I was alone
then her face appeared
my heart leaped
soaring into sky
yet I didn’t realize
one day soon I would fall
she captured me

Interminable depths of her eyes
lashes flitting across her glowing face
voluptuous lips curved to a smile
enchanting …

be mine

As I yearned for a kiss
her taste touched my soul
and then like a dream, she was gone

She came to me again
lingering there
without a word,
and I swooned

Her skin radiated a dance like an angel
every curve undulating a landscape of music
every step in grace caressing earth below her feet

Her hair flowed as I traced the lines of her form
learning and following them with my eyes
heart beating like a drum
glowing like the sun
catching my breath in a sigh

Her voice
calm in the heart of a storm
each word rang through being
like sweet chimes on the wind
we laughed and talked and shared our spirits
connecting in ways beyond magic
how I wanted to be in this space forever

It seems like aeons since I’ve seen her again
her presence still vibrating echoes through my heart
Will she please come, to be by my side?

As we join in her world, and walk together the rest of our days
Our dance has just begun, and I want it to last our lifetime

I think of her and the things we will do together
destiny to fulfill itself when the time is ripe

Saving myself for her, until our union of souls is one
then we will open
and give each other everything

Now, I long for her, in tears at times
then I remember her face
and again my heart soars

Riding waves of happiness, waiting upon her return
like children holding out for Christmas morning
when distance is a breath away
and every moment our dreams come true

and when her eyes meet mine
we may lose ourselves in each other
and see once more
and live

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