Giving Inworldz a try today

I’ve been poking around other grids (grids, as in the Metaverse, OpenSim, Second Life, OSgrid, etc.) so today I thought I’d give Inworldz a go.

Creating a user account
To create a user account it is similar to SL, you login to the website and create a login. In SecondLife, you create a first name and pick a randomly chosen last name. For Inworlds (and most everywhere else) you pick your avatar’s first and last name. Your password is any alphanumeric string up to 12 characters long, which allows for fairly strong passwords (though not optimum). They send you a email confirmation to validate the account.

The viewer
You can use whatever viewer you want to connect, though they recommend the use of their own Inworldz build or Imprudence viewer. Since I already have Imprudence, I will use that.

Inworldz has a great simple FAQ page at which talks about land pricing, prims, and all the necessary stuff. Land pricing is great, at $60/month for a full mainland area or $75 a month + $75 setup for your own private island. That’s about half of what Linden Labs charges for similar land on the SecondLife grid. Like most OpenSim regions, uploads are free (LindenLabs charges residents $10 linden dollars per upload).

Like some of the grids out there, Inworldz has a currency system called I’z which have no real monetary value (however an exchange rate of I’z per dollar is held as an informal idea..) You can use PayPal to buy a bunch of I’z per $5 of US dollars, and buy them directly using the Inworldz website. Current exchange rate is $500 I’z oer $1 USD, or for $5USD, you get 2500I’z!

Like SL, Inworldz does virtual marriages where you may partner with someone else inworld (erm, Inworldz, LOL!) There is a page on the main website for doing that, too.

Forum. Events
Inworldz has an active forum community for people to do things forum communities do .. promote, chat, senseless ranting, etc. LOL.. It is phpBB based. They also have an event calendar feature on the website that lists, events such as music venue concerts, club stuff, etc. You click on the date and it will show you what events are going on when and where in the grid they happen. Simple, effective 😉

Connect your own sim to grid? Nope!
Hmm, unlike OSgrid or New World grid, Inworldz seems to be a closed grid system (similar to Linden Labs’ Second Life) so off the top I don’t see a way to connect my own hosted regions to their grid at this time. They do have a beta grid for testing code and what not, though I don’t think that one will let you connect your stand-alone regions to it either. How many of us really run our own sim regions? Well perhaps out of the thousands of users, not many, however, I do 😉 Moving on to next thing..

In worlds uses a ticketing system, wiki, mantis, and has some stuff regarding DMCA in their support area. They also have a standard email address and people in-world to assist you, in fact, when you login to their webpage, they give you a list of who is online to help you, that’s pretty awesome and something the Lindens may have done at some point but don’t normally advertise (other than their office hours) but that’s the SL grid and we’re talking about Inworldz now so, moving on..

Like I said earlier, I will use Imprudence to login to Inworldz. They do have their own viewer for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Just for yucks I downloaded it to look at the GUI and give it a go. Apparently there are Inworldz specific features that are missed if you are using another viewer. I couldn’t find any notices or posts as to what those may be, but then I didn’t look very hard either 🙂

For Mac, the download gives you a ZIP file which unpacks to a single 159Mb file “InWorlds Viewer” which looks like your standard 1.23 SecondLife viewer. Upon launch it gave me a splash screen telling me there were 20,325 total users, 214 online and 652 regions. There was a nice calendar feature telling you what is happening in world for the next few weeks and there is a drop-down grid selection for InWorldz, InWorldz Beta, and apparently another InWorldz (alternate server login?) It uses the same SLvoice app to do the voice bit. I still prefer Skype but then I don’t know anyone particularly using InWorldz and don’t feel chatty (LOL, well except for this blog article, but, that’s another story..) anyway I will launch it and listen just to see if people use it. You can walk into just about any newbie area in SL and hear horrible examples of badly configured audio settings.

For those that can’t recall what a metaverse login screen looks like, here is a screenshot of theirs. It is the colorful image with all the text over it. Click on the image to see the details what I was talking about.

Anyway, my first first login seemed to take forever connecting to a region, maybe it was doing a bunch of initial setup for the account and cache and what-not, I don’t know. Took such a long time though I decided to quit the login and try a second time.

The dark screenshot shows what I was staring at for the longest time. In fact, I went back and edited this blog post, added the images to it (converting the Grab TIFF images to PNG and uploading to the site) then popped back to the InWorldz viewer, and, it was still stuck waiting.

I wonder if it is something in my firewall that is preventing me from connecting?

Surely, I can connect to my own stand-alone region, OSgrid, and Second Life grid, so this one should be no different.

So now what? I can’t do a review of InWorldz before I can successfully connect to their grid. So, next I try connecting with the Imprudence viewer and see if that goes any better. Nope, no go 🙁  but I did get a error message, which to me says the issue wasn’t on my end.

Ok, so I will try logging in a 3rd time now with a different region in the text box, since I saw an advertisement for some place called Decades I will try that as the region name. And.. success! I am now logged in, a cloud yes, but I am in. Whew! I’ll report more later..

I hate how WordPress messes with your HTML, it really screws up my nice formatted images, so now I am throwing them into tables (yech!)

Well in any case, you end up as a cloud but are preloaded with the default Ruth avatar (oh my..)

After a few minutes of poking around I met someone in world who saved my arse giving me a male shape and skin to start out with, and a nice newbie t-shirt .. LOL woot now I can do my happy dance.

This is what people created the metaverse for: Dancing. LOL .. That’s the easiest thing to do in world, find a dance ball and dance away, listening to the stream of music provided by said DJ.


Will I stay at InWorldz? Who knows! Well worth a look though, they seem to have it together. 🙂

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