Tracks of 2007

Tracks of 2007 is a compilation of tunes used on my Miniology podcast. 5 of them are new samples using the Korg KARMA keyboard, most of the others are done with Apple’s GarageBand music editing software (and iLife loops). This was a digital release so there is no actual CD or cover artwork done.

Update: Links were broken when I changed webhosts from Bluehost to Site5. (Now I’m at MediaTemple aka GoDaddy, I hope all the links are fixed now!)

I’ve also included the collab tracks I did with the very talented bass player Andrea Hector (woot!) and some unfinished tracks that never made it anywhere (well, except uploaded to ACIDPLANET previously, and of course this website), you know, one block wonders, works in progress, orphan songs that got kicked out or otherwise didn’t make it to other albums. These are all now available for mp3 download, so grab them (right-click) or listen to them right off the website (left-click). I may be putting in some sort of jukebox player as soon as I find suitable code or plug-in and the time to put all of the songs into said player, but until that point each song is individually linked (just like the are on the other pages, hehe)

So, here we go, downloads follow the long playlist. They are broken into 3 sections, Korg KARMA songs, song used in Miniology podcast, followed by Unfinished tunes and one-block-wonders, enjoy!

I – Korg KARMA section

Electro Lives –ย Download: mp3

This was done on the Korg KARMA and the title was the same name as the patch/program I used to make it. Give it a good listen ๐Ÿ™‚ It could be the soundtrack to a porno, heh, but it isn’t.. I used it for a podcast.

Jenindaze –ย Download: mp3

This, too, was done on the Korg KARMA and the title was the same name as the patch/program I used to make it. I put this song on my sister’s wedding CD ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very airy and sorta reminds me of an Enigma tune. Could just be that drum track perhaps. I need some nice vocal chants to make this perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ The percussion sounds like wintery bells to me for some reason hehe.

Vocoderhythm –ย Download: mp3

And this one? Yes, it was done on the Korg KARMA and the title was the same name as the patch/program I used to make it. I like vocoders, I like the rhythm of the Korg Karma, this isn’t really vocoder IMHO but hey it’s a decent tune. I think the word Vocoder harkens to an earlier synth sound, like the Juno106 perhaps, that percussive track sounds like something I did on the Juno to amaze the store owner at the time. The chord progression is similar to one I use on some other tracks.

Voice of Karma –ย Download: mp3

Guess where the name of this tune came from? Yes, on the Korg KARMA and the title was the same name as the patch/program I used to make it. Vocal madness, hehe, too fun to play along with this patch on the keyboard. I wish I could type what the thing is saying, that would be awesome. “Oo oo oo oo wah yeahh.. eee oww hee ee aww yeah” Or weird! The first time I encoded this tune there was a big empty bit in the middle of it (I don’t know why.. must have messed up the mix and inserted some silence into the track) however I just re-uploaded it with that fixed – If anyone had the CD version with this same artifact, send me a comment via the contact page and I’ll send you out a replacement CD ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wah Chicks EP –ย Download: mp3

Following the tradition I have started, this tune was done on the Korg KARMA and its title is named from the patch/program I used to make it. The song could make for a nice little EP eh? It’s the piano, pretty unpretentious. Nice little electro drum kit. There’s a cool little solo section in there with funky swipes of the joystick tweaking the sound, this was a fun song to do, hope you get up and dance to it ๐Ÿ™‚

II – Miniology Section

60s Car Chases –ย Download: mp3

Ever see the movie with Michael Caine in it, from about 1969 with the car chases featuring Mini Coopers? Yes, this song harkens to The Italian Job. Bow chicka bow bow, I love that wah guitar, and a suitable suitcase piano key riff in there too. Some analog synth pads, oh yeah that’s 1960s.

Kwynnsijownz – ย Download: mp3

Like the previous song, this song is in the retro cool 60s style, the title is a play on words for Quincy Jones, who did the soundtrack for The Italian Job. The drum and fills and such were done by me, and that wicked bass line by Andrea Hector. This was probably nothing like what she expected me to do with the song. The bass riffage is totally awesome and I put this 1960s stuff on it. For some reason I thought of old cop movies on 70s TV. Hence the bongos and drum riffs came in with that wah-chicka-chicka sound you hear in all of those movies. Then add the horn and string section, yep, too cheesy. The bass line would prolly make for a good punk or alternative song, too, hehe. I did have lots of fun with this one though.

Odd Breaks –ย Download: mp3

Take one wicked bass line by Andrea Hector, layer on that a thick drum track by StarLord, and then dump a solo track from a Korg DW-8000 on top of it, this tune was the result, and was also featured in the SDF Compilation CD. It was great fun collab’ing with Andrea and I hope to do more stuff like this in the future with her or other artists!

