another weekend

Current mood: busy

my mini steering seems to have gotten louder recently. tiger came out last night. i worked on some new site designs for OSWD — but oops, they werent HTML valid even though the CSS was spot-on and all, it also has javascript, oh dear.. well i tried to upload it anyway but they didnt quite like it, so going to change it. also found an old CD with a hole in it. yeah photos from like 2001.. I tried to copy the CD in a sort of emergency nibble mode. Took like a whole friggin week, I am not kidding. But the CD seemed to come out fine, whew.. dang PC’s and the cheap CD’s that just dont last. listen people, protect your CD’s, they fall apart after a few years. smack a label on it, that will help tremendously. otherwise the foil or whatever just starts to flake off.. not all discs, but some do.. just be careful.. uhm.. what else? my roots are coming in real fast! too fast! gotta do something about that before i end up looking like a Mac OSX Tiger myself… all stripey and stuff.. word.. tayl

aquarium, thoughts about hitchhiker’s guide, etc.

Current mood: chipper

we went to the temporary aquarium in san francisco, we had the docent tour guy (Tom) all to ourself, it was so cool, he took us all over the whole maze of the first floor and pointed out cool stuff and some decent theories on science and why/how they study stuff there, like what goes on behind the scenes. so its not just a museum with tanks that they take care of, they are doing useful papers and contribute to the scientific community, so that is cool.. but ok i am getting a bit geeky. i just finished Bill Bryson’s mammoth size book ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ wow lots of stuff in there to absorb, but entertaining, almost like a Douglas Adams sort of wit, speaking of, I know THHGTTG comes out but man if that Marvin the robot doesnt look like a stupid Aibo instead of a square chrome cereal box with a lightbulb on its head. that would be more like the original, but hopefully the movie did the series justice and didn’t forget how funny the radio programs and books were. I’d call that more so a comedy than a sci-fi, even though it is very essential sci-fi.