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Just signed up a few days ago, one of my friends sent me a link for this, it’s a game called “zOMG” where you are what looks like your regular anime-style character thrown back in the time of gameboy or super nintendo, your basic Zelda or Final Fantasy somewhat super-deform character.. if you are going wtf at this point, well I will just give you an example what sort of avatar you can have:

Gaia Online banner excerpt

So, this is a screenshot taken from the game, it runs in your browser so there’s no download, though, you do need to have flash, shockwave, and java installed for it to run correctly. I like it because it works on Mac as well PC πŸ˜‰

That’s my character on the left, it gives you an idea of what sort of graphics there are, I guess it’s like IMVU though, well, the avatars are smaller and don’t offer too much in the way of customization of shapes and skins. Clothes are in parts that you can get online through their own themed stores.. hats, hair, eyes, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and some animated attachments.

The trophy thing are achievements that I have attained in the game or community by completing different tasks, but I won’t go into that..

There are mini games as well, there are puzzles, card games, a sort of drag racing game, but the big MMORPG is called “zOMG!” and it is your basic quest-based game where you travel from town to town talking to non-player characters to do various tasks for them, which leads you to do more tasks in other towns, etc. Your battle system is basically a set of magic rings that you wear on your fingers, and the use of power-ups which has a limited number ofuses for such things as restoring your health or giving you more hit power.

There are also Gaia Online towns, cars, a fish tank, fishing game, cinema, and other stuff I haven’t checked out. You do get some sort of house plotted somewhere in world though this isn’t connected to the zOMG game at all, and I can’t quite figure out why anyone would want to have said house <shrug> and the cars may only be used for the drag racing game as far as I gather.. anyway to each his, her, or other’s own.

Gaia Online seems to have a fairly active community, with forums built into the site. Originally I think the game was geared towards kids and teens, but as with Pirates Of The Caribbean Online, their demographic is spread pretty broad

Best thing of all, it’s completely free.

Let’s talk about currency on this Gaia thing.

Gold is the currency of gaia. Getting their currency “gold” is somewhat automatic, as you use the site and play games or surf or what not, you gain gold. Wouldn’t that be something in SecondLife, if all you had to do was camp around, login, and interact with people, and you would aquire thousands of linden dollars in a few days? Hehe.. yeah, but that won’t happen soon πŸ˜‰

There is also a thing called GaiaCash which you can buy with real-world dollars or acquire by doing things such as taking web surveys (ooh, that model sounds familiar!)Β  but most things you would get with GaiaCash you can get with gold anyway (and probably at a cheaper price) so there doesn’t seem to be much value in doing that, unless I guess if you are a die hard gaia fan and want to subscribe to the idea, then go for it have fun LOL

gaia online has integration with some other services, you can have it scan your email accounts or address books for people that you know who may already be on gaia online, and it will link into your facebook account somehow (I haven’t quite figured this part out yet, it doesn’t seem to be working for me yet)

The zOMG game is thus far my favorite part and it’s why I joined in the first place. The music is interesting and sound effects good, the monsters you encounter are strangely mutated everyday objects such as purses with bat wings, toilet plungers, demented bunnies, various balls of lint, cloves of garlic, garden gnomes, pink flamingos, rubber boots turned into snakes, and other things they refer to as “Animated” — some are creatively named.. there is the OMG, the OMFG and OMGWTF variations of the same monster (that makes me laugh… hehe cool!) movement through the game is either by walking from place to place, or making use of teleporters in the form of purple-ish crystal clusters placed at key areas of the game. Teleportation isn’t point-to-point, more so it is going from point A to the central hub, then from that central hub to some other place … anywhere you have been thus far in the game and teleported to the center hub, you can also teleport back to said crystal cluster, I think there’s probably 5 or 6 of them in all, one for each main map section, which means, you are still going to have to do some walking around to get from place to place, just, not as much ^^

I will post more about this game as inspiration hits, so far just checking it out and having some fun with it..

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