When I look into your eyes
there are stars inside
and their universes
seem to sound like forever

Then trace down to your breast
where worlds of curves
and soft landscapes are at rest
the peaks and valleys
suddenly sway and jiggle
each breath and movement

Looking back to your face
the smile hits me like an embrace
and I feel the warmth of your soul
as it swirls all around me

The shape of your lips
draw me in like a magnet
as a smirk forms
and pulls me closer

and I linger there
just about to taste you

My hand traces your hair
silky strands flow through fingers
tugging gently brushing back
feeling the electricity in a sigh
heart beating blood racing
as softly parted lips
find their way closer
to mine

I feel your need growing
as I pull back to savor this
body and spirit drawing closer
because you feel this right now
and our energies
are already kissing


The Nite Ache

Every evening, nearly the same
Crawling between sheets, alone
crisp cold slips over bare skin
head rests onto pillows
the slightest whiff of perfume
yet there’s none beside me

My arm reaches out
grasping invisible hand
surrounded in softness
drawing it closer
spooning embraces
as if to kiss and taste
the neck that’s not there

Wanting for warmth
visions of touch
where bodies may lay
legs entwined
cupping there, grasping
stroking here, sliding
eager hands tracing curves
as if someone in spirit
feels my every move

There’s that scent again
with no visible source
So I take in a breath
Hum my body surges in bliss
as if being touched

Closing eyes slowly
snuggling down
held on tight
I open my mind
Yet no one is here

Reaching at nothing
the pleasure overtakes me
as I slip into visions, moaning
sometimes the senses
are guiding hands

The body curls in
mind images elsewhere
ears ringing loud silence
heart beats faster, gasping
I surrender in movement

The emotions wander
thoughts are throbbing
warmth come here
just raking it in
mmm yes so delicious
until sweet deep release
then drift into dreams

I linger there
smiling eyes heavy
sighs escape, purring
perhaps somewhere afar
there’s another like me
sharing this moment
giving freely
and feeding

We’re no longer alone
at least, secretly, herein
until tomorrow
and brings again
the nite ache


(such morbid parody of Neil Diamond ‘Hello Again’)

Goodbye, cruel world,
No point is left to try
I think about us all the time
What was, what is,
The lies

Goodbye, my love, goodbye
Just saying before I die
I message you most every night
Yet I’m left to cry
When there’s no reply, goodbye

Why did it go crazy
Turned goodness into shame
When you play my heart until it’s dead

Barely through it all
Said I loved her, coz I’m lame
Now then she’s not here
So I’ll shed a tear

Goodbye, my friends, goodbye
I really need to go
Was good to love you like a kid
But to feel this way
My soul full of pain, goodbye

Goodbye, cruel hurt, goodbye
One breath before I die
I can’t pretend there’s nothing there
And although I’ve tried
I can’t live a lie

Missing the music

That song on the radio
When I shared it with you
And you shared it with me
In those moments
The song was no longer just a song
That I hear, that you hear
It became ours, that we both listen to
that symphony

Other lusty songs wander through
Finding their way to my ears
Though their words could draw us near
I am sad, they remind me of us
our slow hands
touching each other
if but virtually
fuck I still feel them
even when I am alone
missing you
touching myself
and remember
how good
we enjoy the electricity
yes now
I surrender to it
allow myself to be lost in you
our energies touch again
until the crescendo overtakes me
with the music of your breaths in my mind
and the warmth of your climax
washing over me
as I peak and find sweet release
the songs of spirit resonates again

with no demands, it satisfies
it doesn’t need to be rationalized
or judged or labeled wrong or right
without asking, it answers
it just is
surging and powerful
repeating its melodies again
play, secret, play
in my heart and mind and emotion
as the lyric and instruments tend to do

How can I miss
What’s always there
The tune rings
in spite of everything
it is within me
it is within you
we open up at the same time
and listen
the missing music fills the void
and closes the space between us
until once again
sweeps us
carries us
brings us closer
music does that

at times we cry or laugh
or hum, sing, whistle, nod
when music comes
when we hear or play it
it reminds us
where we were
what we did
when we first listened
steadfast or ambivalent
and acknowledged
the song


Darkness, leave me now.
Go destroy what’s wrong and bad,
Leaving good and right in your wake.

