How to disappear from SL Bloodlines? (updated)

Note: Please read the entire blog post before doing any action; If you have any questions about this or suspect there may be any drama surrounding your actions, please ask me an I will be happy to explain all aspects of that as well any such Vampire Code which applies in these somewhat delicate situations!

An anonymous visitor to the site recently asked:

Hi starlord, i need information on how to help someone get removed from the [game database] as a Blood Doll?

They were concerned because, even though they hadn’t worn the Bloodlines game HUD attachment in over a month, their stats as a player of the game were still clearly visible to anyone who bothered to look.

Although the status of “Blood Doll” isn’t an official part of the game, many vampiric clans employ the status for casual players who wish to remain human however continue to enjoy some of the elements of the game.

This is true in world, in SecondLife, that a person may scan you and it will show the person what race you are (human, vampire, lycan, hybrid, etc.) and what state your blood or lumens are in (blood is shown in liters, a body may hold up to 5 liters in this case, a blood doll is like a walking 5 Liter blood tank). Lumens is another story but the stats are similar.

If you don’t have a bloodlines HUD handy and want to check the status of a player for research purposes or whatever, you may go to the website, and type the person’s SL name into the search box, and if they are a player of any kind, then they will have result pages appearing, generally vampire (a red skull logo) or lycan (an orange skull logo), or both (you may have two pages depending on your game status and how you play it).

If you have zero blood, then you are technically “destroyed” or a revenant status (which is more or less a human), however your liege and clan will still be visible to anyone who scans you, as well your soul counts up to them if they have captured it.

If you want to disappear from the game entirely, then you won’t appear in the website, and you may not be scanned via the game HUDs either, you simply cease to exist.

There are some considerations, though, to be fair.. If you are a blood doll and choose to no longer play, that is, you no longer enjoy the roleplay or service to your vampire family or for whatever reason just don’t want to, there is proper vampiric (think of it as royal) etiquette to follow:

#1 – If you have captured any souls through the course of your employment as a blood doll, it is best to let your liege (or their liege) capture them from you using a soul reaper. Though blood doll’s captured souls don’t count up to the liege, some people choose to keep them safe in their blood doll since they are not subject to the curse of losing their blood like a full vampire/lycan/hybrid/etc. would. Please transfer your souls, because the next step will effectively loose them, and that would suck (sorry, vampire pun there). If your liege can’t capture the souls or doesn’t have a soul reaper, and you know who their liege is, then you can transfer it to them.. otherwise, I am more than happy to take said souls from you, since they are going to be lost anyway LOLs..

#2 – If you have blood, let your liege drain it from you. They probably invested some linden into making you a blood doll, so letting them drain it from you is fair. They can do this either biting you or using the spike, but the best or fastest way is to simply empty yourself into one of their blood storage containers, 1 liter at a time. If they can’t walk you through this, then you can send me an IM in world and I will be happy to drain you of your blood (hehe..)

Once step #1 and #2 are done, you have done your part in fair play to be a good human, and can then release yourself with honor from the entire game. Note that it is possible to “undo” your non-status should you decide later you wish to play again.

How to do this? This is done through the garlic necklace, which is worn and then activated, thus making you invisible in the system. If someone looks at your liege’s stats it will then say [name removed] instead of your SL login name. If someone scans you with the HUD, or tries to attack you (either vamp or lycan) it will now say that you don’t wish to be bothered.

You can find garlic necklaces free at any bloodlines store (Liquid Designs) as well many newbie areas have them for free. If someone tries to sell you one, don’t buy it, since they are obviously scamming you and any object they sell you may be maliciously scripted to do who knows what! The garlic necklace has always been free. If you can’t find one, then contact Bloodlines customer support (Noire Luminos, I believe is her name, and they can send one to you in-world at no expense to you.

The garlic necklace may be used to re-activate an unseen player if they wish to continue playing at a later date. Simply, you wear the garlic necklace, click on it, and “re-activate” yourself (other than deactivating and disappearing, you can activate and thus reappear to the game status as well).

Best regards,
(aka StarLord Scribe, The Dark Keeper of Atrum Infero)

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