Commentaries on what happened to Tusk

Greetings, family!

For those that have been away for some time (as I have..and am still for the most part), it is with some regret that we inform the world wide web that that land of Tusk (a most fantastic sim with RP areas, stores, castle, and home to Atrum Infero), has joined the thousands of shredded pixels within the metaverse, and having poofed into the Ethers of time, is officially no more.

Q: What happened to Tusk? Why was it put up for sale, etc?
A: I’d like to say it’s a big mystery, but really it isn’t that complicated.

Note that I am not Amberly. We have crossed paths, even friended in SL, however I can’t speak officially for her, so will simply paraphrase from what she has told me candidly..

The great creator Goddess, Amberly Kinsella, was to do this delicately and diplomatically, with tact and respect for us all. The plan was to store all of the objects of hers on Tusk, and return all of the other objects (e.g., Satoria’s circle of 100L blood tanks, items in the fetish room, etc.) to those owners whom they belonged. Secondly, whilst putting the sim on auction for someone to bid upon, she would make the castle and all other objects transferable to the new owner, thus, in this fashion, Tusk would remain.

Running a sim is quite expensive (basic Linden Labs rates as of August 2010 are US$295 a month for a private full region, not to mention the $1000 setup fee when bought it direct from Linden Labs).

Some sim owners run clubs, games, shopping malls, tip jars, and the like to help with operational costs. There were some storefronts, vendors, etc. on Tusk, however, since Tusk itself was not generally making enough revenue (even though it certainly had active visitors), well, it got to the point where it was no longer feasible, in fact as all good things must come to an end, so thus did the projects of Tusk come to the end of their storyline .. she had her own reasons, simple as that .. so she prepared to put it up for sale and allow someone else to take it over.

Q: If it was up for sale, why couldn’t someone in the family take it over?
A: As she placed it on auction, she informed the Lindens it was to go ASAP, and taking this literally as the Lindens will do, they deleted it. Gone. Poof.

In a nutshell, the Sim is gone because Amberly no longer wanted to maintain it — the expense of running the sim was really secondary. She bought Tusk outright over 3 years ago… some of us may recall when Tusk was just a bitty parcel on the mainland, Torley Linden has some snapshots of it in Snapzilla, of the earlier castle the larger sim was based on.. it eventually outgrew its humble beginnings, and grew to include Tusk and Tusk Myst, which was closed some time before the main Tusk island went down.

Amberly asked the Lindens to close the Sim just as the next month’s rent was due, and so she figured they would charge her another month, and she would thus have a month to look for a buyer, however, this was not the case. She logged in later that day to find out Linden labs took it off line since they weren’t given a specific date, just said ASAP so that’s what they did! The good news was that she wasn’t charged another month’s rent, the bad was of course Tusk was gone..

Q: What about the blood circle and all of Satoria’s things?
A: Satoria took them just before leaving the SecondLife grid.

Satoria did safely return objects of people (such as I, StarLord Scribe) and took her own items back into inventory long before she had any idea Amberly was getting rid of the sim.

Q: Will someone else rebuild Tusk? What of the home of Atrum Infero?
A: Uncertain..

Sure it would have been better if the Lindens kept Tusk around for art’s sake, or perhaps enjoyed the opportunity of auctioning it to one of us or one of Tusk’s many fans, who would then assume ownership and continue to maintain its majestic character for all to enjoy, but as it was, they didn’t, and that’s that. Others have stepped up to offer a temporary home to the clan.. If you are family and reading this, then please check group notices by Queen RoxHardcore Cyberstar on this topic 😉

Q: Since Tusk is gone, is Atrum Infero gone as well?
A: No. Atrum Infero continues to exist!

The land and the family are not one in the same, lands and castles and things will always come and go, as do people in SL come and go, indeed as do people in the clan come and go. Atrum will continue forever.

Q: Will Tusk be rebuilt? Is Amberly building anything? Something pink (LOL)?
A: The answers to this are unclear, however, a machinima in the works by StarLord Scribe.

See the next post about the Machinima project — We’ll certainly be looking out for what sort of fantastic projects Amberly will work on next!

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