Reaching this page means you clicked on “Music” and have reached the discography — going by the common meaning, “a descriptive catalog of musical recordings, particularly those of a particular performer or composer” seems appropriate enough. Most are under the name StarLord while you will find a few on my SoundCloud page under the name ‘ChrCal’ (it’s a long story)

Q: What’s in your discography?

The stuff posted here is a mix from commercial CDs and home-brew projects.

The older stuff was recorded live on analog cassette, using MIDI or directly output from C64 and Amiga computers (circa late 1980s to early 1990s) as well synth/keyboards of that time period, including a Korg DW-8000, Roland FP-8, random Yamaha, Casio, or other synths. Caveat to this, some of the recordings have artifacts since the media degraded before I digitized them, or worse, other works lost to the madness of time — either because the copies I had deteriorated and couldn’t be saved, or were simply misplaced over the years — I restored what I could from the archive, and posted them for anyone interested.

The newer stuff is purely digital, for the most part composed or arranged using Mac or PC laptop, then dumped to files, burned to CD, DVD, whatever. My current laptop is a quad core i7 with 12 Gb of ram and a 1Tb HD. It’s suitable for music and media production (and games on Steam, ha!)

But I digress… you will find a number of albums that I’ve created here, available for download — these are not public domain, but you may use them as long as you abide by their respective licensing. I retain full copyright on the tracks. Ok to include in a compo as long as you send me a copy of said compo. Most tracks are Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution Non-Commercial by default. Just give credit somewhere and if you want to use them in a commercial project, fine as long as I give written approval, just ask.

Of the genres or types of music I compose or play, it is really all across the board, but the majority is electronica or beats of some sort, 99% instrumental with no lyrics or vocals. The music can be lumped into two basic categories then, one being meditative background music, the other being dance music of various tempos, suitable as background to podcasts, TV productions, film, or videogame soundtracks.

Along with that, I enter remix or other contests (such as the Acid Planet remixes) from time to time, so you will find a few of those here. Note the artists retain full copyright and are not licensed as the other stuff.

Remember the underground music scene of step-based ‘tracker’ modules were the thing? Crazy techno styles, some defying any sort of descriptive genre, others clearly breakbeat, downtempo, jungle, trance, etc., yes I did some of those too.

By now I hope you’ve read my babble long enough and want to get into the music. I’ve posted the best and worst, great and strange tunes, one block wonders and unfinished things.

Notice two sections, completed works were once for sale and incomplete or unpublished works, both fully commented.

Though it’s downloadable, if you want to buy a physical CD or USB key of any of these albums, I am happy to burn off copies and send to you for a recommended donation US$20 each — You can pay for using something like Google wallet, and I’ll send you my email address for that, or, just use the PayPal link on my contact page, send money if you feel so inclined. Either way, drop me a note if you would like something in return (other than my thanks!) and enjoy!

–Christopher Calhoun

(PS: Again, use the drop-down menus in the top of the page to navigate through the music.)

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