morning vision… (Vampyr)

A ship glides silently across the outer atmosphere, traveling between the worlds..
First light touches the cold metal of the craft, it’s ion shields deflecting and absorbing the energies in a soft blue corona…
The traveler, glancing over the controls, looks to the view screen,
from out of the darkness, a beacon pulses, first subtly, then more pronounced as the ship intuitively obtains a lock..
smiling, the StarLord motions toward the view screen, and the ship glides down towards its target..
pacing slowly, ritualistically, towards the center of the craft.. a rift opens in space in the bottom of the floor, and he steps into it..
in an instant he is materialized into the depths of a dark gothic corridor, the guardians spring to life, moving toward his position..
without a motion or a sound, he focuses on the beings,
sending an image of himself and his Liege to their collective consciousness..
their movement ceases, the spirits disperse and align themselves along the corridor, half welcoming, half poised to attack.
he moves deeper into the catacombs, recalling the beacon from moments before, and holds it in his mind…
instinctively, as if hunting a wild thing, he walks softly toward it’s point of origin…
a thought is given and a panel opens in the wall, revealing a chamber built into the walls, which opens to an atrium
a soft glow emanates from a platform in the room,
a carved stone sarcophagus inlaid with ancient symbols,
which rests upon a circular indentation in the floor..
he approaches slowly, the circle coming to life with beams of red energy criss-crossing in geometric patterns,
5-sided pentacles, 7-sided enneagrams, a shield of energy surrounding the platform, which draws him into it…
he gazes then into the sarcophagus, seeing a woman of incredible beauty resting, as if in trance..
she is naked except for a fine gossamer dress, woven into delicate lace,
draping over her form, yet stretched tight across the curvaceous points in her body,
complementing and flattering her form.. he looks upon her with great admiration,
and she stirs in her slumber, as if to beckon his awareness in her dream.
he leans close to her, taking in her scent, his aura close, his energies touching upon her chest and neck..
feeling the heat reverberating from her body, listening to her breathing, watching her body rise and fall with each breath..
her lips slightly parted, glistening in the ambient glow of the room, he bends down to softly kiss her, savoring her taste in his mouth..
his head swirls on the effects and closes his eyes, allowing her energies to enter him and pass through his body,
finding the places in his body where she has traveled before..
he takes himself deep into his chakras, breathes deep,
his mouth hovering over her ear.. then slowly releases his warm tantric breath into her…
he watches her body twitch to the feeling, her eyes slowly blinking to focus upon him,
as she lifts her arms to greet him in an embrace.. gazing into his eyes..
knowing her time is not his own, he whispers ‘good evening, my Liege..’ smiles upon her..
meeting her eyes with his.. she grasps him and pulls him closer, bringing herself up to him,
her thigh pivots to capture him with her leg.. drawing him into the cold box with her, turning him over..
grinning wickedly, rolling on top of him, pushing him down onto the stone..
he grunts as the cold stone touches his skin..
then lowering herself into the sarcophagus upon him, her breasts brushing up against him,
she grabs his hands and holds them down, he relaxes and she grabs him at the wrist…
moaning in the pleasure of her touch..
she opens her mouth as if to kiss, her eyes turning red with desire.. she presses into him…
fangs revealed, her eyes glow as she bites into him, drinking vitae from his veins..
gasping, he works to hold still while the sharp fangs pierce into him,
reopening the same marks that have healed over times before..
feeling his spirit coursing through her again.. she laughs, then strokes her minions cheek with her hand…
her hair falling down upon his face and chest, embraces him and reaches to bite his ear playfully…
touching it with her tongue
levitating, she pulls him up and out of the sarcophagus, eyes meeting his again, smiling, she vanishes..
the air rings with the silence of her teleportation, his senses search the air for her presence,
his nose taking in the essence of her scent, he licks his lips to taste what remains of her….
with a gesture, he calls to his ship, which opens the portal to lift him up, rising through the arched ceiling of the structure,
up through the sky, he returns to his ship, his head swirling with the images of the past few minutes,
he smiles in meditation, awaiting the time where he may be with his Liege once again…

The End of an Era

This posting is an interview with a vampire/lycan from the now defunct “Atrum Infero” clan, the clan’s former blood merchant and “dark keeper” known as StarLord Scribe. We wanted to share some earlier information about the clan’s beginnings, stuff that hadn’t been documented, but may be useful for historical reference, or for those considering starting their own clan, perhaps some pitfalls to avoid.
Atrum Infero will long be remembered, mentioned in whispers, murmured from the sleeping mouths of those who continue her dark dreams.

Q: You were with Satoria from the beginning, can you tell us about the early days?

A: Yes, I’d like to say Atrum Infero had humble beginnings, but really, this was once a great clan of hundreds of vampires and thousands of souls within the virtual world of Second Life. The group was started as an offshoot group within Crimson Republic, ruled by a queen named “Jadebelgie” 

Q: So it was in effect, a clan within a clan?

A: Satoria Exonar’s initial goals were to focus on RolePlay as the key element of vampirism, and stray away from the importance of statuses and the accrual of mass members to build ranking. There were like-minded people wishing to experience more roleplay beyond what was happening within CR, and our Queen Jade was supportive of the RP group existing within the larger family.

Q: How did it become its own separate group then?

A: There were several events that happened around the same time, which prompted Satoria to break away from the main clan and start off her own new group. One factor was tensions within the main group. At the time, CR was very wild, dark, and highly competitive. A lot of vampires would do sneaky things to each other, stealing souls, blood, and minions from each other. One could see a lot of drama occurring on a regular basis, and you often hear these biker-clad vamps calling each other “hun” or “dear” in the group or voice chat, this was always used in a derogatory sense and preceded a slurry of accusation flying. I don’t know if this still goes on today or not, I was banned from the clan lands since I was a devoted minion of Satoria and hence chose to leave CR when she did.

Another of the clan’s queens (“Inferno”, who was never part of Atrum Infero, yet knew all of the parties involved) had recently spun-off her own group (Phoenix Tears of Blood Clan) because of the same stuff happening to her and her minions. Inferno was a very successful huntress, but wasn’t quite the court favorite for reasons unknown to me. I suggested queen Jade bring her on equal footing with some of the other royalty, but she didn’t want to be part of that since it would make her look as if she played favorites, a bit of a catch 22 I guess, but that’s beyond me. Inferno also liked the idea of RP but didn’t want to be party to Satoria’s group, since she was already a queen herself, and knew that with tensions mounting, thought that this may be a case of “too many cooks in the kitchen”, so bowed-out of invitations and branched off to start her own clan while the dust settled.

Anyway, Satoria got caught up in much of this drama, in fact at times I think she enjoyed it. However, about the same time she also had a SL romance go horribly wrong. One of her minions (whom I only knew of 3rd-party, named “Minotaur” something) had asked her to give up a large number of souls and minions to help him raise up his ranking, and she complied because of (so stated) being in love with him. Though I don’t know all the details, I do know that one day he just up and left, taking all the collected souls and minions with him, so it looks as if he was just using her. I think that experience was the proverbial nail in the coffin (so to speak!), and being quite embarrassed about it she just wanted a new start.

