StarLord Mini Podcast – Episode 5 – Run to Seven Enterprises

StarLord joins a group of 10 classics enroute to Seven Enterprises’ open house. Along the way, John fixes a broken sensor with a paperclip. When we arrive, John flies an RC helicopter. I planned on doing interviews, but the folks were swamped with customers 🙁 We see “Guinness” gets a Mk I grille, peek at 2 Riley Elf Minis, and credit songs used in all episodes thus far. This is a short episode.

StarLord Mini Podcast – Episode 4 – More Shiny Bits

StarLord demonstrates the new bits added to his classic Mini, does some side-by-side comparisons of new vs. old models, installs a parcel shelf, talks about the BSSP run, and shows you some gear used to create the show. Stay tuned after this short episode for bloopers, complete with annoying TV-style canned laughter! ;P Duration: 7:34 Minutes

StarLord Mini Podcast – Episode 2 – Easter Run

It took awhile to put together footage of the Nikki BAMMr Run #6, due to video problems I was having with hardware and iMovie relentlessly crashing.. to top it off I uploaded the wrong file – OOPS! – but now it’s fixed (I hope..) as I re-uploaded the podcast. Hope you enjoy this playful interlude.

Duration: 5:29 Minutes

StarLord Mini Podcast – Episode 1 – Welcome

Monday, April 10, 2006

This 10-minute video has a little introduction to my 64 Austin Mini, some groovy racing footage shot at Laguna Seca’s ‘corkscrew’ during 2005 Vintage Mini Challenge, a review of sorts for Chris Rees’ Complete Classic Mini, a bunch of shameless shout-outs (more to come..) some mentions of other podcasters 😉 and a warning to thirsty travelers, this podcast contains footage of my favourite Irish brewsky.. Apologies in advance for sections with lower or higher volume than normal, we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet!

Duration: 10:26 Minutes