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Incomplete and Unpublished Works…
As with the completed works, I’ve made page navigation follow a certain theme. If it’s the name of a series, album, or song title, you’ll see bold text like this and if there’s a downloadable file, you will see word Download: underneath it with a clickable link or two next to it.

There are downloadable and playable songs on these description pages, along with albums put into the sub-pages. Hope that makes some sort of sense for navigating the site easily.

If you won’t be able to download the whole album, I’ll just say in grey text (Download not available) like that. Scroll down though, there may be sample tracks available even from albums that aren’t released. There are playlists throughout where you can click on them and play right from the website, no download needed.

About the format — for most songs I’ve uploaded mp3’s, though some have wma or other formats, and others just don’t have any downloads available at all. In a perfect world, we’d all have .ogg or some other nifty new format, but as good as that or .aac may be, not everyone can use them, and since .mp3 seems to be the most prolific, that’s what I am handing out wherever possible. My apologies for a few others like .wav or .aiff that may be in here.

As for their use or licensing, the same Creative Commons copyright applies to ALL of my tracks, whether they are new or old:

Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share-Alike

(Download not available)

A series of albums co-produced with CAD, a very magickal extension of the Horizon project. Each album will continue a constant thread beginning (and ending) with the first album. This ambient CD was scheduled for 2001, but production ceased and has not resumed at this time. If you would like to fund or contribute to this project, please write me via this website.

(Download not available)

I began a collective, collaborative group, for creating mostly ambient tracks, and called it “drone” — The first CD was to be called “Alpha” and some tracks were completed by various people, actually I would love to go back to the studio with these and finish it up, since I am doing a lot of dark ambient these days. One of the more memorable tracks that has gotten a lot of airplay is the tune “Pajaman” which I will make an mp3 available here:

Download: mp3


The track is just over 9 minutes long, and helps to set the vibe for the rest of the album. A nice little percussive track with ambient pads and some soft rhythmic flutes, voices, analog synth layers, and marimba.

There are some other tracks which could be contenders for this Alpha, Environs, or other collab projects. I will link them here:

Download: with environ mp3 | no environ mp3 | video


This track was made for a video project I was working on in the virtual worlds, the place was named Tusk but unfortunately before I could finish the machinima, Tusk was hit by a meteor and sank to the bottom of the ocean. There are two mp3 files available for you, one contains the background environmental sounds, the other is more raw and has just the musical score without the ambient effects and such. There is another link which shows you the video as I posted it to vimeo, where you can also read additional background information on the project. If anyone would like to take either version and collab with me on a remix of the song, I would be welcome to share this!

Lost In Space
Download: mp3


No, this has nothing to do with the bubble-headed boobie or Dr.Smith, TV show or movie, it is an ambient track I made. Swirly bell piano and ambient stuff going on, drones, effects, well not so easy to describe o’ course best to listen and enjoy it! It rather ties into the next track ..

Sacred Space
Download: mp3


Does one find their sacred space once they are lost in space, or does it go the other way around? Perhaps both are true. Here is another track though of the same nature as the other. Long drones and white noise throughout, with resonations and ambienty things 🙂

C.A.D. Series
(Download not available)

I began a research project with Circle of Air Designs (CAD) genetic research, we are making a series of 10 audio tracks, each track varies in length from a short sequence (such as the 11:11 sound found at the end of the Majesty album) to around 90 minutes (such as the best-selling “Horizon” brainwave technology tape. I will make that track available here (see below for info and link). The first few tapes made a limited run and are quite rare.. Due to the experimental nature and scientific value of this media, most of these sounds will not be available to the general public. However, for information you may hit my contact page and ask questions or what ever strikes your fancy (please do!) Also, since I am not charging people for these tracks, you may want to send a donation in appreciation of the music I have made available. The donation link will be found on the contact page (and thanks in advance!)