So, Atrum Infero was born out of this, and continued to exist for several years before eventually puttering out and fading away.

Q: You mention romance and drama, are those normally part of bloodlines?

A: I should mention that through the course of the game a lot of dark things and trickery have been used on people to seduce them into playing, giving up their soul, blood, and coercing people to do things they wouldn’t have otherwise done. There’s a lot of mind-fucking and evil manipulation by slimey sick people that goes on, in this and other sensual/mature-themed games. Someone could likely write MORE books about it, and yes indeed bloodlines has been known to create drama in both the virtual and real world.

Vampires are often portrayed as seducers, or people who use tricks of seduction and coercion, or guilt, to gain and retain new victims, and though it isn’t officially stated in the game guide, bloodlines is filled with lots of vampires, lycans, and humans trying to swoon people into their clutches. Satoria always said she didn’t resort to seduction or sex, and it’s true I have never had pixelsex with her, though I know she was actively cybering with other people in SL, over public and private IM, and that she also corresponded offline with several of her minions.

It may be “just a computer game” but remember we’re not talking about fighting with computer-controlled bots, this MMORPG game is played by human-controlled avatars with real people behind them. The actions you consent to do or choose not to do could have real-life consequences, if they somehow directly or indirectly involve other people. Imagine the real-life implications of giving your heart and soul to another person is, that is essentially the whole minion/liege relationship, at times looked at like BDSM master/slave unions, adept and protege, etc., so if this was the REAL LIFE (RL) it wouldn’t be something undertaken lightly, of course it’s a GAME, a FANTASY, but it does make some people pause with their own convictions. Bloodlines in SL is a very dark and sexually driven game. Just hang out in the bloodlines-friendly areas and clan groups for any length of time and then tell me if you don’t agree with much of this. Hell, SL itself can largely be thought of as a world for shopping, gambling, and pixel sex, with the occasional legit education and communities thrown in. Sorry, off on a tangent.

Q: Yes, you seem to be hung-up on that sort of thing and just need to chill, don’t take things so seriously. Back to our story though, when Atrum Infero started, was playing bloodlines any different?

A: Oh yes, as was Second Life. This was before windlight and viewer enhancements, there weren’t age restrictions on sims, no viewer 2 or any of that. SL in general was highly unstable, which made it a challenge to do any sort of long roleplay. If you look at the avatars of bloodlines staff and some of the earlier objects created, like the blood spike, soul reaper, and blood tanks (if you can find them), you can gather they were made before more complex builds and textures were around. Mars and Lyle sure pushed the limits with what could be done though, they did good in that sense.

Also, the rules of the game weren’t so elaborately defined by Liquid Designs. Back then, the formal idea of human blood dolls, lycans, and war weren’t officially parts of the game, and you could only use the electrum potion once in your virtual lifetime. New avatars could be bitten on day 0, and lots of things about the game were very different, for example bloodlines counted every soul and minion including blood dolls and inactive players, so there was no distinction between them. Things changed drastically once they updated the ranking system! Most of the RP and rules we followed were stuff that was never written into the instructions or guides, yet it was common knowledge to the royalties and higher ups, so we all passed around notecards about how stuff worked, both technically in the game and some of the more obscure inner-circle things that goes on, something we’ve always referred to as “the code”. I could guess that 2% of people that play bloodlines know anything about this stuff.

Q: I see. So Satoria was the main queen of Atrum Infero. Were there others, like a King or royalty who left the larger clan or joined to start the new one with her?

A: Satoria was one of the high queens of the CR clan. When Atrum Infero formed, she didn’t even have a name for the group yet. It was basically just her and a few hand-picked minions, blood dolls, and those who had good RP skills or something to contribute. One of her original minions, “Aaron” (who is now a SL musician) was there and had his own sim with a castle and a few RP areas on it, this is where half of the stuff happened. He came up with the name “Paradise Lost” which eventually became its own clan. Satoria didn’t like the name because the name had a confusing reference, and she didn’t like the idea of people having to explain if it harkened to the poem, play, movie, or other modern references, and so she chose Atrum Infero (which loosely translates to “dark reunion” from the Latin), yet eventually the friction got the best of them and they parted ways.

It must be hard for vampires in power to stick with a king or queen over them, I’ve hopped clans a bit myself because of tensions, and I saw several people in CR sprout off their own clans, that must have been hard for Jade to deal with, yet their group still stays in some of the higher rankings so they must be doing something right.

Satoria had similar issues with high ranking people in her group. If you look back through her history and follow the bloodline of people whom she attacked and vice versa, you may be able to build a picture of how many empires she helped form. So to answer her question, yes, there were others who helped build Atrum Infero, but the trend seems to be to leave a clan and start your own once you reach a certain level of minions. Satoria used to joke about her status as a Queen being lost so many times and would often wear leg braces or odd avatar bits to show that she’s been broken yet again.

Q: What about the Tusk sim? Wasn’t that the home of Atrum Infero?

A: Yes. I’m not sure how it came to be that, but I remember Satoria first saying she met someone who had this awesome and magickal place which was dark themed and that they would welcome using it for the clan activities. It wasn’t always filled with Atrum Infero artworks, and the castle wasn’t always the seat of many clan-specific RPs or parties, but eventually Amby allowed the creation of the grand lodge, the blood circle, turning cave, and other areas that we would use for clan activities. This became more so the clan home when others (“Dregg”, “druid”, “DrAlban”, etc.) left to make their own clans, so we didn’t have competing regions that others might flock to. Originally, we couldn’t even make landmarks of Tusk and it was all very clandestine which added to the mystery. She had other places like Templum Ex Obscurum that she did RP at but alas all those sims are gone now too.

Tusk was a very special place, probably one of the most significant builds SL ever had on a database. It had a great shopping area and the landscape was well suited for all kinds of RP by various groups including fae, vamps, furry, gor, goth, demons, tiny, etc. Amby’s castle was this massive and incredible build that took up half the sim. It was so big in fact that you couldn’t take a picture of it even if you used Ultra mode in your viewer, it was just too big and tall to be captured in one snapshot.

After awhile though, the stores were closed up, home rentals ceased (Tusk Myst was part of it for awhile, and had parcels or per-prim rentals) and traffic dwindled since so many people had gone off to other clans or left SL entirely. Once Satoria grabbed her stuff and decided to suddenly poof from SL, I think the end was inevitable for Atrum Infero, and when Amberly pulled the plug, that may have helped to do us in. There were others who had smaller parcels of land devoted to the clan, but not much came about from that.

Q: Didn’t Satoria leave a successor?

