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As with the Unpublished works, I’ve made page navigation follow a certain theme. If it’s the name of a series, album, or song title, you’ll see bold text like this and if there’s a downloadable file, you will see word Download: underneath it with a clickable link or two next to it. If you won’t be able to download the whole album, I’ll just say in grey text (Download not available) like that. Scroll down though, there may be sample tracks available even from albums that aren’t released.

About the format — for most songs I’ve uploaded mp3’s, though some have wma or other formats, and others just don’t have any downloads available at all. In a perfect world, we’d all have .ogg or some other nifty new format, but as good as that or .aac may be, not everyone can use them, and since .mp3 seems to be the most prolific, that’s whatΒ  I am handing out for the time being.

There’s a handy navigation menu where you can quickly find Published and Unpublished works, though you will find extra tracks for download in these main pages as well, so be sure to poke around everywhere πŸ˜‰

As for their use or licensing, the same Creative Commons copyright applies to ALL of my tracks, whether they are new or old:

Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share-Alike

For most albums you can link to separate pages (use the navigation menu at the top please!)

For other albums, I will give just an overview of what the titles are and some notes for your reference or amusement..

Dance Compilation
Around 2003, on the JSPUSA label, I gathered a sundry mix of dance grooves followed by sweet chill-out ambience. Mastered and distributed by JSP StudioWest. Contains exclusive tracks and samples from other StarLord and Drone material (e.g., Alpha, Debut, Blender, Recovery) Surf to to order now via paypal! I’ve included a few of the tracks here for your download enjoyment, though you’ll have to search for some of them like an easter egg hunt (heh, they are in here somewhere!) the rest (like other albums) you can stream from the page itself…

StarLord’s MIDI Archive
(Download not available)

In 1998 I assembled two (2) 90-minute cassettes form a compilation of many of StarLord’s music from the last 10 years, composed and arranged in General MIDI (very clean sound, sometimes synthy) for availability please use the contact form. I did these in the Windows PC version of MED SoundStudio, and since, well, I am too lazy to make more copies… they’ll have to wait…

Points of Light (Star Music) OST
(Download not available)

This was a VHS video tape with 90 minutes of flowing synth music, the video was a simple progression of various animated star fields. OST means “Original Sound Track” for the video Points of Light, aka StarMusic. The songs may be very similar to what you hear on the misc. meditation album elsewhere on this website…

(Download not available)

Take a journey through the worlds of Akashic records with this deep solo-synth trance music.

Spirit Song
(Download not available)

Said to envoke the celestial and enochian spirits, solo synth pieces bring peace and magick.


I just stumbled upon some old WAV files and MED SoundStudio tracks from the year 2000, about the time I came out with my “Debut” and “Go! Go! Go!” albums, as well some tracks were found from the then “Orchestral” (incomplete) work in progress.

The bad news ..

The CD these tracks were on was suffering from some flaking deterioration.. the silvery top layer was chipping off, I gather cheaper CDs just do this over time, so if you want to preserve something, stick a label (even if it’s just a cheap CD-stomper type) to help retain it .. otherwise you may run into what I did, pull the CD out 10 years later and it just comes off in your hand .. ugh, my heart sank when that happened and I did lose a few tracks from the disc even though the bit that flaked off was very small, it was near the center of the disc πŸ™

The good news ..

I should be posting the recovered tracks to the site shortly as I review and encode them. There are some interesting ones on it, including a version of Dig’s ‘n’ Bas’ that has a juiceharp along with the diggeridoo — that instrument was taken out later in the final edit of the song! Hope you’ll like listening to those tracks just as much as I did πŸ™‚

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