Homage to a shape

Homage to a shape

It’s the chosen shape
of a serving of sugar, not a ball or pyramid or dare I say booger!

shape of star trek’s ship of Borg
a rack mounted music box from korg

What shaped puzzle
opens the gateway
to the worlds of pinhead?
And what 6 sided thing
doth math geek spin
in honor of rubik?
It’s the cube,
Square square squared..

Alice in chains has the man in a box

Quantum defined 3d 4d space?
Yes with the help of this shape

Jewelry placed into this place
It is the very shape of ‘safe’ 😉

Our little houses and little rooms
All reduced graphed into cubes

The microwave, and the freezer
Shapes of Blockheads and old geezers

Place to put our bagels and loxes?
Fridgerators shaped like metal boxes

The opposite of cool, just look it’s there
Shaped so distictively as a square

We watched for hours a tv cube
Affectionately called it the boob tube

Not pentagon, nor circle, nor egg
Not isocoles, round hole or peg

Babies learn their abc’s
Virtual worlds are built from these
SecondLife’s primitive plywood box
Textured glowing shiny blocks

Four square solid of the gods
Sudoku puzzles and bricks of sods

Hoping I don’t sound too noob
A homage to the perfect cube

Shape of the brain in our computers,
circuit boards, old floppy disk booters

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