Recovery (Original Sound Track)

Recovery was recorded live in 1993 at Pacifica Community Television, later published through, it was the original soundtrack to Robert St.John’s poetry read video by the same title, circa 1992.

I was a volunteer at PCT at the time, and brought my Korg-DW8000 keyboard into the TV station’s audio booth to record it on their Tascam cassette deck. Now I have a similar cassette deck here at home, which I obtained from the famous electronic musician and drummer Mr. Dick Gail (Technoking, Gail Force, and a slew of other names!) I mention it, because, it was through this hardware plugged directly into my Mac, running Audacity, that I was able to digitize a lot of the earlier music. As with some of the digitized cassettes, there are artifacts in this album due to the nature of the media (sigh..) anyway, back to Recovery.

The album cover was done in Bryce 3D (just as a Debut and Go Go Go’s cover art). The tracks were composed in an interesting way. I took the poems written by Robert St.John and translated them into Akaesha — Akaesha is a conceptual language which consists of symbols. You can then take the symbols and transliterate words, formulas, or music from them. I took the symbols of the poems and made music, which was then later played during production of the poetry readings, in real time, along with him reading the poems.

It was quite an experience to hear the two mixed together, and the music matched well even though I had no idea of the pace of his reading or how the production would be put together.

The title names of each song match that of the poems which were read, though, some changes were made later, and we have a juxtaposition of them now in the final cut, which attribute them more to the transliterated Akaesha than the actual poem names. I have also since lost the text of the poems, though, not having permission to reproduce them for the album or here, I can’t really post them eh?

Unfortunately, Robert St. John is no longer with us, he has passed on. It was indeed a pleasure to work with this great soul on this project. May I present these tracks to you now, to enjoy them:

Fountain of Creation
Download: mp3

Analog synth strings, with some white noise added to simulate ocean waves.

Cycles (Waves) I
Download: mp3

A tinny sort of piano sound.

Cycles (Patterns) II
Download: mp3

Echoing string jabs, this is one of the Korg DW-8000’s signature sounds.

Primal Mind
Download: mp3

A short, dark ambient piece with deep noisy echoing stabs like dripping water in the caves of your mind..

Inner Voyage
Download: mp3

Bright synth strings wavering and swirling..

Outspoken Child
Download: mp3

The tinny piano sound from Cycles (Waves) I, plays along almost harpsichord or music box sort of sound.

Benefit (Eastern Influence) excerpt*
Download: mp3

Vocal synths sweep into brighter asian sounding synth tones, flat and sharp chord patterns, with some white noise thrown in.

Decree (Western Alignment)
Download: mp3

*The track “Benefit” was the last song recorded at the end of the cassette tape, and unfortunately it didn’t all fit. The next track “Decree” is a bit of a continuation of this track, from the start of the other side of the tape. I’m not sure if there were other master tapes, but I think the station had a 120 minute cassette while the copy I saved for myself was of a shorter duration. However, the phase shift and patch/program change was also the start of the next song, which blended into the previous one in such a way.


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