Contemplate Spirituality (sensitive reader?!)

(Recent update to fix some typos and describe a few terms – Whenever the word ‘Xian’ is used, it is not the Chinese word, it is an abbreviation meaning ‘Christian’ much like Xmas means ‘Christmas’)

I was raised in a Christian household, my dad’s father coming from a Catholic family, his mother Jewish. Though it isn’t often discussed, our clan are descendants of the Druids. (martyrs like St.Patrick killed off many of the Druids, a crime.)

My mother, raised in West Virginia, is predominantly Protestant, her family also having Native American roots (right, Christians killed off many Native peoples), along with “stuff mountain folks in the Appalachia believe..” (granted, an informal system of magick, seeing as many uncles are Freemasons.)

Of course, there are always other paths.. I joined the AMORC Rosicrucians in 1989 (not a religious organization, though much of the subject matter is definitely based in ancient Egyptian mysticism and secret, sacred teachings).

A significant date for me is June 9, 1991, the date I received Gohonzon from the Nichiren Shoshu Seiganzan Myoshinji Temple in Pinole, California. Regarding this form of Buddhism, where there was once one organization, there are now two. The former lay organization, Nichiren Shoshu of America, is now known as Soka Gakkai. What timing, this occurred in November 1991! I am at a spiritual crossroads with this division, and still do not understand it.

During all of this, I received the majority of my Reiki training– there are interesting parallels with Reiki and Buddhism, but that’s another story.. Some time later, guided by Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi, I moved out of my little apartment in Concord, into the Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram community in Oakland, California, much of the teachings were familiar to me, and I immersed myself with the practices.

Then, returning to the everyday world, I moved out of the Ashram, returning to live with Ruth Majewski in Pacifica, who held various meditation, channeling, and ‘new agey’ occult study groups.

Somewhere along the line, I remembered my Native American heritage and once again embraced the ways of the Hopi shaman and people, ending up with a smorgasbord of Pagan, Native, Buddhist, Hindu, with whatever is left of the offshoot dogmas, whose bits seem so flawed and tainted today I shrug in disbelief how it could have ever survived this long..

Our oil baron president (George W. Bush) is killing our environment and Islam in the name of his lord Jesus. I ask you, who is the real terrorist or dictator?

Why do people follow a religion whose icon of worship is an impaled man? If Christians are basically nihilists, this is why right-wing corporate america doesn’t care about the environmental degradation of excess. As an aside, those who worship the old Norse Gods have a saying , ‘Your God is nailed to a tree, my God carries a hammer’ or variations of this one, both pointing to the religion’s accepted son of God, ‘Jesus promised to rid the world of wicked people. Thor promised to rid the world of ice giants. I don’t see any ice giants around.’ — Hmm, not so friendly, really.

Back to the environment (if that’s where I was going…) Conversely, you can’t be an eco-terrorist either. The extinction and evolution of a species is a natural phenomenon, part of the circle of life. The best path is the middle way, life in balance. Good and evil, birth and death, darkness and light, conscious and subconscious, dream and awake, creative and analytical, this world and other worlds, all co-exist in this drama.

Hmm, I wonder what point I was making with all of that?  Maybe there wasn’t one, maybe there was. Well, there you go.

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