Somewhere in Tvoraldsland.. (erotic story, Gorean)

Chapter 1 : Breakfast
I awaken again to the endless dawn of the North, where the sun sits lazily on the horizon. Day will rise slowly over the skies before resting again, never quite riding into the realm of Night, yet only traveling higher than sparse bands of clouds which defy the otherwise blank, silver dome of Winter.

A hawk chirps from its perch in the long hall, flapping its wings and ruffling its feathers with a shake of its streamlined head, her sharp talons clicking and gripping the stand, she then nestles back into a restful pose, shrinking down and closing her eyes, returning to sleep.
Reluctantly, I sit upright, stumbling and stretching to stand. A large white larl fur drapes over a hardwood platform. Strewn around this are few mismatched cushions.
Hanging against one wall is the skin of an elk (or the Gorean species most resembling one), and near this, on the wall perpendicular, hangs the yellowish fur of a harvested tarbuk.
Between the two skins, ancient dark futhark, the rune script of the Vikings, bears my name. The sygils are placed in such a way they appear to float in mid-air, and a soft glow emmenates thus. Upon closer scrutiny, no visible means of support holds them in place, and the source of their illumination is not made obvious– clearly, magick is involved in their making.
Leaning back against one wall, slipping on my pants and shirt, I buckle the kilt and cloak around my body– like my bedding, the furs provide protection over the elements.
On the far wall hangs two small wooden shadow boxes, deep yet intended for flat artwork such as a map or painting, which is what they display; At the left, a map of Gor, and the right, a painting of a ram-headed winged man of sorts– he hovers over a maid and touches her. The piece commissioned as a replica to one painted by Earth artist Boris Vallejo.
The frames are hung staggered, one above the other, in a way I find asthetically pleasing.
Preparing aching muscles to venture outside, I pull the mead horn off the wall and string it to my hip, followed by bow, daggers, and tools of the Jarl.
A thalarian oil lamp sits empty on a small table, the remaining wick was extinguished late last night by a bond maid.. who warmed my furs and slept with me some of the night.
Wafting through the room are odors of baking, a sweetness I recognize as porridge being prepared for breakfast.
The Jarl’s accomodations are small rooms just big enough to fit some bedding, a small table, perhaps a chair, a kennel for keeping captured beasts or slaves. They afford privacy (if desired) by accordian style screens built into the structure of the walls.
In one motion, I grasp the screen firmly in one hand, sliding back the panel which folds upon itself to the open position.
Upon hearing this, the bond maid stopped stirring the kettle and came up to me, smiling as her bare feet padded briskly along the floor. The motion was much like a pet, upon hearing its owner’s arrival, rushes to greet them home. If she had a tail, it would wag with spontaneous joy.
“Greetings, Jarl!” she cooed, eyes meeting mine for a second before dropping her head down submissively, her curvatious naked body wiggling into a nadu pose, kneeling and settling herself before my feet, legs spread open and her hands resting, palms up, upon her soft thighs. She exhaled through slightly parted lips, her chest rising with each breath.
“Good morning, girl,” I said. Looking down upon her sublime body and immediately feeling both lust and gratitude for her, “is that porridge I smell brewing?” I asked.
“Yes, Jarl,” she purred, “your favorite recipe,” she described the ingredients being golden brown dried fruit resembling sultana raisins of Earth, spices from markets far South of here, a mixture of milled grains, bosk milk and sweet cane juices. “just as you like it,” she smiled, knowing I was pleased. “Would you like me to serve you now?” she asked, if not metaphorical.
“Aye, girl” chuckling, I said, “make me a bowl while I put on my boots.”
Her lips parted for a moment and she flicked her tongue across them, bringing moisture while breathing in sharply, suddenly.. as if I had struck some sensual nerve within her. She rocked slightly upon her heels, her legs spreading a bit wider, the backs of her upturned hands slowly stroking the top of her soft thighs. “Yes, Jarl” she said, rising to stand. 
Still facing me, she backed away a few steps, then spun on her heels to fetch the bowl. “I will be within earshot should you need anything else,” she teased, playfully, “Jarl..?” 
Then, humming a tune to herself, she scampered away, hips swaying in quite a sensual, purposeful way, she walked knowing I continued my gaze upon her. She wanted every muscle of her body, every ounce of her flesh, to serve me, for this was her greatest pleasure.
I stepped to where my boots lay, reaching down to pick them up, and began wrapping the straps and strings together, pulling them tight.
By the time I finished, the girl had returned with the cooking bowl of porridge and a pitcher of drink, sitting kneeling at my feet, holding the jug between her legs, her head bowed.
I looked upon her again, tracing the slope of her breasts with my eyes, letting my gaze roam itself down her body to her stomach and to her treasure. She blushed, “Do you wish me to serve you here, or at the table?”
I could just as easily forego eating altogether and lay her down upon my furs, taking her, using her body for pleasure. That, a role of the bond maid, to service all men of the holding, which owns them outright; She is a slave, she is property. 
Though it his her duty to meet my basic needs and serve, and I am grateful, I do not need say so, and do not love her –not in the romantic sense– I love her as a pet, or how a man would love possesions like a motor vehicle.