A: She did, she empowered “RoxHardcore” as the clan’s Queen, however entrusted her liege to “Leitha” — one of Dregg’s minions. So there was lots of confusion with her sudden departure. Some went to clans with familiar people in them, others went to new clans, and some (like me) just left that part of the game entirely and returned to the generic “Curse” clan that every new player starts with. Atrum’s SL group membership has dwindled to about 150 people, and no longer are there listings of her queens and kings at the website, no, the minions and lieges have all but disbanded, so Atrum is no more.

Q: So the clan is pretty much dead then, what of this blog website and SL groups that still exist?

A: To be honest, I’m not in the SL groups anymore, even though I was one of the moderators before. When Satoria left, it didn’t take me long to bow out afterwards. My blood dolls left the groups too, so who knows what state those are in. For the blog, I think this site has a lot of good information, and since it is one of those free google blogger accounts, it wouldn’t hurt to leave it around for those who stumble upon it. Ultimately though, that’s up to Mythian Bailey, who originally started the site with Satoria.

Q: Anything else?

A: Yes, I’ve copied the contents of the old blogger blog to my website, you’ll find the articles regarding Atrum Infero buried in my random SL posts along with other Bloodlines related stuff, though of course now most of it is quite dated. Goes to show the shelf-life and longevity of the game I suppose.

Q: I enjoyed our chat, thanks for the insights.

A: Thanks for your time. This is “The Dark Keeper” of Atrum Infero signing off.

Tusk video posted to Vimeo

In memory of Second Life’s Tusk sim (as created by Amberly Kinsella) from Christopher Calhoun on Vimeo.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, especially Amberly Kinsella, the original creator goddess of the world of Tusk!


Shortly before Tusk closed up, I began a machinima project to capture the beauty and roleplay experiences at Tusk (once a virtual world/sim in LindenLab’s SL grid)

However, the island was hit by a large meteor and sank into the virtual Linden grid oceans..

to rest somewhere in the abysmal depths..

along with hundreds of other forgotten worlds..

whose days are also lost to the madness of time…

Tusk will always be remembered though, her magick, her power, and the memories set there, that and the loving memory of my priestess Satoria Exonar, who has also since left the virtual worlds, seemingly never to return..

Thus, since a full-motion gorgeous HD Machinima extravaganza can not be finished at this time (sigh..)

may I present you the nearest equivalent — a motion slideshow set to an original score.

Music composed and performed live by me, editing by me in iMovie on the MacBook Pro.

Screenshot “photos” submitted by several Second Life residents for this project.


(Guest Writer)

We are in the presence of knowledge that covers a multitude of natural and artificial phenomena,which by its very virtuality and interactivity involves us within an embracing of aesthetics and truth.Virtuality and the virtual as a power opposed to the actual is a way of being, of digital simulation. The self is truly virtual, thus the virtual self can be transformed into an actual living personality.

Casks and tanks, bite and blood, turning and survival allow us to immerse ourselves completely into the image and interact with it. The impression of reality felt under these conditions is so intensely experienced that one can say we are in the presence not only of reality itself but also the simulation of reality. The relations between, the support things give each other, the multiplicities of a full vampiric system provide multiple pathways for energy to flow, for escape, re-orientation as well as self-regulation within the system, re-assessment and deeper levels of consiousness.

Moreover, the absence of physical constraints forces us to judge each other solely by the content of thoughts. Thus, a unique opportunity to know someone’s unleashed inner life is being available to us. The metaphysical dimension of such a place reminds us the interrelatedness of all things, that the natural flow of existence brings us together whether it is the physical “real” or the virtual self.

We spend time together cos we are all cut from the same thread.
We are enormous but undeniably united.
Some may move away but nobody truly leaves.
Once you are here, you are family.

Satoria Exonar

Vampirism and BDSM

(Guest Writer from Atrum Infero blog)

When examining the psychological view or that which is taken once we remove various authors’ visions nuances and personalities, we find certain things in common in most every vampire archetype: the fact that a human being had been seduced, bitten and killed by a vampire and is now basically a minion..a deeper psychological and mental bond..a new Being with supernatural powers, a new Kind of hard and deep sense of respect about casts and the whole family order exactly as in a bdsm society.

In 1819, Dr. John Polidori distilled even further the literary vampire’s essence by replacing the ghoulish appearance with an aristocratic one, such a strange irony that since we start to look trough the whole bdsm society we see that exactly in the same period we can see a whole aristocratic way and moods been incorporated into bdsm as well. He further fashioned the personality of his vampire character after the infamous English Romantic poet, Lord George Gordon Noel Byron (1788-1824), for whom he had worked for a time and had grown to dislike by the time he wrote his story. Suddenly, the classic myth of the vampire had become something intriguing and sexually appealing to readers rather than horrific, and the beginnings of the Vampyric archetype was born together with the pointless connection with dominance and submission based in bdsm inside the vampire literary culture.

As the first to utilize the new spelling of “Vampyre,”, Polidori’s main character, Lord Ruthven, also had the characteristic bloodthirst, as well as more elegant and appealing characteristics. Novelists from then on continued to utilize this style of vampire in increasingly sexually oriented stories (including Bram Stoker’s _Dracula_). Later, screen writers would develop this idea even further with the sensual movie version “Dracula,” starring Frank Langella.

This new Vampyric Essence could be experimented with in many ways now. Apart even further by removing the two remaining negative traits of the vampire, bloodlust and the animated zombie theory, we have an extremely sensual, sexual, aristocratic, dominant and hardly rough, magically and physically powerful Being. If one learns to emulate the powers of the vampire while keeping strongly in mind the intrinsic elegance and “European dominant Aristocracy” that has developed within the archetype over the years, we now have the ingredients for this new point of view now known as the Vampyre.

SL Bloodlines, in a nutshell

SL bloodlines, in a nutshell

This article links to Liquid Designs FAQ page as well, for basic ‘how-to’ questions or frequently asked questions by new and prospective players of the bloodlines thirst sim, their own FAQ does a fairly adequate job.. however.. questions still arise!

Thus, StarLord Scribe has written up this notecard (now posted as a blog entry here for us) “Everything you wanted to know about being a Bloodlines player but forgot to ask..” (Ok, not everything.. but darn close to it!)

The Curse
The cost of being a vampire, other than the 599 lindens to get the HUD for the sim, is that you are going to lose .25 liters of blood a day.

There are ways around this, like amulets, or drinking blood from a container, but basically, because thirst for blood is one of those things that vampires do… you are going to need to bite people! Blood will go away whether you bite people or not, and whether you login to SecondLife or not. It’s automatic. Do what you can to survive, your liege is counting on you!

Where to bite people.. or where not to bite. To bite people, you need to go to an area that allows scripts (since the bite is a scripted function)

You can see if there are no scripts allowed by looking at the top middle of the screen and seeing what looks like a little printed page with a red “no” symbol on top of it, like with traffic signs for no turning for example.. (pun.. ok..)

Other symbols you find along the top of the window are a box (building) and a person with an arrow (push objects) and a person somewhat jumping into flight (flying ability) so if they aren’t permitted and you had some reason to use them but can’t, look for these to appear with a “no” symbol also.. in areas that don’t allow it..

