Blender was an album I was working on sometime nearly after my “Debut” and “Go Go Go II” albums came out. I made most of the songs using Sonic Foundry’s ACID and RBF Software’s OctaMED/MED SoundStudio music programs. The idea with blender is shown the album art, which shows a pile of CD’s thrown into a blender (the kind you make smoothies with, for example, not the 3D modeling and animation program by the same name!)

This one has mixed formats, some WMA and some MP3. I put them all for download and the MP3s into a playlist (WordPress doesn’t play WMA’s, perhaps it’s just an older proprietary format nobody uses).

For reasons I can’t recall, I never completed the album, so many of the tracks are just snippets of works in progress, nonetheless I’ve assembled them all here for you to listen to or download, remix, share, make derivative works, just not use commercially or sell without my permission 🙂

12 bar blues riff
Download: wma

Just a riff, suitable for looping. listen to that syncopated hat in the drum track.. 160bpm (or doubletime)

2 Ministry
Download: mp3

This song I did some time ago for a friend whose alias at the time was “The Holy Ministry” it’s kinda tongue-in-cheek in the sense that neither of us is very religious (thank God, haha). Originally I put the genre as trance, but from the reviews I’ve gotten, I changed it.. I’m putting it in da House 😉 genre.. Hope you like it, retro cool!  Some stock loops with other trance-like vocal and, uh, atmospheric samples..Funky-House, sorta tracey..Electronica-House, whatever..

Ambient Experiment
Download: mp3

Live Coma Theatre drums intermixed with the effected rotating licks of Brian Daly.. call it experimental.. stock loops but yeh sounds neat. for scenic drive through the country.. (well, the way I drive anyway, LOL!) Drums and guitars.

Bario ][
Download:  mp3

Imagine if you will this guy playing his total Spanish guitar, while cruising through the barrio in his low rider. Ok, so I am missing something, but it’s a nice Latin tune that you can dance to anyway 😉 World Folk/Latin/Dance.

China HipHop
Download: mp3

This is one of those one-block-wonders (extended, granted..)  taking two completely different genres and mixing them together (in this case, traditional Chinese classical with an urban HipHop beat!)  Could be used as a basis for a more complicated song, this one is a bit minimalist.. experimental?
Classic Rock Borf
Download: wma
I was going to say Classic Rock Barf but then with a title like that, who would want to use it?  It’s a little riff with various guitar, piano, organ, steel guitar, etc. drums and all, you know, for bumpers or as a basic interlude or whatever. One of the 7 unfinished tracks I have recently uploaded, who knows it may give you ideas or you might want to remix with it. Or not. Enjoy. Rock/Classic Rock.
Download: mp3
A funky bit of Brian Daly mixed with some Bill Laswell and choice samples from the OctaMED SoundStudio CD, this tune is one cool minute of delightful music!  Groovy pr0n riff, but squeaky clean taste! Urban / R&B – Funk, more funky house really imho.
Funky Soundwaves
Download: mp3
Multi-layered drum tracks with funky bass groove and some jazzy guitar/keyboard stabs — good TV ‘talkover’ background music track. Created for and submitted to Dennis Willis’ leading website and TV show for in-show video news/b-roll segments. You like it? Urban / R&B – Funk.
Get It On
Download: wma
Good use of stock sax loops, lots of drums, some phased synth loops. builds nicely then ends with lots of percussion. Jazz.
I Can’t Sleep
Download: mp3
Electronica, in the style of KraftWerk or .. some oldschool Narada or electronica artist I can’t remember .. but uh, anyway enjoy!  I wrote this one sleepness night, it captures the way one feels working graveyard shift all the time! Breaks. kinda old school.. needs something; suggest pls?
Download: mp3
High-energy, progressive house track — like something you would get on your video game’s bonus level. Some interesting noisey lofi beeps, swirling bass and arena metal riffs, ethnic vocals, so cool.. I wouldn’t really call it Industrial music per se, but who knows.. It didn’t seem to fit into Rock or House ;-P
MED Thing
Download: mp3
A hip and funky rock-n-roll tune, contains sounds of giggling women hitting the happy smoke bong (yesh, marijuana drug usage!)  which temporarily slows down the song’s tempo as the guitarist goes dreamy on us.. Some vocal tracks from the MED SoundStudio CDROM 😉 It has a PG rating (aka behave yourself) because of the drug use. The ASF version started at bong section, while the MP3 version had a 1:30 longer intro, so I included the mp3 on my site here. If you could place it in a genre I guess it would be Comedy, though, not really.. heh..?
(Note: This tune was hidden from AP page unless you login)
Naughty Vibe
Download: wma
A porn groove, simple circulating beat, some psychedelic guitar and bass riffs, but very very naughty (sexually graphic)  dual audio track layers in the background. samples taken from acid pro and the public domain. It’s genre was listed as Urban/R&B with a R rating (aka #@%# YOU) because of content 😉
(Note: This tune was hidden from AP page unless you login)
Download: wma
Unfinished – Jazz/Fusion. Soft electropiano, jazz drum kit with triangle and shaker. Plods along nicely, would make a nice tune if I took it further.
This tune had some nice comments on the AP site by other artists 🙂
Your Gone
Download: mp3
Kinda spacey yet subtle techno piece, this pop-like tune uses stock loops but moves along nicely- just needs a solo part or lyric of some sort. Collab, anyone? Euro Dance. Electronica/Dance?

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