These ancient customs are normal and expected as breathing, this the Gorean way. To think otherwise, to refuse the girl or have sympathy for her, as if concerned of her condition, would insult and make her feel unworthy- for she is proud to be in my care and delights to do so. It gives a slave girl ecstasy to serve a Master, completely and selflessly.
Indeed, some girls are bred and trained for this their entire life, giddy and excited to the moment they may finally plead, “Buy me, Master” and surrender themselves into submission.
Even so, the girls’ sacrifices and lodgings are not secured- at any time they may be stolen in a raid, or traded in the market. If a new man buys her, she may remain a slave, be released as a free woman, or even become his companion, whatever he wants. 
While most women are eager to do well, the resisting or untrained are whipped into obedience. Knowledge of their position is enough to keep some girls in check, while others intend to perform erroneously, that is, they crave punishment!
As the mind processes pleasure and pain the same, some slaves desire lashings and find it arousing.
A good master takes this into account, for chaos may arise from increasingly bad mannered girls, if she demands stronger correction to satisfy beastly appetite.
If a maid becomes too unruly to serve, she is taken along hunting and fishing expeditions, her body used as live bait. Better to sacrifice a slave to capture animals for food and skins, than waste energy managing a wild maid.
Of course, most slave girls, they simply serve well without somuch a thought of wanting anything else, this is their deepest passion, their best happiness. They would just assume be put to death than not used.
I walk to the long table and motion the girl, sitting down on the bench and leaning back, stretching my muscular arm along the edge of the backrest. 
She leaps up to hurry beside me, eyes peeking at me, smiling, waiting upon my next words like a poised dog anticipating the next fetch of its favorite tennis ball thrown far across an open grassy field.
“On the table,” I motion, and she crawls up on to it, then kneeling again before me with a slutty smirk upon her face, her legs spread open wide before me and her head glancing down upon my crotch, she licks her lips expectantly, swooning on the very sound of my voice.
She dips a smaller bowl into the warm meal from the larger one, scooping a good helping into it, then kissing the lip of the bowl, raises her hands up in offering to me, as if I were a God and she was prostrating before me, “May it nurish you, Jarl.” she whispers.
I grab the bowl from her, my strong calloused hand brushing over her delicate fingers in the process, to which I see her smile widen and face blush from my simple touch.
“Some drink, bond,” I say, nodding to the pitcher which now sits at the table by her side.
While I eat the porridge, slurping and sipping the bowl, she deftly places the pitcher between her breasts, squeezing them tighter placing her arms along her sides, then holding the vessel in her cleavage, she places a cup underneath and proceeds to bends forward, letting gravity work upon the contents and her form somewhat, the liquid spills into the cup until filled. She rocks back, sitting upright, flicking her head back, her hair commanded in a wave of motion as it drapes around her shoulders. She smiles, seductively sliding the jug down her torso until it rests upon the table between her legs. She giggles with delight that I have watched this entire display and smile upon her. 
She smiles back, raising the cup toward me with lifted hands, as if they were encircled with locked bracelets, her deep eyes lock with mine for an instant and I feel the electricity of her gaze, before she drops her head again and trembling slightly, sits poised for me to accept the drink “May this quench your thirst, Jarl,” she says softly.
I lift the cup from her fingers and then drink it down, gulping the warm beverage hungrily until it is gone. With a mighty thunk I set the cup down on the table, exhaling “ahh!” the taste lingers for a bit in my mouth, and I gobble down the rest of the porridge without speaking.
“More, Jarl?” she asks, prepared to serve me more of the food and drink. I shake my head no and she tilts her head curiously in acknowledgement. “I am satisfied, and don’t wish to overeat before my journey,” I say, a hint of sadness forms on her brow and she asks, “will your journey be long?” perhaps expecting the worst. 
“No,” I say, “just a few days,” not wishing to leave her, yet knowing she will be safe here.
“I will look forward to your return,” she says, knowing full well she means to express her love to me and will be filled with longing every moment I am away from her sight.
“Yes,” I reply, “be well,” my words are cold though true, I do wish her well and will miss her company while I am out hunting and scouting, my eyes may reveal, but I a warrior, and she a slave, that is all need be said.
“Be well, Jarl,” she says, her voice cracking a little. I toss on my cloak and head to the large door of the long hall, she trails behind and at my side, yet attentive to me. 
I embrace her and she kisses my cheek softly, holding me tight, her bare skin rubbing up against me. I let her go, commanding her return to her chores, and she nods happily, standing in place as she watches me unbar the door, preparing to exit the hall. 
As I walk through the threshold, thrusting the gate open, I take one last look upon her, smiling upon her sublime beauty. 
She shivers slightly at the burst of cold pouring in from outside, and as I turn and step away from her, she shuts the door closed behind me; it squeaks and groans closed, locking its mechanism with a clicking thud. I hear her struggle to draw the bar across the door, perhaps aided by other maids, sliding it back into place, and I step down from the hall, into the surrounding grounds of the holding, a snow covered path which leads to the outer gates.

