she toyed with her vibrator later.

She knew he would go there with his man meat in his hands, thinking of her riding on top of it, below it, along the side of it, oh what things they could do in each other’s minds together.

“Someday..” she thought to herself, knowing that man in other ways belonged to her, and wanted her, and knew if she gave him a few minutes, hours, or night, he would respect her; It would stay their secret, besides, he could change appearance to be whatever she liked him to be.

She enjoyed him after all, and wasn’t so mean, heartless and cruel to deny him pleasure if he ever asked — not that he did, but she would find means to say “yes” and have him, at least that once, if he asked…

The man gazed longingly and knew she was free, no strings, the odd distance between them, but wished she allowed him her private moments, “Someday, Cassidy,” he hoped, then walked off to take care of a pounding ache of erection. Just a taste, he thought, mm that would be delicious sometime. He was happy either way…

The bridge (erotic)

Adzumi had to ride the bus today, across a bay of water.
the drive was long, but on she
Went and boarded the large bus.
The seats weren’t too cozy
as the padding wasn’t so thick.
She didn’t like bumpy rides, but
The only seats left were near the Back, perched over each wheel well. “oh great,” she thought, a lump of foreboding or disappointment forming a scowl on her pretty face. As she sat, the bus lurched into motion, practically knocking her off her seat. She had to hold onto a railing bolted on the back of her seat, and position herself to the side a bit, so she could hang on.
Though a bit uncomfy, this held her in place tight. She wondered if people were handcuffed in much the same way to the cold hard steel pole, or dancers used them in strip clubs, or how a mans cock would feel in her hand if similar girth. The old bus’ diesel engine groaned and roared heat, and vibrated the bus around her almost shaking it.
The road was a bit uneven,
And then came the bridge, which was several miles across and known to be bumpy even in a car. So she expected the worst.
The wind buffeted the bus,
Gently rocking it in various ways, It wasn’t so bad, almost pleasant actually . She laughed to herself , how could a bus be enjoyable?
She felt a bit more relaxed.
The bridge was low and built by sections constructed by barges , each one a few meters long.
As The bus rolled over each of them, the floating road beneath her buckled and struck the tires with force. Thump! thump! thump! thump! Like a beating rattle and drum. This with the vibrations of the Engine started working its hum which traveled the seat and with some impact she could feel the mechanics react to them under her body, which felt every bump and roll. Then She suddenly noticed, what was it?
The motion and pounding, it was
Making her aroused! She shuffled bashfully in her seat, and hoped nobody noticed her blushing. The
Other passengers were either sleeping, texting, or reading a book. Many just looked out the window. She hadn’t noticed that the bus was much emptier now than when she got on. Her legs were crossed, and She pressed them tighter. Her mind wandered to her sexy man friend Angyo,
His muscular body, his smile, his scent. She closes her eyes, squeezing ever stronger her legs, it pressed her lips and clit as women can do, secretly , as they sit. Her leg swinged over and rocked her a bit, The vibrations and thumping, She is so wet now… Moving with the rhythm of the bus ride, She pushed herself down into the seat more, feeling the bounces of the large Wheel beneath her .Rocking more and shifting ever slightly, Finding the perfect spot Where vibrations and the thumps Coalesce together. She smirks and bites her lip, presses her thighs tighter. The sensations build even more. She is sensitive to the little Motions that send her over the edge.. And as she begins to peak, she gasps in a breath, pretends it’s a cough though none seem to notice her wiggling about in the padded bench. She nods As if asleep and stirring awake, But she is reaching orgasm soon. She is amazed how quickly she reached it. Adzumi closes her eyes once more ,
And let’s the waves crashing
over her, her mind has vivid sensations that take over, she breathes heavy and hot and parts her lips, her tongue darts out as if to taste and she cums harder this time. She smiles and continues to ride again . Until the bridge is done.
And the road smooths out.
And her body twitches,
She quietly let’s out a moan
Refreshed and renewed,
She decides, riding the bus isn’t so bad after all.

morning vision… (Vampyr)

