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The logo you see to the left is an old StarLord icon, the Kanji text is the Japanese equivalent of “StarLord” — in a past design of the website I created a graphical theme with the triangle, arch, and starburst you see underneath the 3 characters – it was this theme that I used when uploading most of the tracks to AcidPlanet (aka AP), so I’ve decided to pop one of them in here just for historical, uh, use.

Now for a little backstory on ACID (not the drug, the music program!) and AcidPlanet (a website for said music program). Sonic Foundry once made a remix / loop-based editing program called “ACID”, which like its flagship program “Sound Forge” was later sold to Sony. At that time, Sonic Foundry/Acid also had (and possibly will continue to have, under Sony’s banner) a website called Acid Planet, which was a place where artists could post their creations, directly or from the program, as well upload remixes for various contests. I was somewhat active in the AP community, and my old page still exists there until such point they remove it, here:

Of course, I’ve uploaded most of my earlier tracks here into my own website.

I’m no longer an active user of Acid or AcidPlanet. The reasons for this are fairly straight forward. One, I have my own website which has sufficient bandwidth and storage capability to do it all on my own. Two, I went through a period where everything was done on the Mac (I am back to PC now, but it was a few years of doing things all in Garage Band or what not) Sonic Foundry was aquired by Sony and now Acid is only available on the Windows platform.

In my humble opinion, the once great AP site has since become too commercially-driven, and is no longer the great community for artists to publish their works in progress — in my view, Sony has made changes to the site which make it unfavorable for me to upload any further tunes to it. Instead of ranting away about it, I’ll just say I don’t like being forced to use .wma format or .asp to stream the songs, neither of which are very friendly to non-Windows platforms such as Unix/Linux and Mac OS X (the site used to be more OS/platform independant, like Sonic Foundry was, but that’s another story!) As well, when you upload a tune you are forced to give it a genre, and most of my music simply won’t fit into a single genre like that. ’nuff said.. Soundcloud, Looperman, et al are better perhaps.

Several of my published albums during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s (such as those I had on the now defunct were made in part on ACID. You may recognize the basic loops by their tempo or other features, however I did tend to mix in loops or samples from other sources; I also used OctaMED SoundStudio and took riffs from my own keyboards/etc., and used them in the tracks, but anyway, I’ll stop rambling and give you some tunes:

Aint No Thang
Download: wma | mp3

Originally uploaded as Vi Dao Demo 1, this song has gone through many changes (with mostly stock loops)  and is now a nice intro, bumper, segment, or outro tune for television/broadcast. Jazz feel with dancing piano loops and fuzz guitar riffage, a bit of a hip hop beat. Would make a nice background to new solo tracks or lyrics, which of course this doesn’t have 😉  also featuring some Ilona vocals.. enjoy!

I’m Late For Work!
Download: wma | mp3

DnB 180bpm – originally written as a slow soft pop song and posted as Vi Dao Demo 2, we then gave the computer 5 cups of coffee and tweaked the song with turntablism (scratches)  and whacky juice harp twangs. there’s a sweet little snippet of Ilona buried in there somewhere.. this is my first DnB (sounds kinda hyper jungle, imho, shrug!)  so be honest but go easy on me in your review k?  Hope you like it! (PS: This was later included in my Dance Compilation CD)

Gonna Pyer Pants
Download: mp3

Mega happy hyper jumpin dancin techno hop and boogie like you gonna pyer pantz!  😉  of course, very danceable!  sweet clean guitar riffage, a groovin’ beat.. (PS: This was later included in my Dance Compilation CD) Genres of this tune could be Electronica, Dance, Club (you decide..)

There were a total of 49 of my songs posted to Acid Planet since 2001, the others are within their respective directories/pages of this website :)

I posted some other stuff at AcidPlanet, these were for contest entries. You can download them, but you can’t use them anywhere because AP owns them outright, as well the samples used are owned by their respective owners or record companies so involved in said contests.

However, here are some tracks from said contests, sorry most are in Windows format 😛

Becky Baeling contest

Eternity remix contest

Lenny Kravitz contest

Berlin contest

Madonna contest

Oddly enough, none of these excellent remixes won any of the contests, they must have been rigged! 😉

[ PS: Page recently updated in June 2014 to fix broken links! ]

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