RolePlayWorlds (Open Simulator based MMORPG grid like Second Life) closing

The RPW Core Team announced today they will be shutting down the servers around the 23rd of September 2011, and encourage folks to do backups, export their builds, cancel orders and subscriptions before that date. They are warning people early to give them enough time to backup all their objects.

As you will recall from my earlier post, RolePlayWorlds is unique in that their grid consisted of many separate continents (think of these as Linden Labs’ mainland grids) which followed a particular theme, such as Elf, Vampire, Gor, and so on. Most of the builds were fairly massive size installations spanning 9 or more regions connected together to form larger cities, labyrinths, or terrains.

Much of the RPW consisted of the “Gor Grid” which were extensive builds of the cities of Ar, Lara, and other places taken from John Norman’s Gorean world, along with smaller (yet still quite massive, considerably..) areas.

In an email announcement I received today, they said, “The time has come, where we need to take a different path. This has been a lovely journey, we had the pleasure of meeting several great people and learn about this awesome industry. Sadly we don’t have the time and energy to keep working on RPW as before, that’s why we decided to close it or sell it if someone wants to make a fair offer.”

In closing, they said they want to say thanks to all (customers, users, and friends) for following them on this journey, and that we may see them again on this path.

I didn’t realize they were based in South America, though the email CAN-SPAM notice on the bottom had the address of “Colinas de Bello Monte, Qta. Los Luises, Caracas, Venezuela 1058” — I will remember RPW and the great attention to detail their builds had, though membership for whatever reason seemed to be lacking. The grid wanted to use a sort of currency system, but the last time I logged in it was mostly in beta testing and a rather manual process through PayPal transactions, even though the prices for everything was significantly lower than other “pay for stuff” grids such as Second Life, Openlife, YAL, and Inworldz.

I still have 9 sims running on OSgrid though not really actively using it. I wonder if any of the groups from RPW would be interested in migrating some of their builds there? OSgrid is one of the larger Open Simulator based grids, and to their benefit perhaps, everything in there is free/opensource, they are creative commons based and not for profit. That means you can’t really make money on OSgrid, but then who but a select niche few (and perhaps some musicians) actually make any money from Second Life? I made enough money to pay for my shoutcast stream services and some music on iTunes while DJ’ing, but it wasn’t something I could do full time and quit my day job to sustain myself in a virtual career.

That isn’t to say RPW was about commercialism and making money, because their focus was all about roleplay and people enjoying themselves in the various RP’s that took place there (I can’t say I ran into very many people there, really, because I didn’t, but their support staff was very helpful and the few people I did meet were quite nice, so it’s a shame to see them close up shop).

I wish everyone at RPW the best, and hope that they do have some dedicated folks who will safely migrate the best bits of it elsewhere, or save backups of select .oar and .iar’s perhaps so people can download them from some archive somewhere. Who knows..

For more information, visit their website at

Relationships in the Second Life (SL) universe – Part 2

(Continued from Part One)

Part 2: “When SL love meets RL”

The vows of partnership

First and foremost, Starlord Scribe, my avatar in Second Life, is partnered to RileyGene Parx, the avatar for whom my RL wife is typist. Neither of us are in Second Life really anymore, so that point is mute, if you ping us in-world you’re likely to get no response at all because we’re never there anymore.

Anyway, for these main accounts, we agreed to restrict certain roleplay only to our mate– the idea here is, even in our gaming, our avatars will uphold the sanctity of our RL marriage vows (be they so duplicated by our handfasting rites performed initially in SL) so, when either of our avatars are in-world, with each other, alone, or in the company of others, we agree not to engage in any sort of play of a romantic or sexual/sensual nature- the idea is, we don’t want our avatar’s pixels or indeed our own emotions or thoughts to be engaged with anyone other than our mate. There are a few schools of thought on this subject, which I will touch upon later, and give some short “case studies” from real world events you may ponder.

