ello, opportunity!


p class=”blogSubject”>ello, opportunity!
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p class=”blogContent”>Spent today doing round after round of interviews talking to some cool people at a prospective new career.. workin in San Francisco .. for a company that makes some very sweet applications .. dang though if I wasn’t a bit overdressed. but oh well better to put your best foot forward and make a good impression.. do people realize it was a designer suit and the whole ensemble I was wearing about $1,000? those aren’t the sort of questions one asks you in an interview, though, i did get some strange ones, LOL. All and all I think it went well. Man I would love to work there, it feels right, such a good fit for my skills and what I want to do moving forward. Great job, great people, good company, better commute.. and there’s fellow MINI owners there too, woot!

Then I come home and throw on my casual ‘old navy’ comfy pants, unix hoodie, and sneakers.. uh.. down to $100 or so.. walkin the dog around the block. Fixing leftover chile verde enchiladas.. yum! But I’m still kinda hungry. I was bad and got in-n-out burger today for lunch. double double animal style and fries well done. yep how smoothly that line rattles off my lips. its a good thing i don’t like Krispy Kreme because they had one next door and doughnuts were hot. Stan’s is best, period, they are what a donut should be. We should do a MINI run to Stan’s some morning, that would rock.

Well let’s see, plenty of Doctor Who on SciFi and DVD to watch, it’s raining off and on so good night to stay indoors. Girlfriend gone for 2 days so going a little stir crazy already.. on the other hand though, peace and quiet.. ahhhh relaxation.. going to chill out, maybe hot tub or something. We’ll see.. though I am so amped I dunno!

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