Did you find one of my cards on your Mini?

Thanks to everyone who came to my website due to a card being placed on their Mini / MINI (or if I handed you one personally at a recent event).

The cards serve a few key purposes. One aim, as you can see on the back of the card, is to promote Northern California area Mini enthusiast clubs, to help build awareness and cross-polinate membership events between the regions covered by MOASF, NorCal MINIs, and Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts (REME).
The other one, maybe less obvious, is to generate interest in the podcast which I am making every few months in my spare time.

Although we accept sponsorships and items for review, we are doing the show because we love both the classic Mini and new MINI, and unlike other podcasts out there, we are not doing this for profit or personal gain (hence, the quality may not be as slick and polished as other podcast/vodcast out there done professionally).

On a side note, there are a remarkable number of MINI and Mini owners out there who aren’t aware that there are so many clubs and events out there, as well companies out there who supply parts and service for our beloved little cars. Hopefully, through the aegis of the calling cards, this will help to generate interest and comradery between all of these groups.

Christopher ‘StarLord’

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