One may ask, how does a couple progress from a game’s virtual fantasy encounters to real world physical relationship? At what point do we cross over from “the game” and enter real-world territories of sharing personal information, skype, cams, cell phone, instant messaging, and the like?

For RileyGene and Star, we met in February 2009 at a now defunct virtual dance and strip club (Club Lean) she co-owned with a girlfriend of hers (Arva), and there, after some visits, I became one of the resident DJ’s. My job was spinning music, taking requests two nights a week, which later became three nights a week, shifts often lasting for hours.

At the time we met, we were both in “virtual relationships” with other people; Granted, I was dating a Brazilian woman (of perhaps questionable stability, like much of SL) who was playing in SL perhaps in defiance of her RL, and RileyGene was dating a man who positioned is avatar as a “furry” man – that is, part human, part animal, (e.g., neko, kitsune) – though he was more interested in running a (virtual) store and doing scripting and such, more so than having sexual interplay with his pixels, though, RileyGene was quite interested in the later so employed the use of an “Alt” (we’ll call her Amira) for sex, which I will touch upon later.

Thus, RileyGene’s partnership was said to be a business one, even though it was the equivalent of marriage in SL, and mine, well, it wasn’t optimum and it was wrought with its own issues since I took things perhaps more seriously than I should have. So, you now have a glimpse into the kind of odd people found in SL, myself included!

Back to our story though, as virtual co-workers, RileyGene and I saw each other for brief moments every night, and over the course of several months we established a good friendship, went on some virtual dates together, and this bloomed into something grander. We then partnered in SL, and would stay logged in for hours on end, overnight at times while our avatars lay naked holding our RL bodies slept– Total mushy love in the virtual world which logically crossed over and grew in the RL. We awoke to each other’s SL avatar and RL voice just as if we would do so if actually living together in the RL.

Around July that same year, having awesome love blossom and flourish between us, we mutually decided the relationship would go further, and made plans to meet up in real life.

She came to be with me for a few weeks in San Francisco, and then I came to live with her in Canada after that. On my visit to Canada, while we were snuggled watching “The Italian Job” (c.1969) I popped “the question” and she said “yes.” In September, we married in Reno, NV and I’m now living with her in Alberta.

Our relationship is one of the exceptions though. I read somewhere once that 85% of online relationships just don’t work out or never mature to any tangible state, or people being people for whatever reason decide not to take things any further than they have existed in the fantasy world, and fine be it left at that, sometimes it’s a mutual thing and other times one person decides to drop it much to the dismay of the other.

Of course that’s just a brief synopsis of the events which occurred, and I don’t feel compelled to blab about my personal life experiences for all the world to see, just to put it out there that, that’s how we met, and yes it did lead to a happy lasting marriage, because of who we are in RL though, our compatibilities and love and everything, not just because she has a sexy voice and avatar, but because of who she IS, and who I AM, that’s what made it work and continues to hold it together today.

About jealousy, suspicion, virtual “issues” . . .

I’ll touch on a few things here just to give the prospective SL couple something to think on. Due perhaps to the anonymous nature of SL, or indeed Internet chat and email in general, it’s easy to take things out of context when you can’t read someone’s body language or facial expressions. There are stalkers and perverts and demented disturbed people online just as there are in real-life, of course, it’s not as easy to detect this behind the guise of an avatar.

On that note, let me talk about Gorean sims. On average, Gorean books contain lots of sex, so, likewise, the virtual sims where Gor is played are generally adult themed (i.e. sexually explicit) lands.

Is pixelated avatar sex that good?

Let’s take a look at the basics of avatar sex and what factors it may be appealing– these same factors will also draw the most prudent or sound minds far from SL, because there are no real checks and balances.

One appeal of avatar sex and its fantasy is the lack of accountability, not having to face consequences, not having to answer to anyone or any commitments, not having to make an effort or sacrifice yourself to get a reward, and not having to register yourself into a database whereby law enforcement can run a background check on you and monitor illegal activity (without some earlier cooperation from network savvy folk or the grid owners Linden Labs themselves).

So let’s rant a bit about scammers, charlatans, manipulation, that sort of thing. This content rating is getting into adult territory now so if you didn’t expect that you should perhaps leave and go look at cute puppies or kittens or something else now.

In SL, one can easily proclaim fake or attest “real” undying love to anyone (or a thing) and revel in the fantasy as long as the other person (or people) buy into it, because there are no real world constraints, no inhibitions, you can’t read someones real expression or body language, you can do kinky things like BDSM without the risk of causing real world injuries, spreading disease, or even death.