What happens if you try and bite someone in a no script area? It won’t work. There are also places which specifically do not want any kind of roleplay, so when you first arrive, a good practice is to NOT be wearing your stats or attachments less you get immediately banned from an otherwise nice area.

Look around once things rezz and look for a no biting or a no vampire sign of any sort, it’s usually pretty obvious. There are other vampire sims besides bloodlines, and some of these places don’t want competing products around (CCS and Transylvania are two one of them), so use discretion. If the coast is clear otherwise then bites are likely permitted.

How to bite people? It may be obvious, but, just because you have a HUD and fangs at the ready doesn’t mean that you can just randomly walk around shops and public places and click to bite everyone you see. That’s like sending a friend request to some strange person you don’t know or haven’t chatted with, some people may be offended by your eagerness and mute or report you for harassing them. It’s almost like spam, or unsolitced roleplay.

Think about it, if you were walking down the street and some person randomly stalked you, swooped you up and bites you, draining your blood, would you like that? Well, you’re a vampire, of course you would.. but many humans would not.. SO… Always ask 😉

Lesser clans have been known to bite randomly without asking, and that’s not only lazy but shows lack of creative roleplay ability. The simplest thing to do would be greet someone in a friendly sort of way. You can wear your vampire clan or group tag if it helps, but not needed.. Once you have their attention and reply, you can ask them for the bite. Here comes the fun part!

Role play the bite! “Hi. I’m a vampire. May I bite you? Muhahahaa!” isn’t so creative, so based on your avatar you can say something appropriate for the region, your outfit and personal style are. If you are a sexy Mae West or Marilyn Monroe type of vixen, you may want to flirt with your fresh victim and describe how sexy they are and how delicious it would be to you if able to give them a vampire’s kiss, to drink their blood.

Again, to role play your bite, you don’t have to be Winona Ryder as Elisabeta or Tim Curry as Frankenfurter (or what not, LOL), but I and just about everyone else who understands Vampirism will likely recommend you role play..

Here’s some ideas for you.. Vampires can be of several types, you can use whichever approach fits your avatar’s character and the sim you are in. Generally, use your abilities and skills. You can be friendly, helpful, seductive, whichever approach works for you..

If your character is in a certain costume (e.g., victorian era ball gown, school girl, cyber/tech warrior, elf, furry, sci-fi character, etc.) then go for it and roleplay your bites in that character.. just like real life, humor is good too..

Think about how important this is, the person is giving you probably enough blood to survive at least another day, and may end up giving you their soul. It’s worth it to make some effort..

People will generally react positively or negatively, and newbies may not know what to think, you can explain briefly that you are a Vampire in the bloodlines sim and part of the fun of the game is to bite people, as such you are cursed and must drink blood to survive, or whatever you can come up with.

Either way, once they say ‘yes’ then you go ahead and give them a bite. You can bite em and leave em, but what if they want to be a vampire too? Well, there’s the afterthought of course — when you bite someone, they are given fang marks and a landmark to bloodlines. If you leave them, what’s to stop them from teleporting off and then getting turned by someone else? If you don’t someone else likely will. Any fresh person who teleports to Bloodlines is going to get overloaded by requests from every vampire stalking the entry area waiting to gain more souls..

After the bite! Right then, so your bite should be followed by a thank you and explanation of how their blood may taste.. I like to use the wine connoisseur role play, look at the environment around me, and then describe the flavor of their blood.. if at the beach I can say, “Mmmm, warm human blood with a slight hint of saltiness, sand, and suntan lotion lingering afterwards .. tasty!” or some such thing. I also treat the victim as if they were my lover, call them my dear for example.. If they are interested they will generally ask you about the game and how you like your vampire second life, etc.. I’ll leave that part to you..

There’s another choice.. if they can’t decide to become a vampire, but like the idea, you can live between revenant and vampire by becoming a feeder (masculine) or blood doll (feminine)

Blood Dolls and Feeders The concept of being a cursed vampire is sometimes not appealing to humans, so there is a way to remain human but still have fun in Bloodlines and serve the clan. You can be a walking tank of precious blood for vampires to drink from as well refill you.

This is called a “blood doll” — the basic idea is that vampires may drain you down to 6% humanity, and give you enchanted apples to refill yourself. The formula is basically 4 apples per 20% of humanity or 1 liters of blood. You have 5 liters of blood (shown as a percentage of humanity), so 20 apples gets you a full 100% humanity. This is interesting to note that an apple costs 14 lindens each, you do the math how much it would cost you to buy blood at the bloodlines store..

Well if you aren’t able to do that, grab a blood doll and drink away. Some blood dolls don’t want apples, they just want to be drained, so it’s like a freebie 😉 The practice is just like biting, you always must ask if you may bite a blood doll.. Using the spike on a blood doll is generally frowned upon, so be extra nice and careful if you are extremely low and need lots of blood.

Also watch how much you are taking, you don’t want to destroy the blood doll or turn them revenant, because then you are either going to need to potion them back to humanity (at 249 lindens), or turn them from revenant into a vampire, and either way, once turned, that person is cursed and is going to loose .25 liters of blood a day.

It’s also a respect thing, the blood dolls exist for us, as well they are in the game but don’t want to be turned. Interesting huh? As well, some blood dolls just want the HUD and to be drained and that’s that.. You as liege decide how it will go..

Once you have the HUD, fangs, stats, and bitemarks you’re done, right? Wrong! There’s all kinds of fun add-ons that you can get to make the game more fun.

You don’t have to buy any of them, but as for me, I like it.. There are some you can get at the main bloodlines store, and other products (such as bite packages from something spunky) which can be added to your inventory and work with the bloodlines system. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but useful items are the spike (to drain someone more quickly, great for turnings), blood tanks (to store blood more than the 5 liters you can carry within your body, which is normally used for turnings also), and uh.. well there’s more but I will stop for now.

Check the bloodlines website for some of this, but remember there is a lot to this game which isn’t going to be posted on their website or this one for that matter… People make up their own stuff as well, but that’s beyond the scope of this FAQ..

Ah, status. People get confused on this, and some people make up their own tags, but realistically (in the thirst bloodlines game rules themselves) this is how it breaks down..

Note that if someone tells you for example you can be a Vampire Emperor, they are pulling your leg, there is no such status in the game. Though there may be a clan status which is created for you to be a certain thing, a position to hold, or a role to assume, the game ‘status’ is different from this..

In the aspect of the game itself, anyone can call themselves whatever they want, but if their souls and blood and minions don’t add up, then the fluff they advertise is, well, just fluff.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up then… lowest of all is the Destroyed status. This means you were completely drained of blood and then bitten again, or drained past zero due to the curse. I have minions who won’t hunt or are never online and they have become destroyed.

Depending on how they got destroyed, you may or may not fix it simply by giving them blood. If your vitae blood ever drops to zero and you become destroyed, you lose the souls you have collected, but you retain the souls pledged to you by your minions.

