happy all hallows eve

Current mood: Spooky

ah, commercialism ruining yet another fine pagan holiday. anyway, i dressed up as a dementor (harry potter, yeh) and scared the crap out of most the neighboors.. calvin, dressed as a native american cheif tomahawk warrior whatever the hell he was, got tons and tons of candy. Kapla!, a successful campaign.. on the flip side, maybe next year I can do something more adult-oriented fun dressup whatever and let the kiddies do their own kiddie stuff with mom or whatever.. see that was actually a geeky thing to say, because geeky people like me do cosplay and go to Anime festivals dressed up like their favorite, uh, Anime things. So Valeria, if you see this blog and mention something about Japanese cartoons.. hoo boy I dunno what I’d do.. but you probably have no idea what I just said so I going to shut up now. Yay, HallowE’en!

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