Someone could have virtual “quickies” and watch avatar pixel-sex which appears perhaps as good as any similarly scripted (yet interactive) porno movie, while mutually masturbating and typing erotic “emotes” to the other typist (or even have a sort of audio voiced phonesex) along the way. With today’s media and streaming technologies, sure you can webcam someone, but really once you get past the pixels and avatars and such, and are doing webcam sex and voice chat and all, then you aren’t really doing the virtual world anymore, now you are doing real-world interaction, even if behind the confines of a net connection.

For lonely singles or people with a real-world disability that prevents them from engaging in RL social activities, you may see the appeal — mind you, some people just want to hang out or dance or play sports/games or what not, while others are on the prowl for sex and sensual virtual experiences.

On the other hand, for someone who is otherwise engaged in a healthy RL relationship, partnership, marriage, or the like, one may question if it is right for their partner to involve themselves in this sort of virtual playing (even if totally fake and in the fantasy realm) and indeed what harm can it do?

What does this virtual sex play do to someone’s psychological or mental health, or that of their mate? How does it compare to someone engaging in Internet sex chat rooms, or frequenting real world singles bars, when they themselves are betrothed or committed to someone outside of those playgrounds?

In other words, the moral dilemma may be, is it the same thing to tease and flirt or even have virtual sexual encounters with someone in a “game” of sorts, as it is to have them in real life? Well, I guess that’s a semantics issue — yes and no. You don’t normally engage with someone physically (does masturbation fall into that category? What if you yourself are not masturbating, but the person with whom you are virtually speaking and interacting with, is?) In the virtual world, one doesn’t generally exchange real world information with anyone, such as your geographical location, because after all, you don’t want some love-lorn or psycho person arriving at your doorstep looking to meet the person behind the avatar.

Indeed, nobody generally knows f the avatar you are controlling is a man or woman typist behind it (or she-male or bisexual or transsexual or whatever variant), and people don’t generally know your real world age or marital status, indeed, if you are hiding behind an avatar and engaging in what would otherwise be prohibited sensual play with someone, without your real-world partner knowing, and indeed if the whole idea is that you are pretending to be a single person who is online having fun, and have no intention of telling your real world partner that you are doing so, and nothing in your profile says to the contrary (that is, the purpose of your online presence is a deception), then, are you having an affair over the computer? Does it “count” to have virtual sex games since they aren’t real?

Believe me, this stuff has crossed my mind and other people I know who have experience in the virtual world. If you are into Second Life (or other VR) for any length of time, you will understand where these crazy ideas come from.

Ok, just for example let’s take the time you would normally spend sharing and talking with your real world partner, what if that time is spent online gaming? How many husbands or wives have nagged you about their mate spending too much time checking email, surfing the web, or playing games instead of giving them attention? Indeed, how many people can say their partner’s hobbies, TV shows they like, or other interests are known to cause the same tensions?

As these are questions I often ask myself, when I present myself online, I don’t do it in a way that negates or invalidates what is really going on in my head and life — I am happy to have my wife and don’t want people to get the wrong idea of me, and I don’t profess to give others the wrong idea by pretending I am something I am not..

Is this a rant? Maybe so.. Let’s move back to topic though and talk about SL’s general avatar appearance. I can get back to the rant later.. In the next part!

Commentaries on Gor and relationships in the Second Life (SL) universe – Part 1

Equipoise: The Journey in the Destination.
Continued from my last post, yet this is more so about Second Life and relationships in the metaverse, more so than about Gor itself.

In the virtual metaverse of SL, as well other places on the Internet, people have created Gorean-themed areas, forums, groups, etc. to entertain fans of the stories.

I enjoy the absurdity of SL and find most well-designed sim regions to be pleasing to the senses, much as any Real Life (RL) travel destination could be– Gorean themed or otherwise.

On many such sims, people roleplay (RP, act out, pretend) their avatar’s character to be a Gorean, for example, though one could also pretend to be a furry animal, elf, beast, insect, or potted plant. There are many virtual “islands” and microcosms created within the SL and indeed other virtual world grids, some exclusively themed (like RolePlayWorlds for example) to particular mythos, cultural societies, historical representations, etc., others simply random assemblages of multiple pantheons which somehow interact and coexist with each other.

That said, I enjoy RP of different types. Generally, one can find open-ended roleplay, rather, the “stories” are short-lived and follow whatever random thoughts people come up with, though others are more elaborately engineered, and follow stricter storylines or rules known as a “by the book” (BTB) roleplay.

