Where did ya go and other blog farts?!

Yeah I just removed some social network sites that I linked to in the past , posted to , had accounts on , etc.

Of these were Plurk, Plaxo, Twitter, LinkedIn. I had already gotten rid of MySpace, hi5, Orkut, Friendster, and others some time ago. That leaves the daddy of all social network sites, Facebook. I am debating killing that one too though it seems to be one of the few ways I keep up on what my sister and family are doing since they don’t rly email me, as well a few of my guy friends, its how they message back and forth with me. The other hundreds of my “friends” on Facebook are connected to me from the automotive communities I was or am engaged with (namely Mini and smart cars, but includes others like bikers and other car groups too.. yeh I am a guy, I like cars) — absent from my contacts should be other people I don’t know or “others” like those stupid arse girl/guy spammers whose only purpose in life (or that of their promoters/agencies pretending to be acting on their behalf) is MONEY and MARKETING stuff to anyone dumb enough to friend them.. meh!

That’s the thing.. social networking, it’s like superficial and what’s the word .. ambiguous! These aren’t generally people I would want to stay the night in my house with me and my wife or family, and who knows what kinda Internet weirdos are out there, rly?! If it isn’t someone I would want to spend face-to-face time with, why waste my attention and resources talking or interacting with complete strangers? Hmm, doesn’t work for real everyday life, so why does the Internet become an exception where the typist is hiding behind a computer screen? Hmm, no I don’t see why we as citizens of the world find that anywhere near acceptable.. what have we become, hermits and trolls?

Perhaps I am just jaded or unfriendly, it may appear that way, or paranoid or protective of my personal information and possessions.. whatever the idea is, I will say indeed I think computers are an awesome tool, it’s what you do with them that helps to define or reinforce what is important to you, what or who you put first, where your interests are, where your passion lies, what you find to be acceptable, admirable, what or who you appreciate in life.

Do you want to spend your time cradling your cellphone or mobile device and text and yack all day behind the safe confines of technology, or reach out in person to those who are important to you before you lose touch with them?

How many people, friends and family do you email or text or poke on Facebook that you haven’t shook hands with, hugged, or looked eye to eye for a long time?

How many of those people would you find revolting or unacceptable to interact with on such an intimate and personal physical or spiritual level?

Wow, am I on a rant or what. Just thinking out loud as guys can do, and so I do.

For example, there is only one person I want to discuss intimate things with, one person who I want to chat to about love and sex on a very personal level.. that’s my wife, I know, obvious, right?

But I am sure there are a lot of people out there in the world who flirt harmlessly with the same or opposite sex and think nothing of it, even if it is robbing time away from the one that loves them and they are the world to. Just a thought.

I don’t hang out in bars when I could be home staring into my wife’s eyes and appreciate her beauty, because I am in love with her and love her. This idea isn’t “should do” that I am compelled by guilt to do, it just is a natural surrender for me, it’s how I feel.

Does that sort of emotional attachment and desire of her make me clingy or weak? Does it hint of feminine and not masculine traits? No, I think it is because I am indeed a strong man that I feel this way and act upon it.

Sure, couples can argue or not get along or not agree on things, and I know I can do guy things that frustrate her or piss her off just as she can do women things that frustrate me, but when it comes to love, she is right there by my side and I am there by hers as well, that’s pretty basic and understandable. I know men and women are wired differently in their heads, men generally want physical attention, for that means love to them, and women want emotional/mental attention and people to listen to them, talking or what not, that is how women feel loved.

So back to social networking then, I would gather it’s a form of global community that is evolving and growing, it is technology empowering the world to be this way, but also, it is drawing people within themselves and complicating the face-to-face interactions. I often see couples going to dinner together, and the moment they sit down and get their drinks on and orders ready, out come the cell phones and texting and they don’t even acknowledge each other the rest of the night, too busy working or typing away to friends or whomever, it’s just as if the other person wasn’t sitting across from them at the same table — why bother going out to dinner at all if you can’t put the phone down for the 30 minutes to a few hours that a meal would consume, really, is it that hard? Is your partner that insignificant that you can’t make eye contact or carry on a verbal conversation with them for that long? Sheesh if things are that bad, you may as well be single or dead. Perhaps a couple that texts everyone except the person they are with, it is some odd electronic symbiotic relationship that they share a phone bill and not much else, like a weird business deal gone horribly wrong. Who knows, I just don’t get it. Before, when cell phones first came out, many restaurants would just tell people to put them away, because it was just rude to be on the phone while others were trying to enjoy their meal, their movie, their wedding, sporting event, theatre or music venue, whatever.

Can you imagine going to a friends house who has spent half the day preparing and cooking you dinner to share with them, and as you sit at the table you push your plate aside, whip out the laptop and cellphone and start working away? You could as easily just tell the person to go fuck off right there in their own house, ungracious guest that you are, and they would be honored and justified to quickly boot you out upon your ear.

