Pleaidean Infusion

Pleaidean Infusion was an early project produced through the C.A.D. series. It was recorded on a black audio cassette with some salmon or fleshtone coloured ink with some sort of symbol characters on it. I don’t have any digital images of that inscription to post (at this time..)

CAD in this instance doesn’t stand for Computer Aided Design, it stands for Circle of Air Designs, which is a collaborative/collective technology group. Some of the main applications of the CAD Research projects are of a medical nature, having to do with healing, physiological or psychological experience.

The initial goal of this particular project, “Pleaidean Infusion” was of a healing nature. Doing some research on sound forms, or how the brain processes certain sounds within certain cortex areas of the brain, the idea CAD had was that certain musical sequences can impact one’s psyche to initiate healing processes and activate or be a catalyst to bring the listener’s own inner healing processes into action, thus assisting a person’s therapeutic process..

That isn’t to say by merely listening to this tape you are going to have a miraculous healing experience, it is to say that it will work with whatever else you have going, to assist in making the most of it for you. Take it as it is, we won’t make any claims nor be held responsible for what happens to you, that is to also forewarn you that you use tapes like this at your own risk, really, I listen to them in the bath whenever I feel sick and it does me a world of good, but then I am fairly biased and it could just be the placebo effect of my imagination, but who knows.. Is it just funky synth music, or something more? You decide!

(Note: by the way, if you do experience something you want to share with us, send me a note via the contact page because I’d be very interesting in hearing about your meditations or experiences with these tunes, whether they be in the bathtub or with drugs or medicine or what-not! Also, I am not sure how to spell Pleiadian, do you know?) 😉

Tracks 01-04: Pleiadian Infusion
Download: mp3

Track 05: PI Synth Untitled
Download: mp3

Track 06: AncientTimes Riff
Download: mp3

Track 06: PI Synth Untitled*
Download: mp3

Track 07: PI Synth OmVoice(Untitled)
Download: mp3

Track 08: PI SynthSrings(Untitled)**
Download: mp3

Track 09: SpiritBells(Untitled)
Download: mp3

*There appears to be two PI Synth Untitled tracks, and two Track 06 files, however the order presented here is correct. 05 PI Synth Untitled, then AncientTimes Riff, then the 06 PI Synth Untitled track.

**The spelling is intentional here.

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