Regarding BTB sims, on the plus side, having limits and rules is commendable, inasmuch to stick with time periods or known races/attributes may be virtuous or honorable, for example in the game World of Warcraft you pick a specific race, sex, and starting abilities to represent yourself in-game. What you do via movement and text will cause said character to evolve or devolve, though you are obviosly limited to what that chosen race and gender’s strengths and weaknesses are known by all to be. Since people in Gor don’t generally have super-powers or the ability of self-propelled flight, most sims don’t permit human flying without a suitable piloted bird or accepted vehicle, and the effects of gravity, falling damage, or weapons may be calculated through the use of “meter” devices, which are programs attached to your avatar which calculate and display such physics or statistical things as one’s health and stamina.

On the other hand, we know a lot of non-BTB things may occur in SL (it is SL after all), and some argue that overly defining your RP, not only within a certain time period or set of races, but also styled of an author’s story pages, that it stifles one’s creativity, thus forcing daily RP’s into stringent roles, rules, or patterns. Perhaps some people require a formal “box to build in” as basis to build upon, though, I suspect the RP of BTB game regions may become a “beaten dead horse” of repetition or lost novelty, its residents growing bored or complacent within the same confines that serve to define the sims themselves.

For many, in fact, the very idea of logging into a virtual world for cosplay or RP is an appaling cop-out. How many Shakespeare play groups are performing in SL for example? I don’t know of a single one, in fact, don’t recall seeing any sort of theatre performance in SL, short of a few machima with little to no dialogue.

Twice now, I had joined Gorean sims which seemed interesting at the time, yet soon left after giving the matter some thought.

To put these concepts into words is difficult; A few contradictions arose; I realized these groups didn’t ultimately fit my persona or modus operanda; Even the idea of engaging in virtual gameplay is a conflict of interest with my real life — Yes it’s a fantasy world and what goes on isn’t real — How it compares (to me and my ideas) with other casual gaming I will do my best to detail over the next pages in this article.

(Continued in Part 2)

Commentaries on Gor

I enjoy John Norman’s science fiction series of Gor, the “counter earth,” and find his writing style intriguing, though at times a difficult read.

The story’s protagonist/antagonist, one Mr. Tarl Calbot of Bristol, is a transplanted school teacher (perhaps much like the author himself), who draws from an educated background of experiences on Earth, then attempts to adapt this to the strange world of the Goreans, learning of their customs, yet often failing to put the square peg of Earth modality into the proverbial round hole of Gorean tradition, thus finds himself in predicaments fueled of his own making, or complications over cultural misunderstandings.

The planet Gor is monitored by an advanced alien race, the priest-kings, who intentionally keep its inhabitants in a developmental state similar to earth’s medieval era. Historically we find Gor’s human males are generally placed as masters of their domain, human females generally placed as submissive slaves to be bought and sold as property, however that is a harsh generalization of a more complex system that spans over the scope of the book’s epic tales, so, there are certain exceptions given to contradict this ideal. On the surface, one may think Gor appears to be a patriarch world, yet it could just as easily be matriarch society, depending your perceptions or lack thereof. There also exists what are referred to as free persons and people who are rogues or outcasts that defy Gor’s societal structure altogether evenasmuch as they are a part of it.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I will say, I think metaphorically the relation of Gorean slave women to Gorean masters could point to underlying messages about self-mastery and equality, drawing parallels to Eastern philosophy or could just as easily point to other culturally-inspired theology, and may hint at some enlightenment, if one were to read between lines enough to see what may not be obviously stated. Indeed, many themes are repeated and many discussions debated within the books that point to social disorders on Earth more than customs on the alien world of Gor.

That’s my humble opinion and may be a stretch to bring basic writings to a lofty platform, though, look at how prolific Gor is today: Having begun around the early 1960’s, the storyline continues today with about 30 books in the saga, the latest novel only recently released!

In his ninth book, “Mauraders of Gor” we learn of peoples existing in the far Northern regions of the planet, known as Tvoraldslanders; These ficticious peoples are said to have originated from Vikings, who were transplanted from Earth around 700 AD. As ancient Norse is of my real world family tree, I look forward to reading this, to hear the authors interpretations of them; what notions from real Vikings may have ended up within these novels.

His books often parralel the cultural diversity and events across ancient (historical) earth, so we find races on Gor which emulate castes such as native americans, romans, greeks, egyptians, and so forth.

On the virtual metaverse of (Linden Labs) Second Life, as well other places on the Internet, people have created Gorean-themed areas, forums, groups, etc. to entertain fans of the stories. My next post will touch upon some of the experiences I have had with that, but I’m not going to get too personal or in-depth on those experiences, more so a 3rd-person, detached view written in an intentionally vague style, so that the reader is left with the concepts more than account of specific people, places or events. This is because the said Gorean-themed areas are filled with lifestylers who may not enjoy having me publicly detail what may be viewed as sacred or secret ongoings.

