Drunk people shouldn’t drive

Neither should dumb people. Here’s an example.

Today I went (in my classic Mini) to go excercise my dog at a school yard near my house.

Along the way, this person in a black/dark grey SVT truck was tail-gating me most of the way there.

To add to the excitement, then a firetruck and ambulance are coming the opposite way down the street.

As I am pulling over to the side of the road like most normal smart people do, the firetruck makes a left hand turn about 500 feet in front of me, followed shortly by the ambulance driver, who I can see in their face a sign of relief that they will safely make the turn. He proceeds to cut in front to my right, entering Sheila (a steep hill not far from the park) Lane.

Meanwhile, the person in the SVT proceeds to catch up to me, apparently oblivious to the events unfolding at the intersection.

At the moment I am pulling back onto the roadway, they now decide they want to pass me on the left.. mind you this is a only a 2-lane road, traffic going in opposite directions. And so I politely honk “DANGER..” ok, they keep coming.. honk! honk! “HELLO.. CAR HERE YOU ARE ABOUT TO SMASH INTO?” honk honk honk honkkkkkkkkkk!

Still oblivious, they barely miss flattening me as I swerve to avoid the impact. They continue onward, no wave, no acknowlegement, mind you, both my windows were fully rolled down, open and in line with theirs, but did they say “oops!”, “sorry!”, “my bad”? no, nothing.

Funny, so you think they may be a jerk and flip me off or glare or something like that? No, in fact, absolutely nothing. No braking, honking, lights flashing, nothing.

So now, I think this person was definitely drunk or high on something.

They should not give trucks to stupid people, drunks, or people on drugs. Especially cheaply built plastic SVT trucks, and especially not in Pacifica.

I was so in shock from the near miss that I didn’t get their license plate, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them in the future, and giving them lots of extra space on the roadway.

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