Download: mp3


What you are listening to is one of the only remaining cassette tapes from the original recording. I arranged this sound in OctaMED on the Amiga computer. You are listening to 4 layered tracks of a single sample which loops itself, set to the key of D# (if I recall). After much research into the areas of ambient sound, this particular vibe was created. Similar people have made waveforms from buildings or architecture, it is the musical equivalent of a certain space, area, or vibration put into the audible spectrum, the dynamics and physiological/psychological effects are something better explained by pioneers such as Stephen Halpern, where basically the idea is that tones and colors can produce certain effects, stimulate relaxation, or expanded states of consciousness when these are given an environment where they may flourish. “Horizon” is about 45 minutes long. The start of the tape is rather distorted due to problems with the magnetic media of the tape being disintegrated over time, however it quickly stabilizes. The sound is an endeavor to recreate the ambient sounds one picks up deep in meditation, whilst sitting in a sacred space such as an Ashram (this was made at the time I was staying at the SYDA Meditation ashram). I’ll let you take it from there. For optimum experience you may want to use headphones, sit in a meditative posture, close your eyes, be free of external distractions, away you go!

Another one in the CAD series was “Deep Brain” which I used along with “Pleiadian Infusion” though this one was much more dramatic. I’ve since made this special tape available for people to download and experiment with (same disclaimer applies!)

Deep Brain
Download: mp3


It was made on the Korg DW-8000 recorded live on cassette tape then digitized and uploaded here as mp3.

Here are some other random tracks I stumbled on..

Download: mp3


This was made in Aegis Sonix on the Amiga computer, it is one of the default voices that came with the program, it’s basically me banging on the keyboard with the Koto sound, recorded to a cassette tape.. years later, digitized and uploaded here.

Download: mp3


This was a musical track for new-agey meditation or ceremonial/ritual magick, it was recorded live onto cassette, an original composition on the Korg DW-8000 synth which envokes the Goddess Aphrodite. The mp3 file is about 8 minutes, about 8 Mb in size.

(circa 1991) Like GoGoGo, this album is just as fun and more of the same.. Most are tracker module remixes of other artists’ public domain tunes, here are a few of them I stumbled upon in the archives and hard-drive backups:




Ooh Ooh Koo Koo
(Download not available)

(Circa 1991) Another silly collection (like GoGoGo) of med and mod music, some taken from the public domain, others remixes and covers from starlord’s own arrangements. If you remember starlord’s old octamed archive, you will recognize some of these tunes. classic electronica?

Other unreleased tunes

These tracks were pulled from an earlier OctaMED SoundStudio archive CD-ROM I found in an old box the other day. The CD was pretty badly scratched and some of the reflective coating was peeling off (as cheap CD’s will do!) but I was able to rip a few of the .MED files and read them into the current version of MED SoundStudio under Windows XP, save them to .WAV file, then export to .MP3 using Audacity. Finally, I uploaded the tracks here.

Download: mp3


This song was a few from a synth keyboard session produced under extraordinary circumstances (details of I which I can’t go into!) It’s a soft piano track made in OctaMED, in tribute to an old warrior friend of mine from many years gone by. A bit tinny sounding electric piano sample.

The Other
Download: mp3


Who is The Other? What was their purpose in this world? Perhaps this song will tell the tale, or merely hint at it. A lo-fi synth piece. Vocal choruses with a click track and some bongos.

Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya
Download: mp3


Sanskrit words are sometimes very long. This is a synth string piece which attempts to be a cover tune for the ancient old Indian Raga whose words and title are perhaps the same name.

Ashram Sapta Mix
Download: mp3


I spent some time as resident of an Ashram which practices Kashmir Shivaism among other Hindu or more ancient perhaps Sadhana 😉 Well, this is taking the daily songs we sung which were melodious and vocal, and mixing them into a sort of techno pop flair. We often did dances (or Sapta) and I guess sometime after one of those I sat down at the Amiga computer and poked in this little medley. I was going to give it to my Guru at one point then, decided against it for reasons I can’t remember. Perhaps it was too goofy to be taken seriously? Who knows. If you know anything about classical Indian compositions and spiritual songs then you may get a chuckle or enjoy this, otherwise, hmm, you may or may not! Nonetheless, here it is. It starts out with the same sample I used for the “Horizon” sound, there are thunder claps and hand cymbals and all sorts of noisy nice 8bit samples from back in the day.

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