Now I have nothing about celebrities or people who think their life is so interesting to go blog every photo and event in their life to the world, and yes I was one of those people just a few years ago, and indeed there were people with no life of their own that received much vicarious enjoyment watching mine, but really.. when it comes down to it.. what kind of life did that give me? If I was so busy texting and shooting photos and videos and sending emails and blogging and ranting every bowel movement and daily meal schedule, what sort of life was I having? Well, I am sure I was so busy telling everyone else what a excellent life I was having that I missed out on much of the small details I would have otherwise noticed and paid good attention to, if I had only put down the mobile devices and gear long enough to stop and smell the roses I was so busy describing in minute detail to my loyal blog-fans. (I almost wrote blog-farts, funny typo).. yeah that is what I will call people who spend the day scouring the net and blogs and forums and texting and reading news and crap and never moving from their seats, as if they were a smelly gastronomic anomaly from their arses, a “blog fart” — don’t be a blog fart. Go outside and enjoy life, it is there for the taking. Sure you can blog about it later, but tell ya what , for once, or for a day, or whatever you can wean from your gadget addiction, step out there totally disconnected from the digital world, leave it all home or turn it all off and experience the natural environment around you.

Wow, what a revelation that can be. In fact, I have just inspired myself (was going to typo “inspirited” which I say often too).. heck, I am outta here! Cheers! 🙂

Life is out there, and I am going to grab it by the balls, heck I can grab my own balls if I was a rap star, anyway, poof, gone I go for now.. woot!

Cyber me!

I just setup a MyCyberTwin so you can chat with me even though I’m not here LOL a robot! Have fun and amuse or abuse it so it can learn lots of interesting strange and weird things from my friends and site visitors, and I promise the conversations will be kept private unless they are totally hilarious and you want to share them with the world of course.. Otherwise, it should be programmed to provide useful chats and info about starlord.net (and me, of course) so give it a go… Thanks and enjoy!

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Secure your privacy online..

Back in the day, it was cool to belong to 7 different IM services and blog everywhere, net presence was in.. well now it really isn’t, there is too much powerful marketing software out there and social networks that love to use it to sell to others, pass out freely, send you spam, advertise you with targeted ads, all kinds of craziness! Am I being paranoid? No, I just don’t want people passing out my information to everyone without my permission..

Did I give them permission? Maybe not directly, but by using sites such as MobileMe/DotMac, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo/YIM/360, Skype, MSN/Live/Spaces, ICQ, Aim/AOL, Naymz, Plaxo, LinkedIn, hi5, Google/Gtalk, Jabber, and a whole slew of others out there, well part of their whole reason for existing is for their own marketing purposes, they want to make money off their peeps. Sure there are options to hide your info and make your profile private, but these are usually buried somewhere in the account settings and you have to go through quite a bit of mouseclicks to reach them, or in some cases, delete your profile completely.

It’s a two-step process really. First, you have to go in and update all your information so that it is BLANK or reset to defaults. Then wait a few days for it to cycle through their databases so that everything is up to date, then, finally, go in and delete yourself as needed. You see what happens when you just go in and disable or leave stranded any account chock full of information? Well they can just leave that public info in there and accessible to anyone who can cleverly dig it out!

So, I have made some efforts recently to clear my online presence so to speak. No, I don’t have anyone stalking me, I’m not worried about fans coming to my door or that sort of bother (who would make such a trek to get here anyway? LOL)

Anyway, if you see that I am suddenly off the radar or gone from where I once was reachable online, don’t take it personally, we are probably still friends in whatever sense of real or virtual life we were before I removed said blog, IM, service, or social networking site from my repertoire 😉

Not only does hiding your profile make you immune from most companies and identity thieves from stealing said information, it also prevents that crazy webcam girl friend of a friend of a friend down the network from grabbing said info and spamming you, so, you may say I am doing my friends a favor by helping to keep THEIR information private as well 🙂

Comments are open, for those that want to comment on this topic 🙂 PS: Thanks Rob ‘Califzeph’ for starting this whole thing by helping me secure my Facebook page.. I had no idea what Facebook was up to before I read all the bad press about their privacy changes lately!

Remembering Joy..

I don’t know if it’s politically correct to mention or discuss things personally, but I am going to say it anyway. For what it’s worth, in the 90’s I dated a girl with CF, in fact was planning on marrying her (well, I gave her a promise ring, which is saying something seeing as I was fresh out of college making around $9/hour working retail at a video game store at the time).

She was one of the most awesome people I have ever known, and in spite of everything she went through, she continued hold a positive attitude on things.

She went to Stanford Hospital regularly, both for herself and to volunteer some time with others, and viewed them in high regards. I feel they really made a difference to ensure she had the best quality of life possible. She had a job at the Palo Alto Daily News doing a weekly gossip and restaurant review column, but akin to her sense of humor her business cards held the esteemed title of “Office Babe”. She was an avid football fan, and probably knows more about the game and its players than most men who think they do. She called any number of teams “her boys.”

Joy Felicia Villasenor was just over 30 when she left us, but I am certain she touched more people and accomplished more than most people do in 60 or 90 years.

Without sounding too cheeky or cliché I can only attest that her example was more about living every day to the fullest, regardless of how healthy or sick one thinks they are, tomorrow is still as uncertain, as today becomes yesterday.