(such morbid parody of Neil Diamond ‘Hello Again’)

Goodbye, cruel world,
No point is left to try
I think about us all the time
What was, what is,
The lies

Goodbye, my love, goodbye
Just saying before I die
I message you most every night
Yet I’m left to cry
When there’s no reply, goodbye

Why did it go crazy
Turned goodness into shame
When you play my heart until it’s dead

Barely through it all
Said I loved her, coz I’m lame
Now then she’s not here
So I’ll shed a tear

Goodbye, my friends, goodbye
I really need to go
Was good to love you like a kid
But to feel this way
My soul full of pain, goodbye

Goodbye, cruel hurt, goodbye
One breath before I die
I can’t pretend there’s nothing there
And although I’ve tried
I can’t live a lie

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