Orchestral is a collection of classical compositions, slated for StarLord’s MP3.COM site 1st Quarter 2001, then was later reworked for AMPCAST, which also went under along with mp3.com — so unfortunately, the project was put on the shelf and forgotten about, until now.

Out of the archives I pulled several tracks which were to appear on the Orchestral CD. Most of these were made in Aegis Sonix or OctaMED on the Amiga computer, though some were simply played by hand and recorded live.

I borrowed a friend’s Roland FP-8 piano for much of this, since she wasn’t using it at the time, indeed she never seemed to do anything with it and eventually sold it off after I finished borrowing it, heh, you can say it may have served its purpose for this album then!

I am only guessing at the names because I have since forgotten what track was what, infact lost most of the original sheet music I was making for those tracks that did indeed have sheet music (shrugs!) anyway, here they are:

Download: mp3

This horrible tune was taken from a recovered WAV file I made at the time of the album. The song was originally slated for use in the DigitalStuff/Capcom videogame title “Erb’s Revenge” which never was completed or released. This tune was likely created on Aegis Sonix, though could have just as easily been OctaMED. It’s intentionally annoying as it was supposed to frustrate the game player when they managed to kill the game’s antagonist, Erb.

Moonbeams Opus 2
Download: mp3

This was an Amiga tune composed on Aegis Sonix. The analog synths are built-in 8bit instruments of the program. It’s a Bach-style classical composition.

Download: mp3

This tune was composed and recorded from the Roland FP-8 piano. It has both computer MIDI tracks and real-time playing, recorded to an audio cassette. I later found the tape in the archives and digitized it. The song uses the Roland’s stock piano and one of the choral voices.

Download: mp3

There were several arrangements of this tune in the works, this one was from the same cassette tape that I found Chorale on. There is an underlying bell piano succession, overlayed with the Roland’s sampled strings (violin, cello, etc.) though my intent was to emphasize the lower toned cellos. The piece really dates the technological potential of the time, where many artists like myself were taking electronic keyboards as their instrument of choice, yet doing their best to emulate a more acoustic sound. The Orchestral was an effort I undertook to that effect.

Download: mp3

Homage to Mozart or Bach or Debussy, the Minuette was an original track composed in Aegis Sonix on the Amiga computer, output through MIDI to the Roland FP-8 keyboard. I realize it doesn’t sound like any Minuette really that I can identify so maybe I got the title wrong? Is it a prelude? I can’t recall.

Prelude To Lazaris
Download: mp3

This was my arrangement which paid reverence to (a cover tune? well not exactly) Concept: Synergy’s “Prelude to Lazaris” — I’m a big fan of Synergy (I had the 1977 album Cords on Vinyl!) and was happy to discover this tune, as well how similar the Roland FP-8 sound was to this track, so here is what I hope will be a musical compliment of sorts showing my appreciation of their tune under the same name. I have no connection with Synergy or Lazaris that I know of, so please don’t take this the wrong way, no plagiarism is intended and their score was much improved than this little ditty could possibly be, I did it when taking a Reiki class, and the teacher introduced me to the energy known as Lazaris, whose teachings I followed for a time, hehe, well the rest is history 🙂

Silent Weapons
Download: mp3

Take Pachabel’s Cannon in D and re-compose it backwards, and then re-arrange the notes a bit, and you will end up with this. I call it “Silent Weapons” which is rather tongue in cheek since a Cannon is not a Canon. 😉 Interesting though the octave-up notes echoing the, erm, other notes.

This Is My Home
Download: mp3

A pop style tune which has lyrics, unfortunately I forgot most of them! The chorus went something like “This is my home, and I will never leave it..” though actually if I recall the lyrics were talking about an alien planet which I was far from home, and was homesick to return. Yay, 1990’s! It was the sentiment of many in the new age channeling craze to identify with some stellar destination (e.g., the Pleaides) and spout such metaphysical trite.. This one was done on the Roland FP-8 keyboard, I’ll leave it at that!

There were other tracks in the Orchestral album, many of them were Organ and Harpsichord pieces, though I haven’t yet found the source tapes for those 🙁

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