early adopterz

yeah i’ve always been a early adopter of stuff , bbs’ing, l33t 5p3aK before they called it that, amiga computers (didn’t make it, more or less), videogame consoles, dsl, wifi, tivo, hdtv, iphone, mini coopers, smart cars, and now what? what you say! what could it be?

it’s a OOMA?


(Did you just say Oompa-Loompa?) No I said Ooma!

(Like, that clothing store in the city?)

Right, but this is VoIP.

(Oh, VoIP, been there skyped that.. suckage..)

No, really, I ordered it on Saturday. A hub thing and a scout thing that goes from the telco drop to my router

(oh, like vonage thing or whatevers)

Yeah, like that, but this is free.

(cool! The device is free?)

No, it’s like 400 bucks. No wait, they just lowered it to 250 bucks.

(oh, so like, they are going out of business then? they aren’t free?)

No, the BOX is free, it’s on a special right now, and the service is free.

(oh, so like, free phone sex. I mean, free phone service.. oops my bad!)

Yes, free phone service, for the cost of a box.

(sweet. hows it work?)

works good, i hear. I will let you know..

(woot.. let me know)

There ya go..  (why Am I blogging to myself? LOL)

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  1. I use iChat. I talk and see to my daughter in Holland and I don’t get charged anymore than my normal cable fee. I talk to myself allot also. We put stuff on our blogs for ourselves, it seems. That’s OK though best shrink I’ve ever had!

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