Once destroyed, if blood can not fix it, then you need a potion to rescue yourself. I will personally give a free potion to anyone once, if they wish to return and be a true vampire. I know someone who had a minion who by no fault of her own managed to get destroyed and so her liege rescued her from the abyss before her souls went destroyed with her.. however, the liege wasn’t the first person to bite her, and she eventually went back to her soul owner, taking her minions with her. So.. consider things like this before forking over the lindens to rescue someone, they may have their reasons to leave you anyway.

Moving on though, now here are the Human statuses..

Fresh Victim – never bitten, never nothin. You can bite them, and possibly more..

Human in Limbo – Bitten, but didn’t get the HUD. You can clean the old bite with a wormwood, and bite them as new. Then if they ever get the HUD the soul will count up to you, well, unless they get wormwood again LOL.. Note that if you bite someone in limbo without first having them drink wormwood, it doesn’t do anything. No affect at all, like a free bite just for fun but no benefits..

Human – a bitten person who has and has worn the HUD (default, not much mystery there, blood has a percentage of humanity greater than 0%, and their soul went to the one that bit them) Humans with the HUD can bite people and get vital blood, even though they aren’t a vampire!

Revenant – (drained of humanity to 0% and/or vital blood to 0, but hasn’t gotten vitae vampire blood yet) Most people fast forward through the task of a Revenant getting 5L by having them drink from a tank in one sitting, thus turning them (see my other post for an example turning ceremony that includes this).

And now, the fun part, the Vampire statuses!

A basic Vampire is any human who went Revenant (0% humanity) then reached 5 liters of vital blood — thus ‘turned’ — everything above that is about status, based solely (pun!) on the number of people’s souls you and the minions who total up to you have collected. Here’s the breakdown by number of souls:

10 – Bloodletter
25 – Tormentor
50 – Hellion
100 – Impaler (remember Vlad? He was one of these..)
150 – Deathmerchant

For the next few status, I like to call them ‘Royal‘, as well the title will vary slightly based on the gender of your Vampire. Again, number of souls is what decides status.

200 – Archfiend / Archfiendess
250 – Count / Countess
300 – Baron / Baroness
350 – Prince / Princess
400 – King / Queen

There’s nothing above that within the game.. though.. ahem, secretly, there may be 😉

You used to be able to get honors by doing stuff in the game, like biting x number of people in a day (Frenzy awards for 25, 50, 75, or 100), or biting x number of people within x minutes (Berzerk awards for 10 bites in 10 minutes), however they have discontinued this now. Honors continue to show up on the bloodlines website for earlier players that have gained them.

Blood Wealth
You will see this on the bloodlines website, it’s not a soul status, but is a type of status simply based on how much blood you have on hand, either in casks, tanks, or carried on your person. You get blood by biting, spiking, or purchasing it in bulk.

Societal Status
..and a note about cheating the sim I’m not sure the metric this uses, but I assume that people are ranked by total number of souls collected, that is those they have personally collected along with the sum total of all souls from their minions. When I last checked there were over 24,000 people in Bloodlines. Keep that in mind when you see who is ranking where, but also, it doesn’t account for the way in which the souls were collected..


Yes dears, that is.. people can collect souls without biting, by extracting them using potions and soul reapers, or buy souls from merchants that deal in them and sell them off to people! It may be hard to fathom, but this is how a number of high ranking people in the game became where they were, by buying their way in. Not exactly the mark of a good vampire, even if Liquid Designs gets some profit out of the idea.

There’s another sneaky way people can obtain status, by creating another SecondLife account (commonly referred to as an Alt), getting both online at the same time, biting your own Alt, getting it a HUD, and liege it to yourself. That’s an almost instant process for 599 lindens each and a bit of technical legwork, well, if repeated you can see how easy it would be for someone to rank themselves up quickly?

As for me, I’d rather spend my lindens on other stuff like clothes! So, if you see people with an extreme amount of souls, then don’t feel distraught or worried that you will never attain such numbers… It is quite likely they didn’t do it in the most noble of ways, King or Queen or not, there are thieves within bloodlines also, people who steal blood or persuade people into giving their souls away to them in numerous ways. It’s a dark game, remember that..

Now let’s move on to the subject of clans.

As there were in ancient Romania, there are a number of Vampire families, referred to as ‘Clans’ — a common misconception given is that the number one clan is that with the most people, that it’s all a numbers game as posted on the bloodlines site.

High ranking people with great numbers of souls and blood bring the clan’s status up in position. It’s more a race or war about quantity than quality, but some people like that, so they can be in these clans, even if said clan is not a Romanian family name or have any such resemblance to something vampiric.

What may not be readily apparent is the great number of people who are unaffiliated with any such clan, by default, you are simply given membership in the ‘Curse’ clan. There is no clan land or leader or groups for curse clan, it’s, as the requirement given suggests, just generic.

Now for those that like to group together with likeminded people and have fun, clans are formed. Each clan may have it’s own rules, land, or approach to using the sim and playing the game.

There may be smaller groups or occupations that exist within larger clans, such as an army, blood collectors, soul reapers, or any such thing people like or dislike.. that’s what makes the game interesting.

Most clans get along well with each other, but don’t be surprised if you get the snub from other clans, after all, they are competing with you for status and may not take kindly to other clans in their territory or going after someone they may have their eyes set on — just like clans of old, there may be alliances and differences between the various clans.

You join a clan through Liege. Generally, when you are bitten and obtain the HUD, that person who has your soul is your Liege — you share a special bond with the person who turned you, so naturally you Liege to them, and with that, you become a member of whichever clan that Liege is a part of.

The Liege and Minion relationship Now you are turned, you are a vampire, and ready for the hunt. You have aligned with your Liege and clan, and now your Liege has a duty to help you to learn to hunt, help you with aspects of the game, and be there for you.

While it’s not usually possible to be with your every walking moment in SL, I mean, believe it or not, they may have a SecondLife which includes other minions or outside interests 😉 Yet they will normally make efforts to check-in on you or otherwise be available for you when you call upon them, in many cases giving you offworld email address, IM, or some communication beyond the boundaries of SL.

Some Lieges setup groups that their minions may interact with each other even, or go beyond the sim role to help you in SecondLife locating items or places, helping in whichever way they can. Do remember, as the protege advances, so does the master, and they know that it behooves them to be great to you, since you are helping them. Your numbers total to your Liege, and helps to make him, her, or other being greater in game status, which in turn (if applicable) helps their Liege do the same.

That said, if you ever find a problem with your Liege, your clan, or anything of it, please bring it to their attention so they can help work through it and do their best to fix it. And if they can’t, then you may go to their Liege, and so on (as high as it may go..)

If someone along the bloodline is unwilling or unable to help, then a minion of yours may be coaxed or talked into leaving, becoming disloyal to Liege and/or the Clan. True, the code speaks not of these things. At least not outwardly. It assumes you know what is.