Anyway, back to the books, I’ve read all the books up to Witness of Gor, one of the more recent works, and will continue to read or listen to the novels on audiobook until I’ve read them all — I believe they are that good and will hold your attention if you find the material enjoyable (which I do!) .. as well, I think one will find that many science fiction works of today draw from things John Norman wrote about some 30 years ago in his books.

Yeah, this post is getting a bit random now so I’ll end it on that note! 🙂 As always, your comments, criticisms, banter, praise, reviews, anecdotes, thoughts, whatever are welcome!

Jokes of Gor II – Beginning Gorean 101 and more Jokes

Episode Two – The (Cartoon) Chronicles of (Animated) Counter-Earth. In this episode the Master speaks to his Slave, describing some key elements of Gor, while she tries to stay awake by poking jabs at him and bantering with him about their outfits and plugs their text-to-speech voices. After about 16 minutes of this, they then tell more Gor jokes as taken from Narin of the Gorean Shores Forum. So, some serious material mixed in with our comedy sketch (if you don’t want the backstory, fast forward!) We’ve got some good comments from our first production using Xtranormal and the text-to-speech Movie Maker, so decided to make another one already! These episodes are quite long, but hey, so are John Norman’s books! 🙂 References to the voices used in these animations (Acapella or AssitiveWare’s Infovox iVox text-to-speech engine) If you love or hate these please give good intelligent comments, subscribe, share, etc! My website is at and the Gor forum (where the jokes were) is at – the Gor references were taken from Wikipedia.

Jokes of Gor – Rare and Largely Unknown Gorean Quotes

Jokes of Gor – Rare and Largely Unknown Gorean Quotes
Based on Stroke’s rare and largely unknown Gorean quotes from the internet archive. Two characters, a warrior and slave girl, stand quoting various one liners and funny quotes regarding Gor and the Internet. Some knowledge of John Norman’s Gorean saga or the Chronicles of Counter-Earth as well familiarity of Internet chat may be expected to understand the content of these jokes. I found a few of these pretty funny. My first attempt at making an Xtranormal animation, hope you enjoy it! Rated 13+ due to some language and drug references or sexual innuendo. Visit my website or YouTube channel (starlord) for more.

The Village capture/RP sim in Second Life (and maybe elsewhere..)

The Village!

Avatar “Loretta Dallagio” has at least a full sim (on Caladan Island) which she has spent a good amount of time developing and making it a fun place for people to play, called THE VILLAGE — not to be confused with Linden Village, this one is subtitled: Slave Hunt, BDSM, Capture Roleplay.

It’s an RP type of sim based on some Gorean history, as per the “About Land” particulars you would see “Ruins of Heiban, Terre di Gor”, that of itself is a group which harkens to John Norman’s book “Rogue of Gor” page 63, where it is quoted: “Heiban grew up together with RI, AZDAK and TEIBAR to a City called and known as TETRAPOLI” — Yeah, I know, that may be a vague reference to start, but you do get a very good backstory notecard if you visit the sim (which, having not asked, I won’t copy and paste here without permission).

Here’s a bit of technical stuff —  If you don’t care, just skip ahead to the next paragraph 😉 We see that there is a second closed group (besides the land group “LAND GROUP CALADAN ISLAND”) named “THE VILLAGE of HEIBAN” — I am guessing this is for merchants, renters, guards, and the like. The main group “THE VILLAGE: Slave Hunt” is open enrollment and this is where you get either prey or predator tags — there are sub-groups for each.

Predator vs. Prey
Mostly, this sim is a predator vs. prey game, the men are predators and the women are prey, the basic premise is men run around shooting the women with bows, eventually knocking them unconcious, whereby a net is thrown over and you bind them, then get to do whatever consensual adults want to do — this is very similar to how some of the Gorean Meter works, but she has created her own HUD and meter for the sim, and in so doing also loses much of the formalities or rules that a by-the-book Gorean sim may have. Looking for capture roleplay without all the book stuff? Then come here. Yes, you can be more by-the-book yourself if you want, but don’t expect everyone else to. I see lots of people running around in human outfits of all sorts hehe, and of course acting like humans or beasts of all sorts as well. There are some limits to characters/races on the sim, but nothing too drastic unless you are furry and can’t be something hybrid-human, e.g., neko or kitsune looking human. Moving along..

The women can throw rocks to fight the men, or even, once captured by the net, they can chose to be released, or not bound, to have their health restored and be chased again, hang out in a OOC area or other safezone, etc. A man can even chose to do a sort of catch and release to the girl, shooting, chasing, capturing, then letting them go and repeating the play with another prey.

