Hi, GoogleVideo YouTube and iTunes!

Hey all, my podcast is now posted to Google Video, so you have another great way to watch episodes online or even download them! Perty cool, thanks Google!

Click this link to check em out: Google Video

I am also on YouTube, a full-on Director’s account! Though, not as many episodes made it up there yet.. Uh, gettin better all the time!

Click this link to check em out: YouTube Video

And last but not least (ok, maybe least, since the bandwidth isn’t as generous there), I am on iTunes. I do this because I am lazy and using iWeb is a really easy way to post to iTunes even if I don’t keep much on there all at once..

There is good news, though, since you’re here you may as well check out the files directly from the source. If you would rather download your files instead of stream them online, feel free to get them here.

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