So be on guard that not every clan is non-competitive, all are not based on mutual respect and acceptance, all are not friendly family, all do not value roleplay or common etiquette in biting and reaping. For some they just want membership and will do what they can to increase their numbers.

That said, if a minion decides they no longer want to participate in the clan or even decides to leave the sim or SecondLife itself (to wear the HUD no longer), it would be honorable to approach their liege and let them know, offering their collected souls, blood, or other items to them which are transferable. A minion is affected by the curse yet to be offline and offworld, to the time that they will loose their blood and be destroyed, they likewise may allow their Liege to hold onto their collected souls until such moment they return.

Whew.. There are other aspects and anomalies within the game, but we can save that for a later time.. If you have questions, feel free to find me inworld or send a notecard (my IMs are capped if I am offline). Of course, your Liege will likely answer these things for you quite well 🙂 Comments? Suggestions for future articles? Mmm…

Respectfully yours,
StarLord Scribe

Turning Ceremony (an example RP)

In my travels I’ve seen a number of good roleplay ceremonies for a turning — you will likely come up with your own, but here is a text I stumbled upon (given to me by destroyed vampire Tash Kaestner, who based it on one from another girl)

You are good role player, you can do better, but this one here could assist you or give you an idea how to turn someone with roleplay, at the same time informing a few things about the game or getting over technical hurdles.. Enjoy..

(Liege and Minion at a place the liege decided to turn at with a bloodtank/cask in sight. We assume the person was fresh or went through the wormwood ceremony and the HUD is acquired… the minion to be wears in the following order, HUD, fangs, stats, and your blood container has at least 1L or you have 5L total basically..

Liege: smiles mysterious towards you now the moment has come, i will finally give you the gift of the night, the kiss that will end your life and enter you into the ranks of the undead. First of all, i will now drain you of your blood.

(liege bites human, explaining that a spike will be used to drain them more quickly, a blue menu box will appear soon, please always accept he highest percent u can see.. use the spike till the minion is below 5% humanity, then take the last drops with bites till the revenant animation starts.)

Liege: Now, you are neither alive nor dead. You are a revenant, between two worlds. To enter the ranks of he night you will now need Vitea, blood that flew once through vampires veins. smiles In modern nights we can use tanks like this. So then, please drink from the tank 5 litres.

(after that make sure the tank holds 5 litres of blood, tell them to click the tank, choose drink and then 1.0 litre. do so 5 times)

Liege: watches the unatural energys waving through your body with a big grin now you are one of us, a nightstalker, a predator amongst the living. Undead yourself you walk the nights searching for blood and souls. But we still not done.

(this is a good moment to tell your new minion how to refill the tank, giving u back the amount of blood u want him or her to. some only taking back the 1 litre they had to invest, some taking up to 3 litres, its up to you)

Liege: It is time now, for us both to make a very special covenant. From this day on, i will be your so called liege. This means i will take care of you, teach you the way of vampires and what you need to survive the nights to come. And you will be my minion, obeying me and being ea´ger to learn what i have to give.

(instruct them to look on the HUD in the upper right of your screen. You’ll see different buttons, amongst them is one showing a wheel and a man. Please click it and a menu will show up.. wait for them)

Liege: Fine, now choose in the menu Clan and then set liege, don’t click on Done yet ! instead enter in your chat /666 and then my name exactly as it is written.

(for example, they can type “/666 StarLord Scribe” to Liege to me 😉

(the stat viewer changes to show the clan title, Atrum Infero)

(now, you take them to one of the clan lands, show them around, give them some gifts, add them to the proper groups, etc… congratulations you have a new minion. take good care of them!)

Famous Vampires: Countess Elizabeth Báthory

(excerpt from Wikipedia)

Countess Elizabeth Báthory (Báthory Erzsébet in Hungarian, Alžbeta Bátoriová in Slovak, Alžb?ta Báthoryová in Czech, El?bieta Batory in Polish, 7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614), was a Hungarian countess from the renowned Báthory family. She is possibly the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the “Blood Countess” and as the “Bloody Lady of ?achtice”, after the castle near Trencsén (Tren?ín), in the Kingdom of Hungary, where she spent most of her adult life.

The Báthory family defended Hungary against the Ottoman Turks.

After her husband’s death, she and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls and young women, with one witness attributing to them over 600 victims, though she was only convicted on 80 counts.[1] In 1610, she was imprisoned in ?achtice Castle, where she remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later. She was never formally tried in court.

The case has led to legendary accounts of the Countess bathing in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth. These stories have led to comparisons with Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, on whom the fictional Count Dracula is partly based, and to modern nicknames of the Blood Countess and Countess Dracula.

You may read more by clicking on the title of this blog post, which links back the the Wikipedia article.

A vampire by any other name

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Twilight, Lost Boys, Vampirella, and other creatures of the night.. Throughout Hollywood movies, TV, and radio, we have growing interest in vampirism. The word ‘Vampire’ is derived from the Slavic language, and loosely translates to mean an animated corpse that feeds on blood.. these are known in some form or another across the world..

Greece: Vrykolakes (excerpt from

Put aside the bats’ wings and other paraphernalia of the Victorian romantic imagination in order to appreciate the very potent fear of vampires which was felt by Greeks well into the twentieth century.

The soil of Greece has in most parts eroded into the sea, making deep soil deposits very valuable as much-needed farming land. Yet the Greek Church forbids cremation, so that there is still not a single functioning crematorium in the country. As a result, land for burial is scarce.

The practice is to bury a body in the ground for three years, after which the bones are exhumed in the presence of the relatives and placed in an ossuary. When at this time it is discovered that the body has not decayed, it is believed that it remains inhabited by an imprisoned soul which feeds upon the blood of the living in order to sustain itself. Such a person has become a vampire, and preys first and foremost upon its near relatives. They may deceive people by their appearance as ordinary living beings.

More can be found here

China: Chiang-shih.

Chiang-shih are re-animated corpses, who lurk around the world of the living due to unresolved business or an improper burial.. They have fangs and claws, attacking in a beast-like animal manner (the form is popular in Japanese anime, though this sounds more zombie like than anything, they are considered vampires).

Central America: The Aztec lord of the underworld ate the spirits of the recently deceased, while Camazotz, the Mayan cave god, is said to have a rodent’s nose and claws.

India: The Rakshasas

These creatures drink blood, often blamed for the deaths of infants. In the Ramayana we read of Rama and Hanuman’s battle against the Rakshasas to free Sita from Ravenna. Although the mother goddess Kali has often been described as having vampire traits, but this is largely a misunderstanding of who Kali is.

Australia’s ‘yara-ma-yha-who’ feed on humans, usually regurgitating them after a while, hoping to catch them again later. After enough encounters the victims would slowly turn into yara-ma-yha-who themselves.

Romans often blamed infant deaths on Strix, also witches who drank the blood of children and flew through the night are often described to be vampires.

In North America, we have much vampire lore which has made it to mainstream media, television, books, and movies…

SL: Bloodlines – The Thirst to be or not be a Vampire!

