Get DivX Pro for free.. for a limited time

Wow, that sounds like spam.

I am not a big DivX user but I like a free bit of schwag or software when it’s offered in some legal way. Well, one of my co-workers pointed out last Friday that DivX, the popular codec for video on the Internet, is being offered for free today.

Normally, you only get the free player when you download, but they are handing out free licenses today to encourage more people to create online content using the DivX codec.

You can download the installers from their site:



Someone gave me a DivX pre-release DVD for a movie that’s officially coming out today. Bummer, my BOSE Lifestyle 35 doesn’t know what to do with it.

So, DivX looks great on the computer screen, but I don’t think many manufacturers have embraced the codec in that way, but the compression is good and quality of the finished product are nice. From all the DivX videos I have found, it seems that more people use it for pr0n and pirated videos more than serious production, which is a shame, because it is nice. I mean, not as nice as the wildly accepted and “you dont need to download extra crap” Flash Video format by Adobe (formerly Macromedia) — but hey, more options are nice to have and it may encourage better development all around. Cheers, DivX, thanks for making it a free ride for awhile.

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