Site re-design, new music playlists up, and more…

Hiya folks,

It’s been awhile since I poked at my website, though here we are with a nice update to the theme of the site, the layout (a bit), and most importantly, all of the music pages for my published albums and unpublished works now have in-page playlists, so you can just listen to them from your web browser, or preview tunes quickly before downloading. I’m pretty excited about that. If you find any broken links anywhere (it happens!) let me know, and I’ll fix em.

You’ll notice the front page has a little slideshow showing album covers, a taste of my drawings, a sample of virtual world images, and mentions writings… I’ll be posting up some poems, song lyrics, and short stories to the site soon, along with links to art (well, more specifically, to flickr and deviant art sites where I’ll be posting more scanned images and what not)

For you social media folks, I’ve signed up to more social networks, and you can link to those directly from the front page, if you feel so inclined to check out what I’m doing elsewhere 😉

All the best,

Christopher / StarLord / ChrCal

Welcome message from Atrum Infero blog – some content transferred to StarLord.Net

(Guest Writer from Atrum Infero blog)

Proud to launch the blog of Atrum Infero.

This is an initial project to make some references and create a thumbnail database.
Dark culture is not to be understood as a subculture but as an open community, which comprises individuals with similar interests.
This blog is a wireless dark cooperativa and is founded to function as a live organism of inspiration and creativity

May the night go on forever