A ship glides silently across the outer atmosphere, traveling between the worlds..
First light touches the cold metal of the craft, it’s ion shields deflecting and absorbing the energies in a soft blue corona…
The traveler, glancing over the controls, looks to the view screen,
from out of the darkness, a beacon pulses, first subtly, then more pronounced as the ship intuitively obtains a lock..
smiling, the StarLord motions toward the view screen, and the ship glides down towards its target..
pacing slowly, ritualistically, towards the center of the craft.. a rift opens in space in the bottom of the floor, and he steps into it..
in an instant he is materialized into the depths of a dark gothic corridor, the guardians spring to life, moving toward his position..
without a motion or a sound, he focuses on the beings,
sending an image of himself and his Liege to their collective consciousness..
their movement ceases, the spirits disperse and align themselves along the corridor, half welcoming, half poised to attack.
he moves deeper into the catacombs, recalling the beacon from moments before, and holds it in his mind…
instinctively, as if hunting a wild thing, he walks softly toward it’s point of origin…
a thought is given and a panel opens in the wall, revealing a chamber built into the walls, which opens to an atrium
a soft glow emanates from a platform in the room,
a carved stone sarcophagus inlaid with ancient symbols,
which rests upon a circular indentation in the floor..
he approaches slowly, the circle coming to life with beams of red energy criss-crossing in geometric patterns,
5-sided pentacles, 7-sided enneagrams, a shield of energy surrounding the platform, which draws him into it…
he gazes then into the sarcophagus, seeing a woman of incredible beauty resting, as if in trance..
she is naked except for a fine gossamer dress, woven into delicate lace,
draping over her form, yet stretched tight across the curvaceous points in her body,
complementing and flattering her form.. he looks upon her with great admiration,
and she stirs in her slumber, as if to beckon his awareness in her dream.
he leans close to her, taking in her scent, his aura close, his energies touching upon her chest and neck..
feeling the heat reverberating from her body, listening to her breathing, watching her body rise and fall with each breath..
her lips slightly parted, glistening in the ambient glow of the room, he bends down to softly kiss her, savoring her taste in his mouth..
his head swirls on the effects and closes his eyes, allowing her energies to enter him and pass through his body,
finding the places in his body where she has traveled before..
he takes himself deep into his chakras, breathes deep,
his mouth hovering over her ear.. then slowly releases his warm tantric breath into her…
he watches her body twitch to the feeling, her eyes slowly blinking to focus upon him,
as she lifts her arms to greet him in an embrace.. gazing into his eyes..
knowing her time is not his own, he whispers ‘good evening, my Liege..’ smiles upon her..
meeting her eyes with his.. she grasps him and pulls him closer, bringing herself up to him,
her thigh pivots to capture him with her leg.. drawing him into the cold box with her, turning him over..
grinning wickedly, rolling on top of him, pushing him down onto the stone..
he grunts as the cold stone touches his skin..
then lowering herself into the sarcophagus upon him, her breasts brushing up against him,
she grabs his hands and holds them down, he relaxes and she grabs him at the wrist…
moaning in the pleasure of her touch..
she opens her mouth as if to kiss, her eyes turning red with desire.. she presses into him…
fangs revealed, her eyes glow as she bites into him, drinking vitae from his veins..
gasping, he works to hold still while the sharp fangs pierce into him,
reopening the same marks that have healed over times before..
feeling his spirit coursing through her again.. she laughs, then strokes her minions cheek with her hand…
her hair falling down upon his face and chest, embraces him and reaches to bite his ear playfully…
touching it with her tongue
levitating, she pulls him up and out of the sarcophagus, eyes meeting his again, smiling, she vanishes..
the air rings with the silence of her teleportation, his senses search the air for her presence,
his nose taking in the essence of her scent, he licks his lips to taste what remains of her….
with a gesture, he calls to his ship, which opens the portal to lift him up, rising through the arched ceiling of the structure,
up through the sky, he returns to his ship, his head swirling with the images of the past few minutes,
he smiles in meditation, awaiting the time where he may be with his Liege once again…

Homage to a shape

Homage to a shape

It’s the chosen shape
of a serving of sugar, not a ball or pyramid or dare I say booger!

shape of star trek’s ship of Borg
a rack mounted music box from korg

What shaped puzzle
opens the gateway
to the worlds of pinhead?
And what 6 sided thing
doth math geek spin
in honor of rubik?
It’s the cube,
Square square squared..

Alice in chains has the man in a box

Quantum defined 3d 4d space?
Yes with the help of this shape

Jewelry placed into this place
It is the very shape of ‘safe’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our little houses and little rooms
All reduced graphed into cubes

The microwave, and the freezer
Shapes of Blockheads and old geezers

Place to put our bagels and loxes?
Fridgerators shaped like metal boxes

The opposite of cool, just look it’s there
Shaped so distictively as a square

We watched for hours a tv cube
Affectionately called it the boob tube

Not pentagon, nor circle, nor egg
Not isocoles, round hole or peg

Babies learn their abc’s
Virtual worlds are built from these
SecondLife’s primitive plywood box
Textured glowing shiny blocks

Four square solid of the gods
Sudoku puzzles and bricks of sods

Hoping I don’t sound too noob
A homage to the perfect cube

Shape of the brain in our computers,
circuit boards, old floppy disk booters

Site re-design, new music playlists up, and more…

Hiya folks,

It’s been awhile since I poked at my website, though here we are with a nice update to the theme of the site, the layout (a bit), and most importantly, all of the music pages for my published albumsย and unpublished works now have in-page playlists, so you can just listen to them from your web browser, or preview tunes quickly before downloading. I’m pretty excited about that. If you find any broken links anywhere (it happens!) let me know, and I’ll fix em.

You’ll notice the front page has a little slideshow showing album covers, a taste of my drawings, a sample of virtual world images, and mentions writings… I’ll be posting up some poems, song lyrics, and short stories to the site soon, along with links to art (well, more specifically, to flickr and deviant art sites where I’ll be posting more scanned images and what not)

For you social media folks, I’ve signed up to more social networks, and you can link to those directly from the front page, if you feel so inclined to check out what I’m doing elsewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

All the best,

Christopher / StarLord / ChrCal