Open Hunt
There’s also a variation called Open Hunt — Once a month, the roles are reversed and the women can then chase and shoot at men, capturing them and what not, or you can be a woman and capture another woman if you like. Stuff like that– again, there are notecards that explain the change in rules in easy-to-understand simple English.

All in all, it’s a lot of fun, and seems to be frequented by intelligent, aimable people along with a few random griefers of course, however monitored by guards which are posted around the sim to ensure everyone is having a good time. That said, there are some noobs there but on the whole there are mostly experienced players. This place doesn’t attract newbies like a free sex beach would.

They have script counters before you enter the arena, to make sure you aren’t lagging the sim by wearing too many scripted items.

Scripts can be anything from poofers to gesture machines or wildly animated things, but sometimes you are lagging the sim without realizing. For example, I was wearing a self-adjustable sort of Damselfly hair once, which still had its scripts in it and my script count was way high! This is because the hair has over 100 prims in it, and each prim is scripted for scaling the size of the hair to your avatar’s head. Once you have your hair set the hair the way you like it, of course, you are supposed to tell the hair to delete all of its scripts, and it does, thereby reducing your script count. Most people, however, set it and leave it that way and never bother to delete the scripts, even though you can copy the hair, tweak it, and save it, thus leaving the original intact. The same can be true for any prim-based object that you wear as an attachment which may be scripted, like a cloak or shoes or some such thing.

Anyway, As long as your script count is below 50 or so, then that is very good.

Another thing they don’t like is the use of gestures. A “gestures” is emoting of various sorts, for example, your hand raises and waves, and your avatar simultaneously types “hi” or your avatar goes into a laughing fit of animation and simultaneously types “lol” — With me so far? Now, all over Second Life, people use hundreds of gestures to do all sorts of things, and most of these gestures are like bad radio stations, which play way too often and create a lot of what I will refer to as “audible spam” you see, most gestures will include sound clips that can be up to 10 seconds long, and some longer gestures will contain multiple sounds or music clips. Gestures often also contain lines of text which scroll madly from the person doing said gesture — that may be funny once in awhile with a friend you are making laugh, but in a RP situation, it just floods the local chat with nonsense that doesn’t have much bearing on other people’s RP which may be in the area, so, I’ll refer to that as “chat spam” — both of these are frowned upon in most RP areas. Then there are also animations that may accompany gestures, well, you can imagine how distracting that may be, especially when the animation and text blurt first, followed later by audible spam which your viewer needed time to download and cue up before it could play it (now out of sync with said gesture).

What to bring
Of course, you will want to be wearing your HUD (which is a script) and your chosen weapon, normally a bow, which can be any of the ones listed in the notecard given as you enter. They do prohibit the use of cheater weapons, superstrong weapons, guns that do massive damage quickly or newbie freebie things such as a watermelon cannon, flight or superjump assistance, that sort of thing. It’s a no-fly zone so you can’t be riding a Tarn and shooting prey below, that would just be an unfair advantage. Also, I believe a man running around naked with his johnson hanging out is frowned upon (which also leaves nothing to the imagination) though, the same can be said about a woman running around naked or standing still for that matter (which, also leaves little to the imagination and makes for a very easy target.. is that fun, really? I don’t know, maybe some people like easy prey.. chuckles..)

Getting the lay of the land
There’s a main teleport area that puts you in a sort of sky mall, this is where everyone starts. You must walk from there through her marketplace/mall sort of area following a series of arrows which lead to a teleporter. There’s lots of great stores here! Be sure to check them out! You can use just about everything sold here in the sim below, so if you need something, from weapons to close to love HUDs and what not, you can probably find it there!

Once you reach the teleport area, you will find 2 stations — one teleport will take men to the predator hut, the other takes women to the prey hut, yes, each group has their own group which you must be a member of (membership is free) and you start at that spot, respectively. Each starting hut is at ground level where the “game” or main avatar interaction area of her sim happens.

There are lots of hidden areas to explore, and poseballs all over the place, some are for cuddles or relaxing while others are more erotic, including BDSM, sex beds, leashing poles, and so forth. How much you and your partner (for the moment or for as long as you both want) is up to you. It’s a great place to find a person and roleplay with them at random, no strings attached and no serious by the book stuff, it’s very open that way.

There is a castle, a waterfall, open areas like fields, rivers, bridges, a little town area, a lighthouse, yeah just about whatever you can think of for this type of RP is around here somewhere, lots of great RP possibilities to give you ideas and get the sparks flying! 🙂

Now go get your Second Life viewer and login to The Village! It is located here (well, almost like an sURL for you, here’s the weblink!)