Majesty was made in 1992 as tribute to Concept: Synergy’s beautiful Prelude to Lazaris CD, this 45 minute tape weaves through several classic new-age peices suitable for ReiKi, meditation, and other magickal stuff.

Since I don’t have any rights or permission to the Prelude to Lazaris tune, I never published this tape, it was just a cassette I used personally for doing ReiKi treatments, because it lends itself well to that.

I have additional notes on this in the Unpublished Works page with a link to the original score the first track was inspired by. Thus, you can’t use the first or sixth track for anything, or anything that seems to sound like said song anywhere within this tape, since they are an unauthorized remix, arrangement, or homage to the original work, and I didn’t compose it, and I don’t want to get myself into any trouble πŸ˜‰

However, the rest of the songs are all original compositions by me, so it’s ok to use them wherever you like and they have the same creative commons licensing the rest of my music offers.

01 – Prelude To Lazaris – Remix
Download: mp3

02 – Spirit of Peace (Mir Miru Mir)
Download: mp3

Mir Miru Mir is an old liturgical phrase in Russian, it means “Peace on Earth” interestingly enough, the same word means both “Peace” and “Earth” – I picked up the song from some Sufi dancers who taught it to me, the lyrics are transliterated into English as “Spirit of Peace,Β  to your cause we give our strength, that love may reign and war may cease , Mir Miru Mir (peace, peace (peace on earth), peace). There are other stanzas to the song but I couldn’t quite remember them. This version is also bit slower perhaps than it is normally sung.

03 – Untitled
Download: mp3

04 – DonnaMichelle
Download: mp3

One of my cousin’s on my mom’s side is named Donna Michelle, I wrote this one for her.

05 – Untitled ii
Download: mp3

06 – Prelude to Lazaris Remix2
Download: mp3

07 – Medley
Download: mp3

This contains a few of the songs you will find on other tapes, I think the first part is called “Contemplation” though I can’t recall. I used to play it on the piano alot (yes, it’s one of my original compositions!)

08 – The 11:11 Sound
Download: mp3

We end this tape with one of the CAD Research sounds, just snuck into it as a sort of bonus track. The same standard warning/disclaimer applies here as with any meditation music, use at your own risk. What is the 11:11 sound you may ask? It is an encoded formula which was produced at the 11:11, one of those fantastic once-in-a-lifetime celestial events in 1992 where the planets align and all is good in the world and all that happy new agey stuff occurs. I think I have a link here for those that want to dig into it, from one of the heralds of the whole 11:11 enigma, Solara. (not the Toyota car, the person!) Yes other people like Uri Geller and some notable, some not notable people have commented on the numerology and other aspects of the 11:11, I guess this here would be my contribution in that sense, you can listen to this sound.. and.. experience, or not.. Woohoo! πŸ™‚


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