Greetings to the hypergrid … now what?

Enter now the HYPERGRID

Well guess what I just did? Yes, per my earlier post I’m pleased to report a successfully installed Diva Distro on Mac OS X with MySQL, four regions up and running, woot! One feature of the Diva Distribution (a custom modified build of OpenSimulator) is that it has hypergrid support. In a nutshell, hypergrid enables you to pop over to some other OpenSimulator grid from any other hypergrid-enabled sim, region, or grid! LindenLabs was experimenting with the idea earlier, but like other closed grids, has since dropped it. That’s ok, because a former Linden is pretty much behind the whole thing (hehe, cool eh?) but, before I get too ahead of myself, I will leave all of that for another post…

This install is great, and also supports IAR’s and OAR’s … basically these are .tar.gz archives of a user’s inventory or an entire sim (respectively) … so I’ve managed to import two IAR’s into my new sim thus far — I do think IAR and OAR archives are the best thing to happen since sliced prims (LOL)

Do I have other plans for this thing? Why, oh yes I do! Next, I could plan on exporting everything permitted from OSgrid and other “open grid” regions into my hypergridded installation, and if possible, provide hypergates from/to other regions, wee! But nah, I really want to just have my own builds (or completely new builds) on there as much as possible.

So, what am I calling this thing?

So far, as with earlier sims (as found on OSgrid and New World Grid), this one is called Islandia.

Earlier builds of Islandia were rather random collections of stuff I had worked on before. But now, I am going with a theme (gah, finally!) So, there is a predominantly (ancient) Norse theme going with these sims, as one may gather from engraved signs written in a sort of romanized Futhark, which serve as guideposts and provide informational tidbits about the sim.

Can anyone reach this sim? Well, no, not yet, but soon…

All related to this new install, visitors to this website will be seeing more objects, terrains, and most likely a few IAR and OAR files for free download 🙂 Of course, some content will be copyable or otherways distributed inworld by myself or counterparts in various places 🙂 Geez, that all sounds pretty random eh…

Alas, residents of Second Life and other “closed grids” (like InWorldz, The RP Worlds grid, YAL, etc.) won’t be able to make much use of the IAR or OAR archives files.. but at least they will be able to download and import stuff posted to this website or, if I have some sort of storefront given to me in SL, I will be happy to post freebies there for people to make use of. Too bad onrez, xstreet, and the old freebie promotion isn’t in SL anymore.. sigh.. I’m not paying the Lindens to give away my stuff free, that just seems a conflict of interest (HAH!)

Well I am way off on all sorts of tangents now so just going to stop..


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