Southern Rock –ย Download: mp3

This tune was made in Garage Band with loops given the same name. Arranged by StarLord. Acoustic guitars, a nice drive along a twisty back road, yeeha!

Stuff –ย Download: mp3

Done in Garage Band with stock loops. A short little tune I did for the start of drives in the podcast. Usually used for showing rows of cars parked at the starting point, or such things.

TeknospazM –ย Download: mp3

This one was very tricky to do in GarageBand. I had to create the sounds as tracks then mix them down, then go back in and use said sounds as individual instruments, then making a tune on top of them. It was interesting to push GarageBand a bit in this way, to make this electronic tune. It’s rather spacey sounding, isn’t it? I’m not sure what to classify this as ๐Ÿ™‚

Ehpizo de Luvyn Moosek –ย Download: mp3

The title is a play on words for “Episode 11 Music” which is the episode that first featured it. I have since used the music in similar car product slideshow reels, it has a nice beat and people dig it. Woot.

Funky Bonnet –ย Download: mp3

Nothing funkier than the bonnet of a Mini Cooper. This retro tune was used in podcasts. Plucky funky guitar with congos and sweeping synth pads, and some electric bsss.

Here We Go –ย Download: mp3

This upbeat Rock tune was used in Miniology podcasts for the start of more spirited driving sequences. Done in GarageBand.

I Hear Voices –ย Download: mp3

The echoing guitar effects invoke a certain emotional response, when we want to convey that feeling, this track is used on podcasts ๐Ÿ™‚ It has some vibes in it too, for that retro feel.

Sunday Drive –ย Download: mp3

In an early episode we used this to give a nice acoustic guitar feeling for a slow casual Sunday drive. Done in GarageBand of course. It starts out slow and epic, like the sun rising early, then picks up and off we go in some introspective way.

III – Unfinished Section

Unfinished Demo2 Untitled
Download: mp3

I was going to do 3 collabs with Andrea Hector, however we only ended up doing 2 of them, this track here was a starting point for what would have been a third (well, technically second, since we used demo songs 1 and 3 hehe).. confused? Here is the solution, download the song, take your instruments like guitar, bass, whatever, and play along with them, then send the resulting mixdown or track files to me, woot, that’s how collabs were done. I would like to see something more done with this tune ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Nifty bouncing echo-y synth and soft drum kit here.

Download: mp3

GarageBand likes to name your song MySong and this was a tune I started working on one day then just forgot about it. If anyone out there wants to do some more with it, feel free (it’s CC sharealike/attrib/noncommercial!) It’s kind of a 12 bar blues riff, kinda. Yoy..

Download: mp3

This is a very hyper tempo almost hardcore style synth bass with electric drumkit tune, maybe Electro-jungle/DnB? sorta unfinished, hence the name!

Download: mp3

I started this tune and uploaded it to AP (AcidPlanet, not Associated Press), Unfinished – Soft electropiano, jazz drum kit with triangle and shaker. Plods along nicely, would make a nice tune if I took it further. Jazz-Fusion sorta. I got good comments on it so far (this tune is in the AP page of my site too, hmm!)

Somethin New
Download: mp3

This is an unfinished tune, I don’t even remember starting it. Heh! It has a drum kit and some cycling electrobass swirly things going on. Almost disco-sounding, too funny. Very 80s sounding to me. Almost uh, new wave.

Classic Rock Barf
Download: mp3

This is actually the same AP song called Classic Rock Borf, I was going to say Classic Rock Barf but then with a title like that, who would want to use it? ย It’s a little riff with various guitar, piano, organ, steel guitar, etc. drums and all, you know, for bumpers or as a basic interlude or whatever. One of the 7 unfinished tracks I have recently uploaded, who knows it may give you ideas or you might want to remix with it. Or not. Enjoy. Rock/Classic Rock genre. Organs and acoustic guitars and piano, kinda country feeling to it.

I Can’t See Clearly Now
Download: mp3

I was messing around with sample loops in GarageBand one day and stumbled on a bunch of them that sounded remarkably like some other tune with a very similar name. I couldn’t see myself going much further with the track than it went (this is unfinished) but it was so interesting I kept it. The guitar riff, the drum line, yeh if only I had a nice organ riff … but anyway, just thought I’d share ๐Ÿ™‚

You Look Baked
Download: mp3

Well, you do, look baked. I do, after working on this site all day, I am ready to take a good well-deserved nap. An unfinished tune – Slow folk/classic rock style. Acoustic strumming guitar with upright bass and simple drum kit. Nice chord progression can make a good basis for more complex tune. Enjoy.. Acoustic Rock? I did get a good comment from folks at AP, someone perhaps can help me collab this into a nice tune eh? Is it you? ๐Ÿ™‚ I started it in GarageBand.

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