Found a fantastic site for Opensim, SecondLife, etc. stuff!

Greetings! I run stand-alone on my MacBook Pro, and though textures (Photoshop), terrains (Backhoe), scripts, sounds, and building is easy, doing sculpties (Blender) and animations (Poser) is a mystery to me– alas there is no good way to export uploaded animations or sounds back of SL even if they are full-perm, so all that time and contribs from friends go wasted, can’t import to other grids.

Today, what a treasure it is to find TGIB with Creative Commons goodies! I was going to write the site makers and say thanks so much! It inspires me to do likewise so from now on I will export stuff and post it to my blog for others to import and use as they see fit! yay! That’s the whole point of the metaverse I think, the Lindens embraced it once but have since forgotten. Thank goodness there are other options like OSgrid, hypergrids, et al.

When I went to post a comment, I got this nasty bug back…Ah good old Captcha for wordpress having issues again!

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But anyways that’s not the point of this post! Go therefore and checkout TGIB (Tomorrow Glares Into Beyond, in UK english and German as well..)

When you are there, read the tutorials, grab some awesome builds, textures, terrains, animations, scripts, etc. it’s all there FREE just like it should be..

Here is the URL :

And from now on I will start posting more than just images to flickr, I will share the stuff I am doing on my OpenSim stand-alone simulator with the world.. teehee.. Now some builds will be just for Opensim because they contain megaprims, but others will be SL friendly and use prims that are 10m x 10m x 10m in size or less, or other attributes which the SL servers will accept..

Larger and more complex builds will of course be importable to Open Simulator (aka OpenSim here in my blog) since it doesn’t have the limitations of SL of course 😉

I get many of the textures from Spiral Graphic, they make the Genetica viewer for the Windows PC, however the textures work well in the metaverse (like SL, OSgrid, and the other massive amount of public grids out there today) soo. . . . woot woot eh?

Oh yeh..

Just go there and browse textures. The lo-res previews are 512 x 512 JPEG and you know what that means 😉 yay!

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