Ancient Times

Ancient Times
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This was one of my early new-age/meditation albums recorded live on cassette tape as I played the tunes on a Korg DW-8000 synthesizer. I once sold this commercially, but have since licensed it as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. The album’s tracked are joined into one large mp3 file, about 39 minutes long and just over 35 Mb in size.

There is a caveat here about these digitized cassette recordings: 

Originally these were from the late 1980s, into the 1990’s.. taken from a consumer-grade audio cassette, and over the course of time from then until the point that I finally decided to encode them … some years later … the tapes have since degraded, in fact, in some cases the tape material itself has begun to deteriorate and came apart while these digital copies were made… thus, there will be artifacts, dropouts, unintentional noise (not to be confused with intentional white noise hehe), while, other tracks will have strange or uneven recording levels or what-not (sorry, at the time I just didn’t have the nice clean gear I use today!)

One complete album was simply lost to the madness of time … ‘Spirit Song’ which IMHO was one of my better works, however, I did find a fairly decent copy of ‘Ancient Times’ so here it is in mp3 😉

In any case, I am giving these away for free download. I retain full copyright, but they are free for you to use in your work .. you are free to remix and rearrange these tracks, and you may even redistribute them in any form for noncommercial purposes.. but you can not sell these or otherwise profit from my work.. thank you!

Otherwise, enjoy!
chrcal / Christopher ‘StarLord’ Calhoun


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