A first-look at Bloodlines, a sim game within the SecondLife world which is a bit complicated, but I will go into it — or at least my take on it — this is where you become a vampire. I will take some text from the original game site, The Thirst : Bloodlines, which is your source for most of the information about the game. I say most, because this is constantly evolving and there’s stuff you will find inworld on SecondLife that don’t appear on the website.

With the book series and movie Twilight along with other Vamp/Goth subculture, a lot of people want to be a vampire. It’s a bit dark since it borders between the horror genre and romance, but I am sure people of whatever walk of life may choose (or not) to be involved in it, since it’s pretty cheap to get into this sim. More on that later.

Oh, first, I am going to clarify something you will see in this article. SecondLife is a grid, sort of VR world, and uses its own curency called “Lindens” (created by the creators, Linden Labs, naturally..) at a real word exchange rate of somewhere around 260-ish lindens for $1 (it is exchanged virtually within the game like real currency, well, it is sorta). You use these Lindens in the game to do stuff that costs piddly amounts of cash. Keep that in mind when I start quoting prices.

Now, Bloodlines I should note isn’t the Activision game with a similar name and theme.. that’s a mature rated console/pc game and as far as I know, not a MMORPG based sim, which is what Liquid Designs has created for our sim pleasures and of course for their profitability.

I should mention there is always a “anti” anything to a fun game, and major cons that people say of the game or in being a vampire, as an anonymous yet aggressive sari-wearing avatar pointed out to me at a place titled something like Love Park — where I was kicked out for being a vampire — you can look at this game as someone’s greatly crafted multi-level marketing scheme.

To the spiritual, some people of a magickal idea may think of this darkness as sympathetic magic, to be a vampire in the virtual world does something to you in the real world. Or this may be against your religious belief, and it also comes down to, how strong is your spirit and mind? Are you a dark soul? How will the roles play out in your mind? Are you taking this all too seriously? All too light-hearted? You decide. Liquid Designs has heard this also, since there are many places in SL (like Love Park) that ban people for biting or offering to bite.

Here is an excerpt of what they say on their FAQ about that, is it a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme?:

As a matter of fact, NO. A “Ponzi Scheme” is an investment fraud scheme where an individual promises high returns to investors, and pays initial investors back with money from subsequent investors. Bloodlines does not have investors and does not pay dividends, so is not anything of this sort. A Pyramid Scheme involves the exchange of money for bringing others into the scheme, without any product or service being delivered. Bloodlines is a web application that runs a vampire game in Second Life. This is both a product and a service that is delivered to the people that join. Players can achieve status in the game for being the first one to bite a new player, but they receive no monetary compensation for referral of new players.

Ok, back to the “game” (muhahaha..) The premise is, vampires have 5 liters of blood, but the curse of being one makes you loose .25l a day, so you go around hunting and biting people, which gives a Vampire the blood you need to survive, as well the person you bite gets a free bitemark object, a notecard about it and a landmark to the Bloodlines store. How’s that for successful viral marketing?

That’s the first stated objective of the game, to be a Vampire. Once someone is bitten, they are ‘tagged’ and their virtual soul goes to the person that bit them, well, maybe.. if they too decide to be a vampire and by the Bloodlines game HUD, which costs 599 Lindens (or about $2.50 USD), otherwise your soul is in limbo until they do something or have someone else bite them (but there’s a catch.. I’ll explain later)

So, if the person you bite doesn’t want to be a vampire, they can still buy the HUD and become what is known as a (non-vampire, human) blood doll. That is, they feed vampires but haven’t been drained to the point that they become one themselves.

So in either case, once you’ve been bitten that’s it. Nobody can bite you again unless you become a vampire or blood doll, you see, and if you don’t buy the Bloodlines HUD (aka ‘The Thirst’) then your soul is in limbo until you do. There’s a workaround though. If someone else really wants to bite you and claim your soul, then they can give you a Wormwood potion which will take your soul out of limbo, then giving it to the next person to bite you. The wormwood costs 899 Lindens (about $4 USD). Worth it? Wait till I talk about status later on in this post.

Still with me?

Ok, beyond that, well if the person you are biting doesn’t care for Vampires or Blood Dolls and doesn’t mind if their soul is in limbo and never intends to play or what not, then, well, on to the next fresh victim because there’s lots of people in SecondLife, and blood is a commodity. Better yet, if you want to forget about being bitten altogether then get a free garlic necklace (the only thing besides bitemarks that is free) so people won’t bother you about it.

Now, back to the HUD.. aka Heads Up Display, in SL — these are things you can attach to your SL viewer in your screen, like a pop-up control panel, to enable whatever items you are wearing on your virtual person to interact in strange and amusing ways with yourself and/or those around you. Extra body appendages like wings or things below the belt or weapons or what not. Use your imagination, they have HUDs for everything in SecondLife.

In this case, the Bloodlines HUD refers to the fangs that Vampires have.

Now about using those fangs. Well, it’s just not nice to bite people without asking though some in their quest (or thirst, or hunt, whatever) for blood do. That’s against the rules of the sim, which is supposed to be fun and not a pain in the arse. Someone named Euphrasia Qunhua, an Impaler of the Vlad Tepez clan, just walked up and bit me. Out of the blue. I didn’t realize it was the Bloodlines game at the time but was interested for fun. No instructions, no Role Playing, no nothing, just bit me. Well, needed a Wormwood for that. Thank Goddess Satoria Exonar (whose name means Salvation in Greek), she saved me and turned me in a wonderful ceremony which I will treasure forever! That’s how its suppose to happen, done rite (er, right) with ceremony and great role playing by someone who truly cares and makes it special.

Ok, back to the game.. First off, if you want to be a victim and be bitten, you can do that, and its free, as well playing SecondLife is free too, but to play within the confines of the sim, you need to buy stuff. You don’t buy it from people, you buy it from Liquid Designs, they make the game and own the sim areas associated with the game.

Right, so logistically you want to be a Vampire or Blood Doll, then you buy the HUD, and the person that bit you (or someone else for that matter) drains your human blood (or percentage of humanity. 1L = 20% humanity). You then must bite that person back or use other means to fill yourself with 5L of royal Vampire blood.

Liquid Designs doesn’t want to be a pain in the arse, they want to make money. They do this quite well by selling useful add-ons to play the game and make it more fun. Like Korean company IJJI, there’s a benefit to buying stuff or appeal to hard core fans.

For one, biting people just isn’t the most efficient way to drain 5L of blood. You ever have a beer at oktoberfest? Those are 1 litre. Imagine drinking 5 of those within a short time. Hoo boy! In this sense, each bite is a sip of about .25 or so litres. Got time for 20 bites?

