Debut was my first album published on the now defunct, the tracks were made with Sonic Foundry’s ACID and RBF Software’s OctaMED/MED SoundStudio programs on a Windows PC, though some tracks were imported from earlier Commodore/Amiga tracks which I composed in OctaMED.

The art done for the album cover was done in Bryce 3D, a popular landscape rendering program now owned and distributed by DAZ. This was the second version of the album cover, the earlier one looked too much like a donut floating in the water, so I named the image “Not a Donut” — there was also some CD insert artwork and back cover artwork on the CD, but I couldn’t find any digital files from that yet. Interestingly enough, I did find an earlier CD which had some WAV files of the tracks in progress, some of which are quite different from the completed ones. I don’t have the original track notes for these tunes so I will type up new text for these tracks as I continue working on this and other pages. For now, you can download the MP3 versions of each track. Like the other pages on this site, clicking on the track link will play it in your default player, or you can right-click it and save the file to your computer (I’m not about to explain how this works since 80% of the internet can figure this out hehe) Here we go..

Digs and Bazz
Download: mp3

Diggeridoos and Bass guitar – DnB in this case isn’t about drums, though the drums are definitely there. Those familiar with my very early works on Sonix and on the Amiga may pick up on the familiar arrangement of this tune, it originally started out as a re-working of “Rock 3” and after I had laid down these tracks, it rather stood on its own, so I named it Digs and Bazz and there you have it. Originally this tune had the boing and twang of a crazy juice-harp in it as well, which was later removed.

Download: mp3

This techno piece has 2 versions, one is this track here, the other at the end of the CD has samples of a woman pleasuring herself, er, actually in the midst of creating the song I thought it was better to insert samples of a whip or spanking sound and I call it a “spank mix” since it sounds like she is getting spanked per se. The guest vocalist is Tiffany, who was an active collaborator on both and Ampcast (both of which are now defunct). But back to this version. If you could put a song that exemplifies the 90s techno dance music, this song would be it. It is very dated, though I still find it enjoyable today. It’s a happy quick tempo tune that you can dance to, drive to, spank someone to, whatever.. heh.

Foghead Bread
Download: mp3

A “foghead” is someone who listens to the classic rock station 104.5 KFOG in San Francisco, I don’t remember why I called it Foghead Bread. Maybe just because it rhymes. This is a sorta acoustic or classic Rock sounding tune, hence the name.

Download: mp3

It may be debatable if this is truly a trance style electronica tune, because it is more so airy and spacey than that, however I think when I named the song, I was thinking this music could put you into a trance, therefore, the name. Long pans and sweeps and ambient effects, though the original tune had another dance style pounding drum track underneath the whole thing, I later removed it and left the simpler percussive tracks in there. There’s a lot going on in this song, fades and effects of different sorts, well.. I’ll just let you listen to it ๐Ÿ™‚

Soft and Saxy
Download: mp3

This is a tune I created from ideas I got talking with then vocalist and pop/folk singer Karen Boshart, now known as heavy-metal artist Stever. It’s a jazz track which is soft and has saxes, which I always thought of as very sexy music, so Soft and Saxy became the title. There’s actually a longer version of this tune out there, since after publication I decided it was too short.. this one here is the one off the CD though. It reminds me of a 70s song for some reason with the analog synths in it and clean drum track.

I Like That
Download: mp3

There’s all kinds of versions of this tune out there, this is one of two of them that made the CD. The samples and tempo are very similar to other ones found on the album, compare the two versions though, it will give you an idea how many of my tunes evolve or change over time.

Download: mp3

This track was one of my earlier OctaMED tunes on the Amiga, which evolved into the track that finally made it to the CD. Back in 1989 I was dating this girl named Anna, and though I forget now how it came to have the name Anabonanza I think it harkens to Anna-bana-bo-bana banana-nana-fo-fana me mi mo mana.. bonanza? I think I drank a lot of wine back then. You can hear the static of the 8bit samples used back then, not quite as polished as today’s, but I think the lo-fi quality actually ads something to the ambiance of the tune.

Download: mp3

True, at one time I was a resident in the SYDA Mediation Center Ashram of Emeryville (a short walk from Pixar!)ย  Well, the head guru of the place was, or is, this beautiful woman named Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. I made this pretty song in homage to her. This was another tune composed on the Amiga computer in Octamed, later brought into ACID. A simple piano riff repeats and synths swirl underneath.

Jazz Thing
Download: mp3

There was a time I was really into trying to make some Jazz tunes with the electronic loop-based editors and track editors of the day, and Jazz Thing was one of those attempts. We have electric pianos, a dirty drum kit, some funky, well I dunno what that sound is but it’s horn-like. Then there are some horn blasts thrown in, and finally a Hammond style organ joins in. I did this tune in OctaMED SoundStudio and did some post-processing in Audacity or ACID, I can’t quite remember ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is some fancy off-beat percussion going on after the break, and I could have taken this tune further (or you can!)

2 Chords
Download: mp3

It’s funny, this OctaMED/MED SoundStudio tune was one of the first I faced a licensing dilemma with. It originally had samples from Rocky & Bullwinkle in it. Bullwinkle would say “Presto!” and then later a sample would be “Don’t know my own strength!” alas I had to pull those samples out, so now you have to imagine where the horn blasts are, this is where the earlier samples were mixed in.. The song only has 2 chords in it, hence the name.

Grungy Gnawa
Download: mp3

This is a metal tune I did, one of the guitar riffs has the same name Grungy Gnawa, which I used as the title. It was really just an experimental “one block wonder” but I liked the end result so much I thought I’d stick it into the CD with the other tunes, so here it is. The drum kit is the familiar snare driven alternative rock sound. There’s harmonics and distortion with some teen angst thrown in! Good to annoy your parents with, I gather..

Old Fart Jam
Download: mp3

Imagine a old dude with his chorused guitar playing a simple riff. His bass playing friend joins in a few bars, followed by a drummer, then sax player. They all sit around, these old farts, jamming together as old jazz musicians will tend to do. Of course there’s the spontaneous solo bits and riffs before they wrap it up and finish their little tune. That’s an old fart jam ๐Ÿ˜‰

Download: mp3

Another OctaMED/MED SoundStudio tracked (breakbeat?) tune, the dreamtime is the aboriginal place where dreams happen and mysteries are revealed, or some such things of a mystical nature. That was the original idea with this, and the first time I used diggeridoo samples and this sort of bug sounding thing which starts the song. You have some familiar samples of the late 80s/early 90s from various sources that you will recognize, all of these were thought of as public domain at the time, we have Peter Gabriel, Jim Carey (from The Mask), Star Trek (the ship’s computer), Vincent Price and a splash of Real McCoy in there. If anyone determines any of the samples used in this track are not public domain, let me know and I’ll remove it/them — anyway, it’s a bit crazy electro-mix, maybe it was a hallucination and not the dream time?

I Like That (Early Mix)
Download: mp3

An earlier mix of the same “I Like That” tune which appears earlier in the album.

Whatever (Spank) Tiffany Mix
Download: mp3

Closing out the CD we have the R-rated version of the same “Whatever” song near the opening, it features the vocals of Tiffany who collaborated with me on the tune. We didn’t actually spank her, really what was done was some careful edits (in Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge and ACID software), theses sessions with some of her pre-existing vocal tracks were then inserted into the song at just the right points to tell a story, hehe, bad girl.

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