Meditation Music

Meditation Music is 45 mins of synthy meditation newage music. Good backdrop for progressive trance. A few of these songs (I think songs 5 through 7) were also included in the Ancient Times album.

Like many others of the time, these were early audio tape recordings, done completely live and unedited, from the Korg DW-8000’s direct output into my cassette recorder.

I didn’t have names for any of the tracks, so as I encoded them digitally I added new names.

For some backstory on this album, I often used it when leading people in the World Peace Meditations back in the day, in Pacifica, California. I don’t know who originally started the group, but it moved from person to person, it may in fact be carried on today, who knows? This particular music was done when Ruth Majewski held the group at her home which was located in the Pacific Manor region, and several people took turns leading the meditation group. Before that, Evalina Rose led the group from her home, which was above the Eureka Square region, for those familiar with Pacifica, California.

Here are the tracks, there seems to be a sort of underwater theme here with the music names, but I know we’ve used it for many visualizations other than underwater, like, uhm, outerspace! and… desert, or forest, or whatnot..

01 Misc Track1 
Download: mp3
02 Breathe-Underwater Download: mp3
03 SeaFloor Ruins Download: mp3
04 Undersea Encounter Download: mp3
05 AncientTimes(Short) Download: mp3
06 Untitled Download: mp3
07 Azlyn 442 Download: mp3

The last track I have some background information on. It was made on a SID editor on the Commodore 64, and then output (via Passport MIDI interface) to the Korg DW-8000 computer. Azlyn was the handle of BBS user Carolyn Ashby, perhaps taken from the Narnia books long before any movies were made (though, being the 1980s, it is likely the TV series was in production, though not sure if it appeared on US television.. perhaps our local San Jose station ran them along with Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Blakes 7, and so forth, but that’s another story.. I think the number 442 may be the length of the song, 4:42 minutes. I won’t go into much detail but I can remember we thought very fondly of Azlyn, she was also the high priestess of our local pagan coven. She passed away sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s, blessed be her soul. This song remains in memory of her grace.

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