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About my music… (recently updated this page, April 2011)

These are mostly home-brew CDs, that are individually produced on demand by the artist (yep, just me!)

You’ll still find some of the material available for streaming on ACIDPLANET (search for my artist name, StarLord), though it’s all here on my own website!

A note about quality: The older stuff was recorded live on analog cassette, using MIDI or directly output from C64 and Amiga computers (circa late 1980s to early 1990s) as well synth/keyboards of that time period, mainly a Korg DW-8000 and Roland FP-8.. the caveat to this is, some of these recordings don’t have the cleanest sound since the media degraded a bit over time (before I was able to digitize them…) in fact, some of the music is simply lost to time because the tapes, even the recorded CDs deteriorate.

Well, I have gone through some of these tapes and digitized them so that they are accessible to people.

The newer stuff is purely digital, for the most part composed or arranged using a MacBook Pro or a Windows based PC bootcamp via Mac OS X, or directly using Mac OS X programs (on my Intel Core Duo-based MacBook Pro), then dumped to digital file like mp3, burned to CD, burned to DVD, whatever..

I’m an independent artist, so much of the work is solely produced by yours truly. From time to time, I will appear on compos or works will be published by friends who also have (or had) a label. For example, you will find my tunes spread across SDF’s compo series (http://freeshell.org) and one title ‘Dance Compilation’ produced by JSPUSA (http://jspusa.com), who also distributed the CD to local shops such as Rasputin and Amoeba records in San Francisco.

I give more time to my day job and other blogs, so not much spent on the music site, however you will find a number of albums that I’ve created here, available for free download — these are not public domain, but you may download these from me without cost, as long as you abide by their respective licensing.

I do retain full copyright on the tracks, and ask that you do not use them commercially without my permission. Herewith, I permit you to use them in your podcasts in a non-commercial way (in other words, you can’t sell them, or use them in something that people have to purchase where you are making a profit.. it is ok to include them in a compo though, given that you send me a copy of said compo) — that said, they are Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution Non-Commercial use by default.

Of the genres or types of music I compose or play, it is really all across the board, but the majority of it is SANE (Synth Ambient Non-mainstream Electronic) or beats of some sort, and 99% of it purely instrumental with no lyrics or vocals of any kind.

The music can be lumped into two basic categories then, one being meditative background music, the other being danceable music of various sorts and tempos, most of which I use as a background to my podcasts or those that have been used in other productions of TV, film, and videogames.

Along with that, I enter remix or other contests (such as the Acid Planet remixes) from time to time, so you will find remixes of pop artist tunes, as well arrangements of other cover tunes mixed in with the other stuff — some are of known artists and tunes you will recognize (these artists retain full copyright and you may NOT use said remixes as you would with the other stuff) and the other tunes mostly come from the underground music scene where step-based editor ‘tracker’ modules were once quite the thing..crazy techno styles, some defying any sort of descriptive genre, others clearly breakbeat, downtempo, jungle, trance, etc..

Ok yes, by now you want to get into some of this music (I hope..) and I’ve posted the best stuff along with some of the strangest tunes, so you will find stuff that plods along nicely, and other stuff that is simply weird (hahaha..)

There’s two sections.. two pages under this one in the blog… one are completed works which were likely published at one point or another, the other incomplete or unpublished works

If you want to buy a CD of any of these albums, I am happy to burn off a copy and send it to you for $20 each, otherwise feel free to download the MP3s and burn your own 😉 Note if you live outside the USA and Canada, there is probably an additional charge for shipping to your country.

Also, I make less money if you use a credit card, but whatever works, PayPal is safe! If you email me or leave a comment here about the CD(s) you want, I will let you know how you can pay for them using something other than PayPal. Otherwise, there is a donation link on my contact page, which you can use to send me some $ either way drop me a note if you would like something in return (other than a “Thanks!”), and enjoy!

–Christopher Calhoun

(PS: Use the menus in the top of the page to navigate through the music. Should be very easy that way and you won’t get lost in the site hehe)

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