eEww, B.O. at the workplace? Cant we all get along.. (rant)

eEww, B.O. at the workplace? Cant we all get along.. (rant)

i work for a tech company, our cubes are close together and we often get visitors from other departments coming over. as well, the teams surrounding us are in fairly close proximity, for example, if someone in the next aisle is talking loudly on the phone, we can all hear it.. and since we do phone support, our customers hear it as well.. that’s not too bad because it’s all work and not like people are yelling at each other or talking loudly to their spouse or whatever.. what i do mind though is body odor. we have ethnic diversity here, and I realize some cultures look at personal hygiene differently, or habits or mannerisms one culture finds perfectly acceptable may be found to be repulsive, primative, or otherwise unacceptable in other cultures.

[ / begin rant ]

I would gather that the subject of body odor is one that would be universal, however.. some people just outright smell sweaty as if they haven’t bathed for awhile, or went to go work out at lunch but didn’t bother to change clothes or shower, or even a nice little refresher like doing a ‘pits and crack’ washup or apply a little ‘tech support refresher’ that is, just use some deodorant and apply it under your arms for god’s sake. i had to leave my desk while a particularly smelly person was visiting a cube neighboor today. come on people, this is america, land of the free.. but don’t take liberties with other’s work environments by being all stinky..

[ end rant / ]

ok thats enough of that.. just had to get that off my chest.

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