So there’s a more direct way, you can wear a cuff on your arm that has a intravenous tube conveniently machined into a spike which you may insert into a willing victim to speed up the process. ‘The Spike’, as it is so appropriately termed, can take up to 1L at a time for example, or a percentage of the person’s blood. If you’re a human, you can eat magic apples (14 lindens each) that restore the blood. If you are a Vampire, you can buy blood tanks or casks, empty or filled, depending on your needs to store or use blood. The spike, by the way, sells for 499 lindens (or about $2 USD).

If you’re not feeling like all the blood stuff, well, there’s other things you can do. You can mess with souls instead.

The second stated objective in the game is to gain rank or status as a vampire, and you do this by collecting souls. When you bite someone who becomes a vampire or otherwise buys the hud, you get 1 soul. You can also trade souls with other vampires, swap a soul for a soul, buy, collect, and sell them on some sort of adhoc Vampire market, that sort of thing. Here’s where a pyramid idea comes into play, but its really for vampiric fame if you so desire. Each time you bite someone and they become a Vampire and start biting people, they are one of your minions. As the protege excels in rank, so does the vampire that bit them. Who is cashing out on this? Not other vampires. Liquid Designs, in selling more games and items, is getting some good lindens for that, but the costs of setting up, running and maintaining multi-area sims is expensive in SecondLife. Go to and you’ll see.. anyway..

You can buy a nifty attachment to collect souls, called a Soul Reaper, it sells for 599 lindens. Not sure if it’s needed, but it glows and has spikes that extend out, so it looks cool wearing one on your other wrist. When you wear both a spike and a soul reaper, along with your fangs, well that just looks damn cool.

What else.. well let’s get back to the curse. As a Vampire let’s say you start with 5L of blood. Hopefully, best case scenario, you bite people regularly and don’t run out of blood. Otherwise, you must realize that you’re going to use .25l of blood per day. Do the math — in 20 days you are out of blood and even more cursed.. since your soul then goes to the Abyss and all your claimed souls go back to who knows where because of it.

Hemlock cures that, but it would cost you 249 lindens to rescue your sorry Vampire self — yes if you screw up then you need to pay to play. $1 for every 20 days you don’t play, thats way less than what you’d pay Blizzard to play World of Warcraft or Disney for Pirates of the Carribean Online MMORPG, but let’s get back to blood.

The third stated objective of the game is to gain blood wealth. Since your body can only hold 5L of blood at a time, you can store the rest in containers for later. You buy the casks, tanks, or bottles as you wish, either empty or full. Who knows where they get the blood to fill the pre-filled one, but I won’t go there 🙂 You can but them in various sizes from a small take-away snack bottle to a 100L canister, depending on your need to amass it or your thrist for blood. Blood is power, he or she who holds the blood will be saught out by other vampires for feeding, blood doll or vamp as it were. You can even buy a siphon for exchanging blood between said tanks or vessels (399 linden).

Well, with all these vampires and humans and minions and what not, some sort of organized structure forms out of it (just like the families from Romania..) called clans. I happen to be in the #1 bloodlines vampire clan in Second Life, Crimson Republic, with over 2300 members. The very lovely Queen and Priestess who bit me, 6th degree Satoria Exonar, is about 70th position (bloodlines rank) player in the game but holds the #7 spot in societal status. That doesn’t fall into perspective until you realize there are over 12,000 people in clans who are ranked throughout the game, as well at least that many players with no clan affiliations at all. Here’s something else, our clan’s Queen, the beautiful avie named Jadebelgie Wylie, is the #2 bloodline status person, #2 in collected souls and #1 royalty and #1 societal status in the game overall. There is something to be said about having the right connections.

Leading the game is great, but not all the clans that are high ranking are good, and conversely in fact many smaller clans are quite good people and have wonderful regions setup for their members, take for example, 6th gen NINJA Ashdene, Impaler of the Nosferatu Dead, who has a complete castle, dungeon, club, arena, and one of the largest sims of fun vampire people in SecondLife. He opens the club to all vampires and other people. Crimson Republic has an area with clubs and stores and an arena and what not too, but it’s different, and I can’t gather which one holds more but they are both pretty cool.

But I digress…If you get tired of it all, you can throw in the towel. And, shucks, if you decide you just no longer want to be a Vampire and just want to be human again, Nightshade (for 249 lindens) does that, to the loss of all the souls you’ve collected and those of your minions (or people you have made vampires). So if you do that to you, you do it to others to some degree don’t you?

Well, if you just want to remain a vampire but transfer your soul to someone else, we have Electrum potion to do that, as long as they have something (well, another soul) to exchange 1:1 with whomever owns it. Since this costs 999 lindens, I wonder if it behooves you and said exchanger to just get soul reapers and forget the potion? Ok, this goes beyond my knowledge and I don’t want to make a easy game sound so complicated, there’s just a lot going on other than biting and annoying people or having vampire sex or whatever your passion is (sex is not a part of the game, by the way, there is nothing in it about that, just that goth people seem to be sensual creatures who enjoy adding that to the role play on their own).

Other fun stuff… the badge — if you want to show off your Vampire status to the world, you can get a wearable badge that does this. They cost 199 lindens.

If you don’t want to hunt, you can either buy blood, use a blood doll (or bite other willing vampires that give you blood), or get an amulet. Amulets protect you from the curse so you won’t lose blood for x amount of days. A 5-day amulet is 249 lindens, but there are others (progressively more expensive) up to the infinite protection amulet, most expensive of all. But then you’re not really cursed if you don’t lose blood ever. Then you just hunt for sport, I gather 😉 Looking online I see some more pricing… 14 day protection for 499, 30 day protection for 999, infinite protection for 7999. I think thats the same price for a 100l tank full of blood, but maybe I am mistaken, they dont list everything clearly on the website.

So, I don’t know if that was a good or fair assesment of the sim, but there you have it. I have the support of a great clan who there is always someone on to give me answers or playful smart arse remarks when I ask something silly, and a Preistess who is always there for me in spite of her very busy schedule with this and other RP in SL, so I am lucky in that sense.

Where will I go with it? Now that I’ve gone and entered the game, where will it take my adventures? Sure there are other games within SL that have vampire themes, and they may cost less or more than this one, but this one seems to be the most well known for better or worse. Let’s total my expenses to date so you know how much I’ve spent over time since I began playing. It will give you a good idea of the investment required to really get into it:

599 – The Thirst (Bloodlines HUD)
599 – Soul Reaper
499 – Spike
249 – Wormwood Potion

70 – Apples (14 x5)

2016 lindens, or about $8 US.

Gosh, I spend more than that for lots of stuff without batting an eyelash. I haven’t even used my soul reaper yet, will I? I don’t know. I thought maybe I’d do that objective instead of blood, but now I wonder what I will do next. Maybe become a blood doll, that sounds funny.. a human blood donor for vampires.

Of course, one of my avatar characters is an alien elf looking guy, quite often in the vampire sim. What do aliens have to do wih vampirism? Hmm, anything is possible in SecondLife. There’s another sim along the alien lines that I should check out.. And I hear werewolves may be coming. When you have vamps, you usually have werewolves and zombies.. But now I am way off topic again..