crawling around in the attic

Current mood: shocked

today i shocked the shit out of myself with some romex that was in the attic — which happened to be a live circuit! it left a burn mark on my arm. dang thats crazy! nothing like feeling 220v coarsing through your body – ouch thats not something i want to repeat any time soon, if ever.

the main purpose for me going up there in the first place was to wire some speakers. the idea was to run the 3 cables from the back of the unit, through the wall (into the garage) then up above the ceiling, across the top of the great room, then down through 1/2″ holes into the speakers.. Well, that was the idea, but actually I ended up doing the whole thing in reverse. it’s cool though. i am happy with the results. the lengths man goes to for surround sound huh?! it’s totally worth it though.

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