Loneliness, be gone.
My life already has longing,
There’s no space here for emptiness.

Sadness, melt away.
My heart has tasted joy,
No room left for sorrow.

Future, come soon.
The troubled past has passed.
Already aching for tomorrow.

Though present day is cold and hurt,
my dead heart broken pain,
someday if love returns to me,
May Light shine warmth again.


I was in that moment between sleeping and awake,
laying in my bed,
in your bed,
holding your hand,
embracing your body.

As you slept I listened to your breathing,
feeling you close and caught a clean scent,
wondering if it was perfume or just you fresh from a bath.

We stirred and smiled,
drifting together,
in that moment between sleep and awake,


Voices (erotic)

when moans
escape her lips
breath hot in gasps
beating heart pounding
fingers exploring
wetness dripping
how I yearn to listen
as she plays with her cunt
and pinching taught peaks
as they stand on end
my ears filled with her sounds
hand fast on my hard cock
while she grinds
and I thrust
and we cum
we breathe
she screams
I moan
it is good
no words spoken


like a bandit
without warning
love slips in
steals your heart
runs off giggling
as you chase it

then suddenly stops
leaving you longing
exhausted and wanting
Panting and yearning
You almost catch your breath

Love waits
sees glimmers of hope
hints at happiness

When I miss you
such pain
You’ve stolen me
Before then,
I didn’t know
how alone I was
life is empty
with you gone
And I hurt

now you’ve got my mind
my body aches of this chasing
pulled like a magnet
embrace me, now.
Close in the distance
Never let go
Don’t run

I climb the peak
balanced on the edge
brimming desire
teetering on madness
beating rapidly
and then
we fall

The air filled
with butterflies
gasping, descend
searching for ground
about to land hard
then we do
crashing into love
it overtakes us
the world slips away
softness and pleasure
everything right
until love, that robber,
moaning in ecstasy
steals off again

No, I don’t want to hunt anymore
I’ve found the goal
this joy and misery
knowing she’s there
just out of reach,
I keep her heart.

Never forget , no regret
Love conquers all

embraced so tight
I’m deep inside you
You’re wrapped around me
moving and touching
one soul together

How my heart soars
the thief is captured
duration forever
Come together
We’re Home


I was alone
then her face appeared
my heart leaped
soaring into sky
yet I didn’t realize
one day soon I would fall
she captured me

Interminable depths of her eyes
lashes flitting across her glowing face
voluptuous lips curved to a smile
enchanting …

be mine

As I yearned for a kiss
her taste touched my soul
and then like a dream, she was gone

She came to me again
lingering there
without a word,
and I swooned

Her skin radiated a dance like an angel
every curve undulating a landscape of music
every step in grace caressing earth below her feet

Her hair flowed as I traced the lines of her form
learning and following them with my eyes
heart beating like a drum
glowing like the sun
catching my breath in a sigh

Her voice
calm in the heart of a storm
each word rang through being
like sweet chimes on the wind
we laughed and talked and shared our spirits
connecting in ways beyond magic
how I wanted to be in this space forever

It seems like aeons since I’ve seen her again
her presence still vibrating echoes through my heart
Will she please come, to be by my side?

As we join in her world, and walk together the rest of our days
Our dance has just begun, and I want it to last our lifetime

I think of her and the things we will do together
destiny to fulfill itself when the time is ripe

Saving myself for her, until our union of souls is one
then we will open
and give each other everything

Now, I long for her, in tears at times
then I remember her face
and again my heart soars

Riding waves of happiness, waiting upon her return
like children holding out for Christmas morning
when distance is a breath away
and every moment our dreams come true

and when her eyes meet mine
we may lose ourselves in each other
and see once more
and live

There is gold in the hills

There is gold in the hills
As the sun shines
on the grassy valley
There is gold in the hills
Shining upon
the rivers of our life

There is silver in the sky
As the rain falls into our eyes
There is silver in the sky
Swirling ribbons flowing
through our life

Oh Brown and green
Through everything
Nature growin her own wild way
Oh brown and green
Everywhere I see
Things come and gone
baby glad you’re here with me

That dusty road
Runs behind the house
goin places we ain’t never been
But I’m alright
Sittin by your side
Ain’t no where else
I’d wanna be